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关于”地铁上吃零食“的英语作文范文2篇,作文题目:Snacks on the subway。以下是关于地铁上吃零食的高考英语范文,每篇作文均为高分范文带翻译。

高分英语作文1:Snacks on the subway

Every day, when we face the sunshine and walk into the gate full of literary atmosphere, we design the novel "sunshine reading hall" in the teaching building with distinct personality. Outside the fresh and pleasant "bookstore", we walk into the classic etiquette corridor of the school. There are always people who welcome you with painting, reading words and bathing in this book.

How happy we are. However, in the campus, sometimes it appears like this Pictures: garbage scattered, food packaging bags, wrapping paper wind, drawers around the seats, the floor of the teaching building full of food, chewing gum stains firmly stuck on it, and even some students eat snacks in the classroom. This scene and our beautiful campus, rigorous style of study is very disharmonious, do you know how many hidden behind these colorful snacks harm our healthy growth The potential of the world's annual incidence rate is estimated to be the number of people eating snacks.

The "sausage" is full of flies and sausages when using industrial dyes. The Smokey is a dangerous bubble, especially those without factory names, addresses, product names, production dates and The shelf-life "three noes" food, the fried duck named "Shenxian duck", has seriously exceeded the standard of coliform group by 5 points. A bag of "spicy chicken neck" preservative exceeds the standard by 6 times.

Seeing these figures, you won't feel creepy. Some students will say that I don't eat those without products, and the snacks I eat are qualified and will not be harmful to the body. This statement is also wrong.

We used to Have such experience, snack to eat more, dinner to eat assorted, if this goes on, will cause turn over, hinder digestive function, digestive disorders, loss of appetite, necessary nutrients can not be guaranteed, will lead to mental weakness, inattention, not only affect our body, but also hinder our learning, but also increase the financial burden of parents, snack paper also affects Our beautiful campus environment, in order to let us grow up healthily, study happily, and make our campus more beautiful, let's say firmly from now on: do not refuse snacks, love your health and civilization, love our campus from me,,,,,,.




Don't eat too many snacks. Many students have the habit of eating snacks. They often eat them on the way home and school, but it is not good for our health, no nutrition, and even harmful to us.

We shouldn't eat too much. We should keep a good diet. We can eat some bread, steamed buns or pork.

You can have rice and chicken, lean meat and vegetables for lunch and dinner.





The common correction is that some children do not want to eat rice and always like to eat snacks, which will affect their health. There are two main reasons for children to eat snacks: some parents spoil their children too much, they start from taking care of their children, what they eat, what they buy, what they eat, what they eat, they eat standing, for a long time, some families develop the habit of eating snacks, and when eating In the morning and evening, we can't form the habit of fixed time and quantity. Sometimes when we cook at night, we are afraid that the children will enter the children's biscuits, cakes and snacks when they are hungry.

The children's gastrointestinal burden is heavier, the digestive system function is disordered, and the appetite is decreased. When we eat snacks, we don't tell the Hong family children that eating snacks is an unhealthy bad habit. Teachers and parents should pay attention to it.

We should make great efforts to educate children to change Teachers should pay attention to the following ways of students' health education. They should not pay attention to the students' health through the following ways At work, students who are looking for snacks should first understand their own living habits and eating habits of the day, and then put forward specific requirements. If they are told half an hour before eating snacks and don't eat snacks a few days later, the teacher asks the students to change their eating habits, notice some progress, admit them in time, give appropriate criticism and help them overcome the third time For the habit of eating snacks, family visits or parents' meeting will take the initiative to cooperate with parents to help students get rid of the bad habit of eating snacks for the second time, and eat three meals a day with fixed amount of food.




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