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Where there is love, there is wealth and success. A woman came out of the house and saw three old men with white beards sitting in her front yard. He didn't know them.

She said I didn't know you, but you must be hungry. Please come in and have something to eat. Is the man in the house at home? ; no, he said he was out and we "can't come in." she replied, "in the evening, when her husband came home, she told him what happened go tell them I'm at home and invite them in ‰ women go out and invite men in ‰ we don't go into the house together and they answer why does she want to know an old man explains that his name is rich and he points to one of his friends And then he pointed to another one.

He succeeded, I love you, and then he added, now go and discuss with your husband which one of us you want in your home. The woman went in and told her husband that the old man said her husband was overjoyed. He said how good he was.

Now that we have this case, let's invite rich people to come and let him fill our home with wealth. I don't agree with me, my dear, Why don't we invite Success? Their daughter-in-law is listening to her own advice in the other corner of the room. Would it be better to invite love? Our family would be full of love.

Let's listen to our daughter-in-law's advice. The husband said to his wife, "go out and invite love to be our guest." the woman went out and asked three old men who love invited in. Love stood up and walked to the house.

The other two also stood up and followed him. The lady asked for money Wealth and success I only invited love. Why do you want to come in? The old people answered together whether you invited Wealth or success.

The other two of us will stay outside, but since you invited love, no matter where he goes, we will go with him. Where there is love, there will be wealth and success.


哪里有爱情,哪里就有财富和成功。一个女人从家里出来,看见三个留着白胡子的老人坐在她的前院,他不认识他们,她说我不认识你,但你一定饿了,请进来吃点东西 房子里的男人在家吗?;没有,他说他出去了 然后我们“不能进来”她回答说:“晚上当她丈夫回家时,她告诉他发生了什么事 去告诉他们我在家,邀请他们进来‰女人出去邀请男人进来‰我们不一起进房子他们回答 为什么她想知道 一位老人解释他的名字是富有的他指着他的一个朋友说然后指着另一个他成功了,我爱你,然后他补充说,现在去和你丈夫商量你想要我们中的哪一个在你的家里‰女人进去告诉她的丈夫,老人说她丈夫喜出望外,他说多好,既然有了这个案子,让我们邀请富有的人来,让他来把我们的家充满财富不同意我亲爱的,为什么我们不邀请成功?他们的儿媳在屋子的另一个角落里听着她自己的建议,邀请爱会不会更好我们的家会充满爱让我们听从儿媳的建议丈夫对妻子说“出去邀请爱做我们的客人”那个女人出去问三个老男人谁是爱请进来做客‰爱站起来向房子走去另外两个也站起来跟着他‰惊讶女士问财富和成功我只邀请了爱你为什么要进来‰老人们一起回答是你邀请了财富还是成功我们另外两个我会待在外面,但既然你邀请了爱,无论他去哪里,我们都会和他一起去哪里有爱,哪里就有财富和成功。


The best gift I received was my father's pocket watch, which he gave me on my wedding day. You see, I know my father is not rich, and he wants to give me something important, even though he doesn't have to love this watch all the time. I know that, because I remember one day when the watch was abnormal, he was very frightened because, he told me, he felt that he had a sick baby with him, and I always wanted to know what was special about the watch for me It's interesting, especially when I was growing up and everybody else was buying those digital watches.

His watch looked like something out of date, so I wanted to know whether it was antique or famous. My mother didn't tell me too much, but she once told me that if it was sold, the watch would not sell for a few yuan, but my father would not hesitate to sacrifice or sacrifice in order to protect the watch. After my father died about a year ago, I asked my mother about the watch I kept mainly in the drawer.

But after he died, I felt that I needed to know about this watch. My mother told me that this is my grandfather's watch. You see, my grandfather was killed in the war between Japan and China, and only a pocket watch was found on him.

I guess the Japanese forgot to take it from him after he shot him, so this watch seems to carry the soul of my father and my grandfather.





A new day is here, so are you. We've started a new day, and I hope you're ready to go all out to enjoy it. For today's sake, it's worth remembering that you're still alive.

Sometimes we forget that you have a goal that belongs entirely to you. No one is you. You have dreams, hopes and aspirations.

Listen to your heart for a moment and remember what you have today There are blessings: every direction you see is beautiful. Enjoy the abundance that belongs to you. The world is a beautiful place.

You are here today to remember that you have received what you have given: your world is a mirror of your inner self. When you give love, love will belong to you. Remember that life today is creation: as long as you live, you can contribute your own unique voice.

Remember that today is a special time to do the best you can.




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