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关于”查句子的软件免费用“的英语句子4个,句子主体:Sentence checking software is free of charge。以下是关于查句子的软件免费用的专八英语句子。

英文句子模板1:Sentence checking software is free of charge

1、Given the current economic climate, it might be tempting to use freeware, deeply discounted, or open source applications. 在目前这种经济景气条件下,难免会想用免费软件、高折扣软件或开源应用。

2、Now, free Internet software threatens to replace PC-based software. 现在,基于PC的软件受到被免费网络软件取代的威胁。

3、This software green, free, does not contain any plug-in unit ! 本软件绿色、免费,不含任何插件!

4、The software green, free of charge, without any plug-ins! 本软件绿色、免费,不含任何插件!

5、Looking for some quality freeware programs for your PC? 还在替你的爱机到处寻找好用又免费的软件么?

6、A very good free Anti-Virus Software. 免费的防毒软件。

7、This software is 100% free, no ads, no spyware. 这个软件是100%免费,无广告,没有间谍软件。

8、The lite version of the tool is completely free of cost. 该软件的精简版是完全免费的。

9、Technically free, but requires $39.95 purchase of the desktop version. 总的来说,这是免费软件,桌面版则需要$39.95美元。

10、It can be redistributed with free software or closed software and with various software distributions. 它能够重新分配免费软件或者限于少数人的软件以及各种软件。

11、This software is free. 该软件是免费的。

12、Net, "free" high-speed mobile Internet software and shareware for free download. 高速移动互联网的免费软件和共享软件免费下载。

13、Road hearing and shares of gold is a completely free version of the software platform based on the flying fox, flying fox is the upgrade version of the history of the most powerful free software; 和讯股道黄金版是一款完全免费的软件,基于飞狐平台,是飞狐的升级版本,史上功能最强大的免费软件;

14、Freeware is software offered free of charge, downloadable off of the Internet. 免费软件就是不要钱的文件,可以从网上下载。

15、Alternatively, there are other free anti-spyware software programs available. 另外,还有一些其他的免费的反间谍软件程序可用。

16、If you charge for licenses, free software will be 100 cheaper than your product. 如果您收取许可证费用,免费软件将比您的产品便宜 100。

17、Contribute code to Free andOpen-Source Software (FOSS). 为免费和开源软件社区(FOSS)做点贡献。

18、No software is free and spreading that misconception is harmful. 没有软件是免费的,而且散布那种错误想法是有害的。

19、This trial has all features enabled. Download the product at no charge. 这一免费软件试用版下载具备所有产品功能,并且是免费的。

20、Computer Tools-Software's can be clified in copyright as common software, business software, share software and free software. 工具软件从版权意思上可以分为:公用软件、商业软件、共享软件、免费软件。

21、Not with free dental checkups. 也没有免费的牙齿检查。

22、The Retriever software package, which costs $29.95 but has a free trial period, has the functions of many security software programs . 这个程序软件包需要$29.95,但是有个免费试用期,拥有许多安全软件程序功能。

23、Start online, with a cheap host and free web software. 在网上用一款便宜或者免费的软件吧。

24、The first instance is the service or software that offers a free trial and then converts users into paying customers. 实例之一是服务或软件首先提供免费试用,然后将免费用户转化为支付费用的顾客。

25、Bug-patches - We provide free software bug-patches to resolve found bugs. 软件补丁 - 我们提供免费的软件补丁包,以解决发现的软件错误。


26、Installing software isn’t much of a problem since most programs, whether free or for-pay, are available for download. 没有光驱安装软件问题不大,不管是免费的,还是绿色的,或者是付费的大型软件,基本上都提供下载。 例如,Microsoft Office系列,Adobe系列的软件。

27、For instance: Maintenance of free breakdown of freeware or public domain software of computer knowledge interlocution . 比如:免费的电脑知识问答免费软件故障维修等。

28、Free Studio is a single package which bundles all free software from DVDVideoSoft to work with DVD, video and audio files. 免费的Studio打包了DVDVideoSoft所有的DVD、视频和音频文件的免费编辑软件。

29、"Freemium" What's free: Web software and services, some content. Free to whom: users of the basic version. 免费品:网络软件和服务,部分内容。免费对象(对谁免费):普通(简版)用户。

30、What's free: Web software and services, some content. 免费品:网络软件和服务,部分内容。

31、Retrieve data logs with 'Greyline Logger' software – included free with each OCF-4.0. 与检索的数据记录器记录格林的软件-包括免费的每个OCF的- 4.0。

32、However, it seems that Microsoft is trying to fight the free software movement by giving away its own programs, while a lot of developers prefer software that is not just free, but also open source. 然而,微软看起来是打算通过赠送自己的软件来对抗免费软件运动,而许多开发人员选择免费软件的目的不仅是它们免费,还因为它们是开源的。

33、UIMA is free software and provides a common foundation for industry and academia. UIMA 是免费软件,为企业和学术界提供通用的基础。

34、Indeed, getting people to actually download software, even free software, is a lousy business and takes lots of experience. 事实上,鼓动人们去下载软件,特别是免费软件,是一种令人痛苦的体验。

35、What hobbyist can put 3-man years into programming, finding all bugs, documenting his product and distribute for free? 哪有业余爱好者会花费3人年的精力去编写软件,去修正软件,编写使用手册却免费发放给别人使用。

36、Uses exclusively free software. 只使用免费软件。

37、The open source initiative has proven that free software is not necessarily low-quality software. 开源的出现已经证明免费的软件不一定必然是低质量的软件。

38、DVDVideoSoft Free : A pretty basic software to edit video and audio files. DVDVideoSoft免费版 :一个编辑视频和音频文件的基本软件。

39、The Lite version is currently free from the AppStore. 该软件的简单版目前是免费的。

40、Now, free internet software to replace PC-based software. 现在,免费的网络软件威胁来取代微软。

41、Software upgrade for free, only charges for materials of hardware upgrade. 软件升级免费。硬件升级只收材料费。

42、Free software from the San Francisco–based company supplies a "magic folder" into which users can place photos, spreadsheets, and other documents. 这间位于三藩市的公司制开发的免费软件为用户提供了一个“神奇盒子”,用于存放照片、电子表格和其他文件。

43、Scite is the free text editor I use. scite (join-path $pshome types.ps1xml) (Scite 是作者使用的一款免费编辑软件)

44、Before you spend a dime, take a look at all the freeware out there. 在你花一个子儿之前,看一看已有的免费软件。

45、The FREEWARE utility supports long filenames , compressed and fragmented files. 免费软件程序支持长文件名,压缩的和片段文件。

46、Come and share the free package feast. 来享用免费的软件大餐吧!

47、The software is free for personal, non-commercial use . 该软件是免费的个人,非商业用途 。

48、Visit StarVA.com to grab your free ‘Outsourcing Checklist &Free Tips’ now! 现在登陆StarVA.com可免费获得“外包软件一览表和免费贴士”。

49、Once a month, we raffle three free full versions of Anti-Malware among the survey partints. 我们的调查参与者中抽奖三项免费的反恶意软件的完整版本。

50、Super Free Screen Capture is an all-in-one software for free screen capture. 超级免费 下载 屏幕 捕获是一个免费的 屏幕 捕获所有功能于一身的软件。


51、Freeware is also different from shareware in that shareware requires a payment if the software is to be used past a trial date. 免费软件和共享软件也不太一样。 如果软件过来试用期还想再继续使用的话要付钱,那它就是共享软件。

52、In Kingsoft's view, free software truly reflects the thinking and core values of giving users free software. 在金山公司的观点,真正体现了自由软件用户免费提供软件的思想和核心价值观。

53、Where do have typewriting exercise software download free of charge? 在哪里有免费的打字练习软件下载啊?。

54、A very good free anti-spyware program is AdAware. AdAware是一个很好的免费反间谍软件程序。

55、Spotify, Free app but requires subscription 免费软件,但是需要申请

56、IBM provides a number of free, industry-specific software bundles for DB2, including an FpML 4.2 bundle. IBM 提供许多免费的与行业相关的 DB2 软件包,包括 FpML 4.2 软件包。

57、is both free and fully open source software (the Joomla! 是免费的完全开放源码的软件(Joomla!

58、Step 3: Checking the atomic software functionalities 步骤 3:检查原子软件功能

59、Besides we can use many free resources by checking the Internet. 另外,网络上许多的软件都是免费资源。

60、Unmaintained Free Software - A site which keeps track of orphaned Free Software projects. 一个记录无名免费软件的站点。

61、Use free spreadsheet software from Open Office, Zoho or Google. 使用办公软件,Zoho或Google的免费电子表格软件。

62、As noted open source developer Jamie Zawinski famously said, "Free software is only free if your time has no value." 正如著名的开源开发人员 Jamie Zawinski 曾经说过的一句名言一样:“免费软件只有在您的时间无法创造价值的情况下才是免费的”。

63、Syntax checking: Check the syntax and grammar of the file. 句法检查:检查该文件的句法和语法。

64、Xpad is a free download and can be found in the Ubuntu Software Centre or installed by hammering on the One-Click install on below. Xpad是免费软件,你可以通过Ubuntu软件中心来安装它。

65、These include both freeware and priced software. 其中既有免费软件又有收费软件。


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