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关于”建议的句型“的英语句子4个,句子主体:Suggested sentence patterns。以下是关于建议的句型的初中英语句子。

英文句子模板1:Suggested sentence patterns

1、EX2. I do not recommend committing yourself to the purchase of the shares yet. 例句:我现在还不建议你去收购那些股份。

2、They suggest translated phrases and vote on translations that others have submitted. 他们建议翻译一些别人提交上来的句子以及进行选择。

3、Get the Ss to make suggestion and take advice by using the patterns in the dialogue. 本课围绕讨论旅行计划,复习如何提出建议和表达自己的意见的句型。

4、Chris Brind’s very thoughtful comments and suggestions really completed the survey Chris Brind深思熟虑的评论和建议给这个调查真正画上了句号

5、You use the "let's" pattern when you suggest to a friend, a colleague or to anybody that you do something a certain way. 当你在向朋友、同事或任何其他人提出建议,希望大家以某种方式做某事的时候,你可以使用“let's”句型。

6、The recommended levels they suggest for a typical penger vehicle should be equated to 5.5 metric tons of carbon dioxide. 建议各级他们建议的一个典型的客运车辆应等同于5.5吨的二氧化碳。

7、You could suggest going somewhere else by using a "let's" pattern. 你也可以用“let's”句型来建议换一个地方。

8、or as in our last example, when you want to suggestnot to do something. 或者在刚才的最后一句例句中,当你想建议不要做某事的时候,也可以用这个句型。

9、"I suggest you consider a box of Legos, " I add. “建议你考虑一盒乐高,”我又加了一句。

10、What I suggest is this. 今天要教大家一句是:"What I suggest is this." ‘我要为你建议的是...’

11、Instead of advice, in other words, what most people seek is your blessing. 除了建议之外,换句话说,大多数人寻求的是你的祝福。

12、The flexibility of the sentential capacity constitutes the main feature of SVOVC, which best ilrates the value of this sentence pattern. 句容的可谐调性是分理型句元复说句的主要特征,集中地体现其句型价值。

13、Apple-shaped women are recommended to wear sheath dresses. 建议苹果型身材的女性穿紧身连衣裙。

14、Recommendations of design for large fan unit in coal mine construction from now on are raised. 对今后煤矿建设中大型通风机装置的设计提出了建议。

15、She had hardly had supper when she went out. 句型33、By the time+从句,+主句.(注意时态的变化。

16、Thus, some people believe new buildings should be built in tradition styles. To what extent do you agree or disgree with this opinion? 根据第二句话我认为建设新的带有传统风格的建筑,她却认为其中的含义是把传统型的建筑拆掉建设新的建筑。

17、i believe the title statement is valid because… . 我认为这个论点是正确的,因为…

18、I believe you can get on well with your friends! I hope you are very happy at school everyday. Mary(他给你的信开头写的是你的名字,所以你写信时落款是Mary) 希望对你有帮助!

19、Long-distance dependency between words and sentence understanding are two important problems in language modeling. 句子中词与词之间的远距离关系和句子意义的理解是建立语言模型的中两个重要问题。

20、Recommended for use with all types of heavy- and light-duty, on- or off-road and marine diesel engines. 与所有的重型和轻型类型,建议对使用或越野和船用柴油发动机。

21、At last they yield to our advice.  他们终于听从了我们的劝告。

22、Some advice to build the positive-affect′s teacher-child interaction. 构建积极情感型师幼互动的建议。

23、My English standard is not as high as expected. Hope you can understand. 我的英文水平很一般,希望大家能够理解。(注:这句话很多余,建议不要)

24、Things will work out. Q: What does the man advise Allen to do? 四个选项都是祈使句,说明问题问的是会话这一方建议另一方做什么,这样考生就可以将注意力集中于表示建议的语句上。

25、By the way, I would like to make one recommendation. 顺便提一句,我有个建议


26、Some suggestions are made about how to select equipment for new particleboard projects. 为新建刨花板项目及设备选型提出了一些建议。

27、She repulsed his offer of marriage.  她断然拒绝了他的求婚。

28、The proposal is the application of a type of. 建议书是应用文的一种类型。

29、I suggest writing it down word for word. 我建议将想说的一句一句都写下来。

30、As a best practice, we always recommend including either the TO USER or the TO GROUP clause in GRANT statements to avoid any ambiguity. 作为最佳实践,我们建议在 GRANT 语句中总是包含 TO USER 或 TO GROUP 子句,以避免任何二义性。

31、His recommendation letter is full of justified statements. 建议书可以说是句句昌言呀!

32、It was crafted on the advice of police psychologists. 这句话是在警方心理学家的建议下录制的。

33、Now you can give me some advice.  现在你可以给我一些忠告。

34、Next, you will decide which recommendation to pursue.  接下来,您将决定采用哪个建议。

35、I'm ready for a new hair-do. Do you have any suggestions? 我准备好要换发型了。你有什么建议吗?

36、People love to give each other advice. The web is full to bursting with all types of pseudo-psychological advice about life. 每个人都喜欢给别人提建议,网上充斥着各种类型的伪心理学建议。

37、Master the "I wonder" pattern and all of these patterns. 掌握这一句型以及其他所有句型,

38、I recommend you experiment with different types of imagery. 我建议你用不同类型的场景来试验。

39、We make this recommendation for two reasons.  我们提出此建议有两个原因。

40、I hope you are very happy at school everyday. Mary(他给你的信开头写的是你的名字,所以你写信时落款是Mary) 希望对你有帮助!

41、The next pattern is the "I'm frustrated that" pattern. 下面一个句型是“I'm frustrated that”句型。

42、We advise people on all sorts of PR type things, everything from wine-tasting to car-racing. 我们向人们建议各种类型的公关建议,包括品酒会到赛车等各种各样的活动。

43、Several ECM vendors already have prototypes that implement the proposed standard. 几家 ECM 厂商已经有了实现建议标准的原型。

44、A controversial see-through gl pyramid-shaped structure was added by the architect I. M. Pei in the 1980s. xx年代,建筑家贝聿铭增建一座倍受争议的透明玻璃金字塔型建筑。

45、there is a longrunning debate as to whether… .有一个长期运行的辩论,是否…

46、Moving water gun is suitable for large-scale storage tank. 对于大型储罐,建议设置自摆的移动水炮;

47、In a less exciting example, you could use the "let's" pattern to suggest going home. 下面一个例子稍显平淡,你也可以用“let's”句型来建议大家回家。

48、suggestions given to parents suggestions n. 建议( suggestion的名词复数 ); 暗示; 细微的迹象; 使人作(尤其是不好的事情的)推测的理由;

49、Nice suggestion.So the suggestion was this. 很好的建议,他的建议是这样的。

50、Ten sentences for a company meeting. 一段公司会议的十句话。


51、Wondering how you are going to attract this kind of advisor? 想想怎样才能吸引到这种类型的建议者?

52、The pive status of unmarked pives has been a debatable matter. 无标被动句是否为被动句存在争议。

53、my argument for this view goes as follows.我对这个问题的看法如下。

54、We advise that steps be taken at once.  我们建议立即采取措施。

55、The next pattern is one of my favorites. 下一个句型是我最喜欢的句型之一。

56、Please give some suggestion to our hairstylists and salon members. 能否给发廊和发型师们一些建议?

57、You create the updateable cursor and the prepared statement. 您可以创建可更新型游标和准备好的语句。

58、Chapter V: Propose how to use Z-score better for companies. 第五章:提出对企业应用Z值模型的建议。

59、He proposes to eliminate the encomped models and reduce the number of the individual models of the combined forecasts. 他建议剔除被包容模型,减少参与组合的预测模型数量。

60、The statistics advisor also esses the relative importance of the advice and gives the following two types of recommendations. 统计数据 advisor 还会评估建议的相对重要性,并给出如下两种类型建议。

61、i cannot entirely agree with the idea that … .我无法完全同意这一观点的…

62、You also use "couldn't" in a question to suggest doing something. 用在疑问句中也可用以建议做某事。

63、On/At your suggestion I bought the more expensive model. 遵照你的建议,我买了较贵的型号。

64、If, in other words, we do as Vaclav Klaus and many other suggest, and let climate change take its course? 换句话说,如果我们按照瓦茨拉夫·克劳斯的建议或其他许多人的建议去做,顺其自然地让气候变化发展下去,那会怎么样?

65、Another way to use the "What if" question is to ask for advice. 另一种使用 “What if”问句的情况是征求建议的时候。

66、to be frank, i can not agree with their opinion for the reasons below. 坦率地说,我不能同意他们的意见,理由如下。

67、Using steel carabiners and non-"I-beam"-shaped carabiners is also a good idea. 建议使用钢质钩环或者非工字型钩环。

68、as far as i am concerned, i completely agree with the former/ the latter.就我而言,我完全同意前者/后者。

69、However, proponents of XP suggest that this model is completely backwards. 然而,XP 的提倡者建议完全逆转这个模型。

70、you could suggest going home and coming back early the next day by using the "let's" pattern. 而是建议大家赶紧回家,第二天上午早点来工作。你可以用“let's”句型来表达。

71、Another suggested that they put a giant pillar in the middle. 另一方案建议在教堂中竖立一根巨型支柱。

72、As suggested in the introduction, drawing views created after a model view redefinition honor the redefined model view. 正如在简介中所建议的,模型视图的重新定义执行重新定义模型视图后,才会建立图面视图。

73、Connect the words to give three pieces of good financial advice. 连词成句,给出三条好的理财建议。

74、At last, appropriate policy recommendations for stablishment of evaluation standard for new-type industrialized building in China was proposed. 最后,对我国新型工业化建筑评价标准的建立提出相应的政策建议。 。


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