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关于”足球的人物的介绍“的英语作文范文5篇,作文题目:Introduction to football characters。以下是关于足球的人物的介绍的xx年级英语范文,每篇作文均为满分范文带翻译。

高分英语作文1:Introduction to football characters

Mr. Bonin Smith spent his childhood in a mining village in a state. He hated school when he was a child, but he had a talent for writing.

After leaving school, he wrote his first poem. During this period, he did his first job in a village shop for six years. Later, he wrote a large number of poems based on his own experience and psychological activities.

He left s city in, and published them happily Poetry and his first novel, his works were very popular when they were published, but he immediately became a famous writer. He found that although he lived a luxurious life, he found that his life was meaningless and began to become depressed. Later, he attempted to commit suicide.

Smith was born when he married, but his family life was not happy because they did not share the same thing With the goal of marriage, he soon divorced his wife and moved to another state to start a new life, but as time went on, his works became more and more unpopular, and he had to find another way to maintain his new life. When he was fighting for his new life at the age of Cupid Rocket Launcher, he fell in love with a girl, he pursued her crazily, and finally, they A beloved son who moved back to his hometown in, however, as his son grew up, there was a liar in everyone's destiny. Mr.

Smith found his life so empty and boring that he could never write any poems, let alone publish them. As a result, he committed suicide at the age of.




Football is the most popular football in the world. More and more people like to watch football games. When their team is playing, they can't sleep or eat.

They shout for their players. I think since the establishment of China Professional Football League, many Chinese football players have performed better one after another, but we still have a long way to go to Asia and even the world. We should learn from foreign players and coaches from foreign teams.

Dalian Wanda, Shanghai Shenhua and Guangdong Apollo are among the best.




Walter was born in Chicago. He is very famous in the world. The animation master may be a stranger when he talks about his name.

But maybe Barry Walter, who is familiar to us when we talk about Mickey Mouse, came to Hollywood and set up his first studio in his works. The workplace and mouse made him suddenly inspired and created a successful cartoon character Mickey moss then, in the middle of the century, he produced the first long animated film snow white and the seven dwarfs, created the world's first theme park at Walt Disney, and began to plan the Walt Disney theme park in Florida, the United States, and completed what was great in Walt's life. He brought us a beautiful fairy tale But at the age of only one year, Walter died, leaving the land he loved all his life, and the Bush he never wanted to leave.




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