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关于”写的句“的英语句子26个,句子主体:sentence written。以下是关于写的句的初三英语句子。

英文句子模板1:sentence written


1、Then why should historiographer write the sentence repeatedly at the opening or when each emperor ascended the throne?


2、I could tell she hastily wrote it in a state of desperation, since it’s filled with misspellings, flighty run-on sentences, and profanity.


3、The letter was written in full and the only thing the noble to do was reading it word by word.

用 PHP 编写代码与用类似 C 的语言编写代码非常相似。 由于它们句法上类似,所以还会导致类似的代码维护问题。

4、Coding in PHP is very much like coding in a language like C. They are syntactically similar which can also lead to similar code maintenance problems.


5、Of course, no one writes test suites that independently verify the result of each statement.


6、I could tell she hastily wrote it in a state of desperation, since it's filled with misspellings, flighty run-on sentences, and profanity.


7、Yet halfway through, he can't quite help but blurt out that the impact of this browsing on our brains is “even more disturbing” than he thought.


8、Incidentally, you forgot to put a return address on this package.


9、Document prepared by the process, to clear diction and syntax, not equivocation, ready to accept either course.


10、And Joe Jackson had this song which had the lyric, like, you can't get what you want unless you know what you want.


11、He prepared Fang Yi propaganda piece, Allegro, dry chamber board, such as San Juban, in the county tour.


12、The result disturbed Jodie Foster (playing Agent Starling) so much that the look on her face in genuine.

现在让我们来看一下如何执行在编写应用程序时还不确定并且具有参数标记(即占位符)的 SQL 语句 —— 即真正的动态 SQL 语句。

13、Now let's see how to execute an SQL statement which is unknown at the time the application is written and has parameter markers or placeholders; that is, a truly dynamic SQL statement.


14、It is a true picture of Frost's attitude towards life, and it shows the paradoxical view of the world of him.


15、Now write down the main idea of each section in one well-developed sentence.


16、Is capitalized only because it is the first word in a sentence , it is extracted in normalized form.

直接连接外部不可信的数据,写入到原始SQL语句会有发生SQL 注入的风险。

17、Directly concatenating external untrusted data into raw SQL statements can lead to SQL injectionattacks.


18、One can write just anything one wants to--in other words, the utopian vision of "no matter who I am, I have access to absolutely any forms and themes I care to work with."


19、Simply re-write your thesis sentence to fit your body and summary more exactly.


20、When Thoreau wrote that line, he was thinking of the Walden Pond he knew as a boy.

21、I think there's the old saying, "You can't run before you walk." and I think it's basically the same thing about writing.有句俗话叫,“你不能未立先走。”我觉得写作跟这个是一个道理。

22、You need to comply with SQL coding standards and guidelines when you write your SQL statements.当您编写 SQL 语句的时候,需要符合 SQL 编码标准和指导原则。

23、Always interested in books and writing, de Jesus continued to write throughout her time in the favela, where she wrote many plays, stories, and aphorisms, as well as the diary that made her famous.总是有兴趣的书籍和写作,德赫苏继续写她的时间在全国各地的贫民窟,在那里她写了许多剧本,故事,警句,以及这本日记使她成名。

24、Disraeli rarely kept a diary, and poured his thoughts, desires and reflections into his correspondence.迪斯雷利很非常少写日记,也不在往来信件中倾诉它地想法、愿望跟思考句号。

25、Is capitalized only because it is the first word in a sentence, it is extracted in normalized form.仅因其是句首词而大写,则将以规范化形式提取它。

英文句子26:,26、I wrote it on a plane from Omaha to Memphis while my brain was toast, and it shows.这是我在从孟菲斯飞往奥马哈的航班上写的,当时我还头晕脑胀呢,就写出了这么一句。

27、A smile, a door being held open, a handwritten note, a kind word, the list can go on and on.一个微笑,扶着打开的门,一个手写便条,一句亲切的话语,等等,可以一直例举下去。

28、Write short stories, write your observations, write blog posts, but make sure that you are pushing your abilities (in other words, pay attention to style and word choice;写小故事,写你的观察,写博文,但要保证你是在锻炼自己的能力(也就是说,留意风格和遣词造句;

29、The "write down" programme was to make the instruction programme of statement list written down into the random of subscriber programme of PLC processor.“写出”程序是将计算机内的指令语句表程序写出至PLC主机的用户程序存储器。

30、But you can learn a lot from recording what you say and then writing that down word for word.换句话说,以尝试使用你所写的去练习口语是一个很大的错误。

31、"In other words, " writes Waldrop, " you'd expect learning and evolution to make the edge of chaos stable.“换句话说,”沃尔德罗普写到,“你会希望学习和进化制造出混乱而稳定的边界。”

32、Write this next to your goal and deadline: "If they can do it, I can do it".把这句话写在你的目标和最后期限后面。 “人可为之, 吾亦可为”。

33、If you fill out a form on the website, someone might see the information you send to that site.换句话说,你在此类网页上填写传送的资料有可能被有心人士看到。

34、SqlpassthroughRead/SqlpassthroughWrite: These parameters specify the default passthrough mode for read and write statements.SqlpassthroughRead/SqlpassthroughWrite:这些参数指定读取和写入语句的默认 passthrough 模式。

35、Now in order to write this exercise, check again about this sentence, see it more accurate.现在为了写这剧评,再重新查了一下这句话,看到它更为准确的意思。

36、After Weihui say goodbye to literary circles, he carved these words handwriting by Weihui to show his ever remember of her.在卫慧告别文坛后,他把这些卫慧手写的字句刻在石碑上以示永久不忘。

37、Just write freely without involving the mind too much, let the words just come out of your subconscious.只是自由地写,不要过多地把大脑卷进来,让字句由你的潜意识产生。

38、Write this next to your goal and deadline: “If they can do it, I can do it”.把这句话写在你的目标和最后期限后面.“人可为之, 吾亦可为”。

39、Liam Neeson and I last spoke a week before I wrote this sentence.连姆·尼森,在我写下这句话之前上周刚刚与他谈过话。

40、Please leave shauna read carls newsweek magazine since carl has already wrote his report.这句话是说只要卡尔写完他的报告,就让肖娜看卡尔的每周新闻。

41、In other words, now I know how to tell how the Helmholtz free energy changes as a function of temperature.换句话说,我现在知道如何写出亥姆赫兹,自由能作为温度的函数。

42、By the way, if you ever need a letter of recommendation, I would be happy to write one for you.顺便说一句,如果你需要一份推荐信的话,我很愿意为你写一封。

43、Of Bei is to do not have off-the-peg character to call me to be moved later, can oneself will write a few.悲的是以后没有现成的文字叫我搬过来,只能自己来写几句了。

44、Yet halfway through, he can’t quite help but blurt out that the impact of this browsing on our brains is “even more disturbing” than he thought.不过写着写着,他还是忍不住蹦出两句,称这种浏览方式的影响比他预想的“更为恼人”。

45、The first thing I wrote on my script [for Training Day] was 'the wages of sin is death.'我首先在《训练日》脚本上写的是‘罪的工价乃是死’这句话。

46、I read and absorbed Kurt's words as if they were written especially for me.我如饥似渴的阅读和吸收科特的一字一句,仿佛它们都是为我而写。

47、Because of the wording used in the letter I doubt it is from one of our own Professors.另外从信件的语句和用词来看,我不相信这是本系教授写的信。

48、Marty, 马蒂,今年xx岁,可能抱有最不切实际的想法,他想写俳句。

19, may have the most flagrantly impractical career goal, next to writing haiku.

49、Mr. Micawber, in David Copperfield by Charles Dickens – 1850摘自狄更斯xx年撰写的小说《大卫·科波菲尔》中米考伯先生说的一句话。

50、The materials chosen for the book are vivid and reflect the spirit of the times.在教材的编写过程中,充分注意到了所选语料贴近生活,选词、成句力争与时俱进。

经典英文句子51:写的句,51、As you finish reading this article, I want to remind you that you already have all the resources within you to easily write faster, better, and higher quality articles.到此你完成了对本文的阅读,我想提醒你一句,你已经拥有让自己轻松地就能写得更快,更好,写出高质量文章的所有方法。

52、In other words, write and run the tests that will find new and serious bugs.换句话说,撰写并运行那些将找到新的更严重的缺陷的测试。


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