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关于”激励的句子“的英语句子4个,句子主体:Motivational sentences。以下是关于激励的句子的初中英语句子。

英文句子模板1:Motivational sentences

1、When the predicate verbs in the sentences are of attribute, the sentences are non-event sentences. 当心理动词表现为属性义时,由心理动词作谓语述语构成的句子是非事件句;

2、The father of three words are false to the person's bad, is to pursue high moral incentive. 文中父亲的三句话是对人的劣行的剔除,是对追求崇高道德的激励。

3、The contents include nouns, 5 kinds of pronouns , adjectives, 3 kinds of adverbs, tenses, verbs, phrase and clause types, sentence patterns and structure, etc. 内容涵盖名词、5种代名词、形容词、3种副词、时态、动词、片语和子句、句型和句构等等。

4、"No pain, no gain" is a mantra often used to motivate those hard slogs at the gym. “没有疼痛就没有收获”这句箴言经常被用来激励那些在体育馆中艰难行走的人们。

5、And the configuration is an effective factor for the performance of the plasma aerodynamic actuator. 激励器布局对等离子体气动激励器的性能有重要影响。

6、What's the meaning of the word? (这里的mean为什么这样用) mean作为动词在这个句子里面,句子结构类似于what do you do …

7、Rewards—e. g. The king rewards his warriors with gold and land. 奖励——例句:国王用黄金和土地奖励他的武士。

8、By the program, an input sentence can be judged grammatical or ungrammatical automatically by computers. 程序执行后,计算机可自动完成对输入句子合法性的判断。

9、Complete sentences have a subject and a verb. 完整的句子包含有主词和动词。

10、First, ask students to listen to and repeat after the tape , then read the dialogue in groups. 让学生找出对话中的被动语态的句子,读熟并仿照造句子。

11、And long sentence and passive sentence are widely used in foreign trade correspondence. 另外,句法方面,外贸英语多用长句及被动句。

12、She discusses parts of speech, basic sentence patterns, verbs, nouns, adjectives and adverbs, prepositions, relative clauses, imperative sentences, and so on. 内容包括词类、基本句型、动词、名词、形容词与副词、介词、关系子句、祈使句等等。

13、The famous sentence of Aristotle phrase, “I love my teacher but I love more the truth” still inspire me up to now. 亚里士多德那句,“吾爱吾师,但吾更爱真理”的名言,至今仍然激励着我。

14、The vivid saying "Nothing venture, nothing have" has been encouraging young people from generation to generation. “不入虎穴,焉得虎子”这句生动的名言一直激励着一代又一代年轻人。

15、Auto vibration has two main driving sources: one is engine reciprocation, which form the regular vibration; the other is random vibration that caused by uneven road. 主要讲述形成汽车振动的两大激励,一是往复式发动机运动激励,形成有规律的振动现象;二是道路高低不平引起的无规则的振动-随机振动。

16、The second part is also a research of the main special sentence patterns, such as passive sentence research, comparative sentence research, interrogative sentence research, and so on. 同时,对一些主要的特殊句式,如处置句、受事前置句、被动句、比较句、疑问句等进行了讨论。

17、Change the following sentences into questions, using the Passive Voice. 把下列句子变成疑问句, % 要用被动语态。

18、With ABAP 6.1 all clauses of the SELECT expression can be specified dynamically. 对于 ABAP 6.1,SELECT 语句的所有子句都可以动态地指定。

19、Verb is always the predicative in the sentence. 动词,在句子中经常充当谓语。

20、The structure of an atom can be accurately described though we cannot see it. 虽然我们看不见原子结构,但能准确地描述它。(被动句倒译成主动句)

21、  ” Thank you for providing the requested information。 如果你询问某人一些信息,他们花了点时间才发送给你,那就用这句句子表示你仍然对他们的付出表示感激。

22、The existential sentence is a characteristic sentence pattern that is different from either initiative sentence or passive one. 存现句是汉语句式中区别于主动句、被动句的独具特色的句式。

23、And Aristotle's famous line, "Plato is dear to me, but dearer still is truth", has given me constant inspiration. 亚里士多德那句“吾爱吾师,吾更爱真理”的名言,至今仍激励着我。

24、The dissertation studies the cost-plus incentive mechanism, the reputation incentive mechanism and the multiple-tasks incentive mechanism of the procurement agencies respectively; 本文分别对采购代理机构的成本补偿激励机制、基于声誉的激励机制、基于多项行为的激励机制进行了研究;

25、"Knowledge is power" Francis Bacon's motto of this popular incentive I do not know how many people desire knowledge. “知识就是力量”,培根这句脍炙人口的格言不知激励了多少渴求知识的人。


26、There will be a friend coming here to see me tomorrow? (为什么是comeing,will后面不是原型吗) will后面是应该加上动词原形,句子中的“be”就是系动词啊,一个句子只能有一套主谓宾,所以在句子中出现的第二个动词就不能以原形方式出现,主动地状态就要用ing形式,被动的状态就要用ed的动词形式。

27、Strong sentences are those in which a subject performs an action (active voice) as opposed to an action being performed on the subject (passive voice). 表现力强的句子是那些主语执行一个动作(主动语态)的句子,与此相反的是,一个动作被执行在主语上(被动语态)。

28、He used the longest words and, getting entangled in his own verbosity, was obliged to leave his sentence unfinished. 他使用最冗长的词句,罗罗嗦嗦地纠缠不清,动不动就丢下一个没完成的句子。

29、If you aren’t sure where to start, a good personal mantra is, “Do it now!” 如果你还是不知从何入手,有一句很棒的自我激励语,“现在就做!”

30、While she was waiting for a taxi outside the studio, she met Sam Parish. 此处while是并列连词,连接两个同一时刻发生的动作的句子,while从句中的谓语动词应为延续性动词,可以置于句首或句末。

31、the difference between seeing words, hearing words, reading words and generating words can correspond to different aspects of what part of your brain is active. 看到词句,听到词句,阅读词句,创造词句,这些不同的活动,会激活你不同的大脑区域

32、According to the number of the passive marks, they are divided into three sentence patterns: bimarked passive sentence, trimarked passive sentence and quadrimarked passive sentence. 按句中含语标多少 ,可将多标被动句分为三种类型 ,即双标被动句、三标被动句及四标被动句。

33、Long sentence, if overripe in mind, always inspired me to read more books, read good books! 这句早就烂熟于心的话,时刻激励着我要多读书,读好书!

34、The structure of an atom can be accurately described though we ca ot see it. 虽然我们看不见原子结构,但能准确地描述它。(被动句倒译成主动句)

35、Because of the exciting action by the vibrating machine and the influence of wave propagation, broken ores will generate excited response when ores are mucked out by vibration. 振动出矿时,由于振动机的激励作用和波动传播的影响,碎岩便会产生激励响应,这种激励响应可以改变散体的动力特性和流动特征。

36、The famous sentence of Aristotle phrase, "I love my teacher but I love more the truth" still inspire me up to now. 亚里士多德那句,“吾爱吾师,但吾更爱真理”的名言,至今仍然激励着我。

37、why does my blood rush into a hell of tumult at a few words? 为什么几句话就使我的血激动得这么沸腾?

38、Is a statement, it is a single sentence, the verb the non-subject-predicate sentence. 是陈述句,又是单句、动词性非主谓句。

39、The STN is thought to be important for motivating action. STN被认为对激励行动(提供动机)很重要。

40、Well, here are sentences with two-word verbs with objects, They all mean different things. 嗯, 下列这些句子里的成语动词有宾语,这些句子的意思都不相同。

41、The famous sentence of Aristotle phrase, “I love my teacher but I love truth more ” still inspire me up to now. 亚里士多德那句,“吾爱吾师,但吾更爱真理”的名言,至今仍然激励着我。

42、It includes conception of market-oriented mechanism of UIC, organization types, the factors the affect market-oriented mechanism of UIC and the construction models of market-oriented mechanism. 内容主要涉及产学研市场化激励机制的概念、市场化激励机制的组织形式、影响市场化激励机制的产、学、研、政等因素以及市场化激励机制的模型构建。

43、A sentence usually contains a subject and a verb. 句子通常包括主词和动词。

44、Rewards and recognition are key incentives to encourage people into this new way of working. 奖励和认同感是激励人们在新方法中工作的重要动机。

45、Develop a Mantra - Find a few statements that focus your mind and motivate you. It doesn’t matter whether they are pulled from a tacky motivational poster, or just a few words to tell you what to do. 找一句激励语-找到一些可以让自己集中注意力和激发动力的话语,可以取自低俗的励志标语,也可以是告诉自己怎么做的几个词。

46、Put differently, the leadership that comes with dominance is only really possible if it inspires followership. 换句话说,随着统治而来的领导地位只有能激励别国追随才真正可能。

47、I was jarred and shocked by the style, the clear, clean, sweeping sentences. 清晰、干净而有力的句子,我因它的风格震动和激动。

48、Thank you for providing the requested information. 如果你询问某人一些信息,他们花了点时间才发送给你,那就用这句句子表示你仍然对他们的付出表示感激。

49、On the exciting kite site, the excited reciter cited my verse. 在激动人心的风筝现场,激动的朗诵者应用了我的诗句。

50、The passive status of unmarked passives has been a debatable matter. 无标被动句是否为被动句存在争议。


51、Verbs not only make your sentences stronger, but they tell the reader of the action. Look at how different verbs change the whole tone of these sentences. 动词不仅让你的句子更有力,也能告诉读者文章中的动作。看看以下的句子,不同的动词如何改变整句的语气。

52、Accordingly, the generic reflexives in Russian belong to unaccusative verbs, which make up of middle constructions. 俄语中的一般反身动词属于非宾格动词,它构成的句子是中动句。

53、He was listening to the radio when I came in. 当我进来时,他在听收音机。(主句和从句的动作同时发生。)

54、He often encourages himself with the words-Nothing in the world is difficult for one who sets his mind on it. 他时常用一句话激励自己:“世上无难事,只怕有心人。”

55、The first clause, ls -A, is a verb and enumerates the contents of the current directory; the second clause, wc -l, is another verb to count lines. 它包含两个句子。 第一个句子 ls -A 是动词结构,列举当前目录下的内容,第二个句子 wc -l 是另一个动词结构,用于计算行数。

56、He is too excited to say a worde. 他太激动了,一句话也说不出来。

57、Each probe clause consists of a probe point specification statement, action block, and an optional predicate. 每个探测子句由一个探测点指定语句、动作块和可选的断言组成。

58、This sentence is passive in form but active in sense. 这个句子形式是被动的,而意思是主动的。

59、Incentive Mechanism contents material mechanism and nonmaterial mechanism. Material mechanism includes salary, work expense and Phantom Stock Plan. 激励机制分为物质激励和非物质激励,物质激励包括薪金制、职位消费、虚拟股票计划;


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