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关于”感激的名词“的英语句子52个,句子主体:Noun of gratitude。以下是关于感激的名词的高中英语句子。

英文句子模板1:Noun of gratitude

这是个物质名词, 不必用冠词。

1、This is a material noun. No article is needed.

感情用事。 当女人心烦或激动时,她也许会哭,或舞动自己的手臂,不停地说,使用情绪化形容词描述自己的感受。

2、Being EmotionalWhen a woman is upset or emotional she may cry, wave her arms around and constantly talk using emotional adjectives to describe how she feels.


3、A swine flu is breaking out these days and many people were dead.


4、Many activists oppose xingshi marriages, even when both parties understand the terms.

your help is greatly appreciated. 非常感激您的帮助。



6、As a famous poetess of her generation, Li Qingzhao expressed females' pion, an important element in the field of human minds.


7、Not only is it a new word in architecture, but in human living too.

当我们拿到他的提名时,我们很喜欢他的出生名并感激他的亲生父母为他取了个这样的名字。 因此我们保留持他的名字不变。

8、When we got his referral we loved his birth name and wanted to honor the name his birth parents gave him so we kept his first name.


9、When the 40, heart overflows with gratitude, or with any other sweet and scared sentiment, what is the world to which it would give utterance?


10、As often as I've read this speech, getting a lump in my throat every time.


11、Very grateful for small Dai was very moved.


12、I get the impression that Roon feels guilty about staying out of it, and protests too much.


13、I'd appreciate if you would like to teach me how to use the computer.


14、I never had a dream come true , till the day that I found you.


15、That's something. As often as I've read this speech, getting a lump in my throat every time.


16、You think they're gonna give a if I know their names?


17、To really make gratitude a habit, we need to move to a deeper level of thankfulness.

18、 your help was greatly appreciated. 你的帮助备受感激。


19、Except where the context otherwise requires a reference to the singular includes the plural and vice versa, and a reference to the masculine includes feminine and vice versa.

20、Your help was greatly appreciated. 你的帮助备受感激。

21、I dictated a message of thanks to each for their hard work, but asked for my name to be left off the card.我口述了感谢词,感谢二位的辛勤工作,但是要求花店不留我的名字。

22、When Tom gave him the money, the panhandler was surprised and seemed grateful.当汤姆给他钱时,这名乞丐很惊奇而且好像很感激。

23、He accepted the offerings of children, and blessed the givers, inscribing their names in the book of life.孩子们的奉献他都感激领受,并为他们祝福,将他们的名字记在生命册上。

24、The paranormal collocation in the syntactic plane is the typical feature of the noun decategorization.名词语法上的超常搭配是名词非范畴化的主要特征。

25、I really appreciate this.我对此很感激。

英文句子26:,26、The calamitous fate of famous gardens stirred people's strong feeling of time and hardships.名园盛衰转瞬、福兮祸伏的命运,激起的是人们强烈的时间感受和忧患意识。

27、Only 23% of the 1166 respondents demonstrated a clear understanding of the term “pandemic influenza”. Of those interviewed, 94.1%1166名受访者中仅23%表现出清楚了解“流感”一词的涵义。

28、Yes, the words I use are fierce, but yours are strangely neutral.是的,我用词是激烈的,但你的词语则是奇怪的中立。

29、Thellos small gift is only a tiny token of our gratefulness. We all want to thank you.这件小小的礼物略表咱们的感激之情。咱们各人都很感激您。

30、The sensation of spiciness is the result of the activation of pain receptors in the tongue.辣是疼痛的代名词,它是舌头上痛觉感受器激活的结果。

31、Agitation (feeling jittery).激越(感到战战兢兢)

32、I had such a great time recording this song with Seth and was thrilled to find out that it was nominated for an Oscar, " Jones said in a release."琼斯在一次新闻发布会上表示:“我在录制这首歌曲时与词作家赛思相处十分愉快。 得知歌曲获得奥斯卡提名时,我感到十分激动。

33、The purpose of this work was to investigate the effect of intensity training on stress hormones, anxiety and rating of perceived exertion in 观察了大运动量训练期8名自由式摔跤运动员应激激素、焦虑水平及主观强度感的变化。

8 male free-style wrestlers (age 23.

34、Do not use the with indefinite nouns.不确定,或非特指名词前不加冠词!

35、From out observation of a number of nouns, we are convinced that our sense organs play a large part in this connection.作者从相当数量的名词术语中看到人类感官观察对定名所起的作用。

36、Give thanks not to me, but to your Earthly Mother, who sent you her healing angels.不要感激我,应该感激你们的地母,是她把她的医病天使遣来的。

37、The Nalan poesy, known to the aftertime as the style of disquiet and sentiment, had a unique style at the time on the Poesy Circle.纳兰词以风格凄婉,感伤而名昭后世,在当时词坛上别具一格。

38、When the heart overflows with gratitude, or with any other sweet and scared sentiment, what is the world to which it would give utterance? A friend.在充满感激之情或其他甜蜜神圣的感情时,又 会说什么词呢? 朋友。

39、Brainstorm as many nouns as you can that go into that category (minimum 脑力激荡尽可能多的名词,尽你所能去那类(最少



40、Wikileaks is a site for publishing anonymous leaks and sensitive documents, supporting activism and whistle-blowing.Wikileaks 是一个发布匿名信息和敏感文档的站点,支持激进主义者和举报者。

41、It’s all nouns.它们全是名词。

42、Grateful for your trip, because he strengthens your ability; grateful to blame you, because he contributed to your Inspirational Wisdom; grateful to have made you man!感激绊倒你的人,因为他强化了你的能力;感激斥责你的人,因为他助长了你的定慧;感激成就你的人吧!

43、To have a thorough study of the markedness of personal gender nouns entails a close study of personal ouns, especially those gender-sensitive personal ouns.要对人称性别名词标记现象作详尽的研究需要对人称代词,尤其是性别敏感的人称代词作细致的研究。

44、Spicy means pain.The sensation of spiciness is the result of the activation of pain receptors in the tongue.辣是疼痛的代名词,它是舌头上痛觉感受器激活的结果。

45、You have my eternal gratefulness.我永远感激您。

46、Waxing carries the same risks of irritation and infection, especially in androgen sensitive areas.蜡疗也一样有激惹和感染的危险,特别是在对雄激素敏感的地方。

47、This voice announces the name of the play and the writer, injects commentary, and lists the end credits.此声音宣读剧本和作者的名称,注入解说词,以及列出剧终感谢。

48、Reall ? I appreciate it .真的?我太感激了。

49、What is the name of the position?这个名字就是这个位置的代名词。

50、It is the first time that I have been late.名词性连词,“第一次,一…就”

经典英文句子51:感激的名词,51、 Your help was greatly appreciated. 你的帮助备受感激。

52、The excellent quality has made the Shidao glware the symbol of le life and revealed itself among the competition of the market.华鹏玻璃,晶玉其质,在激烈的市场竞争中脱颖而出的“石岛”牌玻璃制品已经成为高贵生活的代名词。

53、For many years, "the situation with Mr. Zhu, " the term has been regarded as the feelings of sincere friends, pay attention to the credit of the oun.多少年来,“情同朱张”这个词汇,就一直被人们视为朋友间感情真挚,讲究信用的代名词。

54、Conceit is self-given. Be careful.名誉是别人给予的。要感激。

55、Today is my grandmother's eightieth birthday.因为eightieth前有了限定词(名词所有格)

56、I recall the maxim of La Rochefoucauld, "Gratitude is a lively sense of benetifits to come."我想起拉罗什福科的名言,“感激是一种对将要得到的利益的愉快的感觉。”

57、So good, thank you!太好了!感激涕零!

58、Jackie in the party who all care her gratitude, especially grateful that kindness.杰姬在宴会上感激一切关怀她的人,特别感激那个好意人。

59、Writing down your gratitude list helps solidify it in your brain.写下你感激的名单将帮助你调整思考的方式。

60、Plural count nouns do not need a determiner.可数名词复数前不需用限定词。

61、Your help is greatly appreciated. 非常感激您的帮助。

62、Research among computer users suggests that the traditional expression of gratitude has fallen by the wayside .一项对互联网用户开展的调查显示,如今人们已不再爱用传统的词语来表达感激。

63、I'd really appreciate it.我会非常感激。

64、Made a list of all persons who have helped us and became willing to express our gratitude to them all.列出所有帮助过我们的人的名字,试着去向他们表达我们的感激之情。

65、Grateful to those who slander you, because he had the opportunity of bettering your personality.感激中伤你的人,因为他砥砺了你的人格;感激鞭打你的人,因为他激发了你的斗志。

66、Always add the appropriate articles in front of the noun.总是在名词前加上适当的冠词。

67、definition of terms and phrases.名词和术语的解释。



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