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关于”能力的句子“的英语句子3个,句子主体:Competent sentences。以下是关于能力的句子的小学英语句子。

英文句子模板1:Competent sentences

1、To get attention, I suggest you tailor a sentence or two that powerfully addresses his or her problem. And what you can do to solve it. 为了获得注意力,我建议你写下一两个能够解决他们问题的句子,以及能够在解决他们的问题方面做些什么。

2、Moreover, the correct ratio of discrimination was 73.1% (yes), 66.9% (impaired) and 87.2% (no), respectively, and the general correct ratio of discrimination was 78.1%. 多种因子对有性自我防卫能力、性自我防卫能力削弱和无性自我防卫能力的患者的判别正确率分别为73.1%、66.9%和87.2%,总判别正确率为78.1%。

3、Prerequisite: Ability to use telekinesis as a supernatural ability. 先决条件:能以超自然能力使用心灵遥控能力。

4、Excellent skills in community, financing and negotiating, prefer to have financing resources; experiences in leading a team of more than 10 people; 具有较强的公关能力、融资能力和谈判能力,有融资渠道者优先;有带领由10人以上组成的团队的经验;

5、Ability to problem-solve and make decisions. 有解决问题及决策能力;

6、Its type expansion should take decision evaluation from the ability of resources' basic, interior collaboration, management integration and capital management. 联盟类型扩张应从资源的基础能力、内部合作能力、管理协调能力和资金运筹能力等方面进行决策评价。

7、This word means that those people with authority make the final decision. 字面的意思是拍打板子,也指有权力、能主事的人作出最后的决定。

8、Of princes shall outlive this powerful rhyme… 能够和我这些有力的诗句比寿……

9、In many cases, a supervisor “determines” the ability of a worker in about three weeks, labeling them as either “can do” or “can’t do” workers. 许多情况下,一个主管会在三周内‘决定’其员工的能力,并将他们归为‘有能力’或‘没能力’的中的一种。

10、Good presentation, writing and negotiation skills in English. Other languages are a plus. 英语的表达能力,书写能力,谈判能力良好,会其他语种者优先。

11、This kind of knowledge entails judgment and deliberation the deliberative skill or the deliberative art. 这类知识,需要判断力与商议能力,商议技能或商议艺术。

12、Strong judgment and decisiveness; bias for action. 较强的判断力和决策力。

13、Others will admire your common sense, wisdom and calm approach to the problem. 别人会佩服你的判断能力、智慧和解决问题的方法。

14、It embodies the abilities in guessing the meaning of the words, inferring, judging and generalizing, which plays a decisive role in solving reading comprehension problems. 它体现在阅读中的猜词能力、推理判断能力、概括能力等方面,在解决阅读理解问题中起着决定性作用。

15、It will shatter every barrier, sunder any shield, tear through any enchantment, and lend its servant the power to pass sentence. 这股力量能粉碎一切的障碍、击破一切的防护、穿过任何魔法,并赐给它的仆人足够的能力,让他们执行判决。

16、Teaching had educational power, aiming at the loss of taste in mathematical instruction, posing the position "The rarest quality in mathematics education was seeking taste for students". 教学具有教育性,数学而言的“识”是指分析鉴别知识经融会贯通而获致个人见解的能力,包括预见力、判断力、鉴赏力、洞察力、看问题的能力、提问题的能力。

17、I am constantly questioning my judgment and decisions. 我一直都质疑我的判断力和决策力。

18、Some people argue that citizens suffered from the insufficient rights protection are due to their lack of negotiation skills, so they have no choice except collective action. 有些人认为,当今公民因为自身的谈判能力不足而不能有效维护其权益,因而,采取集体行动是民众提高谈判能力不得已而为的途径。

19、The arbitration prize shall be ultimate and has valid fastening forces to both sides. 仲裁判决应为究竟了局判决,对双圆均具有束厄局促力。

20、Self-driven and pro-act with strong leadership and negotiation skills. 良好的领导能力及丰富的商务谈判经验和沟通能力。

21、Whether a definitive agreement can be reached will depend on further negotiations with Resourcehouse, it said. 该公司表示,能否达成有约束力的协议,将取决于与源库资源进一步开展的谈判。

22、Sentences: I can see with my eyes. I can hear with my ears. I can smell with my nose. 能力目标:能够把看见、听见和闻见的东西用含有感官动词的句子描述出来。

23、I knew Hoar and had great confidence in his judgment and ability. 我了解霍尔,对他的判断力和能力很有信心。

24、We study actors command ability that is different and how about in "Fucked Intension" that is parameter estimation command ability. 分析了不同指挥能力下的参与者,怎样从受骗强度这个参数有效的判断指挥员的“能力”;

25、He learns from his parents and listens to what they day. 小孩子没有思考和判断能力, 要向父母亲学习, 听从父母的