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1、No, please file them according to dates.


2、The z-order of graphics methods can be controlled only by changing their order of execution at run time.


3、Players take turns, going clockwise from the first player. Only the first player skips drawing a card on his or her first turn.



2: Sequence the Activities

单向阀还常与节流阀、顺序阀等组合成单向节流阀、单向顺序阀使 用。

5、Check with throttle valve, order were often combined into one-way throttle valve, etc, unidirectional order valve use.


6、Arranged in order of time of occurrence.


7、If you keep the ignments in the order you want them to appear, this won't be a problem.


8、I think it is just whatever.


9、When submitting a customer defect, the input sequence may be different from the sequence about in-process defect.


10、The list of variables can now be alphabetized.


11、What do you put next to what?


12、The Septuagint's rationale for ordering the books is temporal.


13、Second, regardless of the order in which they are coded, Stage

1 non-index predicates are applied in the following order

1 非索引谓词都按以下顺序应用


14、The phrase Providing name(s) from the Search-Order Extensions word set shall be appended to the label of any Standard System that provides portions of the Search-Order Extensions word set.

然后,DB2 可以根据预期顺序,也就是索引顺序,向程序返回符合条件的行。

15、DB2 can then return qualified rows to the program in the desired order, the order of the index.


16、Successive without the first ordinal heir, by the 2nd order heir accedes.


17、With two different tensioning schemes, the influence of the tensioning sequence on stress and deformation is calculated and the tensioning sequence is optimized.


18、Defines the playback order during presentation.


19、Converts an integer value from network byte order to host byte order.

该命令不能逆序排序各文件的顺序 — 这个任务您得自己做,以逆向顺序在 tac 命令后列出各文件即可。

20、It does not reverse the order of files -- this you must do yourself by listing them in reverse order after the tac command.

21、You cannot safely ume that the order of storage in memory is the same as your order of declaration.不能完全假定成员在内存中的存储顺序与声明的顺序相同。

22、Traditional Chinese sort uses number of strokes as primary order and radical as secondary order. It supports supplementary characters.注释:繁体中文按照第一顺序“笔画数”是第二顺序是“部首”进行排序;

23、Put everything in order. Put up the towel. 有顺序地放好东西。

24、This thesis is about the speciality of sequential transportation and the waterpower speciality of sequential transportation pipeline.本文介绍了顺序输送的特点及顺序输送管道的水力特性。

25、Etaps are clified by sequence order.分级由顺序排序分类。

英文句子26:,26、A great chronological over-view!一个伟大的时间顺序过意见!

27、But first, we must sort the list by ascending counts.不过,我们先得按照由小到大的顺序排序。

28、Ice Jam Evolution Sequence;冰塞发展顺序;

29、The sorting order that clicking on this column header will switch to.点击此栏位标头会切换哪些排序顺序。

30、If there are several hypothecation of one thing, the sequence of payment should be fixed.在一物上数个抵押权并存时,其受偿顺序应采取顺序固定主义;

31、Your resumé can be organized in one of two ways: in reverse chronological order or in functional order.简历有两种组织方式:逆时顺序和工作能力顺序,你可以从中选择一种。

32、At runtime, the sequence file in that directory indicates the processing order of the outgoing data.在运行时中,该目录中的顺序文件会指示传出数据的处理顺序。

33、Selection of the JCE provider is made based on preference order.JCE 提供程序的选择是基于优先顺序的。

34、Initiative roster: The list that determines when each character can perform an action within a turn.先攻顺序:决定每个人物在一回合中能执行动作顺序的列表。

35、Our index is in DEPTNO order, and within that order, in groups of identical (but unordered) values of LASTNAME.我们的索引是 DEPTNO 顺序的,而在该顺序中,相等(但无序)的 LASTNAME 值分为一个小组。

36、The method and order of micrometastasis.探讨微转移的方式、顺序。

37、Categorized and Alphabetic ons are near the top of each property page.“按分类顺序”和“字母顺序”按钮位于每个属性页的顶部附近。

38、Rank - A rank scale applies to a set of data that is ordinal (the values and observations belonging to it can be put in order or have a rating scale attached).定序尺度(rank)— 定序尺度可应用于一组有顺序的数据,有顺序指的是属于该尺度的值和观察值可以按顺序排列或附带有评级尺度。

39、Sequential physical restore ('onbar -r -w -p')顺序物理恢复 ('onbar -r -w -p')

40、The poll about birth order.关于出生顺序的调查。

41、It's a sequence of specific instructions that I do in order.这是我按顺序,所定下的具体指令的序列。

42、The order of the columns does not matter.列的顺序可任意。

43、Providing a logical keyboard tabbing order提供逻辑键盘跳格顺序

44、The order of the byte-codes corresponds to the order specified in the test set.字节码的顺序需要和测试集中的顺序相同。

45、Order of terms is almost always important, whereas in pure text-based search, order may not be important.词汇的顺序通常很重要,但是在纯文本搜索中,顺序可能不重要。

46、When a program that depends on a given sequence is reordered, mistakes happen.当依赖特定顺序的程序被重新排序时,错误就发生了。

47、The redo log buffer is one-third full or contains 同时, 这个顺序与重做日志缓冲区的顺序一致。

1 MB of buffered data.

48、250, 3chome, Kumamoto Japan flower gardening英语要注意顺序啊!

49、Sequence number is the number of candidates' registration.序号是指考生报名顺序号;

50、A function's prologue usually follows the following sequence函数的序言通常遵循以下顺序

经典英文句子51:顺序,51、Please follow the steps above to complete your registration.请按程序单顺序依序完成。

52、This doesn't mean that all programs are amenable to sequential solutions.这不意味着所有的程序都顺从顺序的解决方案。

53、Formerly, Sequential Patterns Mining often only calculates some ordinal patterns, but it ignores some out-of-order patterns.以往的序列模式挖掘往往只考虑一些顺序的模式,而将一些重要的非顺序的模式忽略了。

54、This can override both the order of precedence and the left ociativity.这样可以同时覆写优先顺序和左顺序关联性。

55、The ordinal memory structure of ⑵ array.⑵数组的顺序存储结构。

56、Because compiler scan program with static order of program, not dynamic order. while using compiler, compile source program only one time, run more times.因为编译是按程序的静态顺序线形扫描程序的,而非动态顺序重复翻译,使用编译程序时,只需对源程序编译一遍,以后每次只运行目标程序。

57、Orderings are printed in lexicographical (alphabetical) order, one per line.有序集以字母表顺序打印,每行一个。

58、The order here is very different.其修习顺序极为不同。

59、By this method, the middle logic operation control process is omitted. The method is particularly suitable for complicated sequence program control as the programming is digitalized.省去了中间逻辑运算控制环节,这对复杂的顺序程序控制尤为适应,使得顺序程序控制编程数据化。

60、Sequential - The sequential model is the traditional approach to small or medium project delivery.顺序式——顺序式模型是用于中小型项目交付物的传统方法。

61、The main functions of the Reducing Valvesorder of valves: (顺序阀的主要作用有: (

1) control over the order of movement components;


62、The phrase Providing the Search-Order Extensions word set shall be appended to the label of any Standard System that provides all of the Search-Order and Search-Order Extensions word sets.措辞提供搜寻顺序延伸词集必须被加到任何提供所有搜寻顺序词集和搜寻顺序延伸词集的标准系统的描述之中。

63、Date- 12/04/65 read dates month, day, year in the US or day, month, year in the UK.日期—12/04/65 美式英语中按照月、日、年顺序,英式英语按照日、月、年顺序。

64、Non-numerical sequence.不按图片顺序。

65、Eg: Number the pages in sequence.按顺序给这些页子标上码。

66、Byte ordering (endianness)字节顺序(endianness)

67、How do they manage prioritization?他们如何管理优先顺序?

68、A higher sequentiality tells you that the files are more contiguously allocated, which will also be better for sequential file access.较高的顺序性意味着文件的分配更连续,这也对顺序文件访问有利。

69、Cool down by reversing the warm-up.冷身---热身的逆顺序。

70、It's in alphabetical order.依字母顺序的。


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