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1、Dr. Shanglu Yang, General Motors China Research Center, China.


2、Black with blue in it, black with brown, black with red.

3、It was galling to have to apologize to a man she hated. 令人恼火的是得向她憎恶的男人道歉。


4、Learn from junior high school, high school and junior high school from, from high school to college…


5、The acute ischemic stroke belongs to Apoplexy in TCM.


6、Early, late, partial progressive deficit, you win a prize in a lottery.


7、Thefourmajortypesofresponsibility centers are cost expense )centers, revenue centers, profit centers, and investment centers.


8、000 yuan for the mobile phone.


9、The meanings of zhong(mean)he discussed were in time, middle of road, neutralization, harmony, and fair, etc, and that showed the unison character of Fang Yizhi's philosophy.


10、Hey Sergeant, Sarge, Hey…


11、China's sharp teeth Miocene pig shall be one of them is.


12、I write this letter to express my opinion on this problem.

13、I'm sorry. The hotel is booked up. 对不起, 客房已被预订光了.


14、Today's Chinese Art Exhibition, China World Art Museum, Beijing, China;


15、The Chinese characters in this movie can be seen in non-CWin browsers.


16、Then the water in our atmosphere, the clouds, the fog, the moisture that hangs invisibly in the air...


17、She acted in pettish to his boyfriend.

18、Afterwards she was sorry for what she'd said. 后来她后悔说了那些话。


19、The point is in the philtrum which lacks like a water groove.


20、The flight from Tokyo to San Francisco takes nine hours.

21、The underlying reasons behind the lacker performance of China's TCM products in the international market lie with the country's TCM industry.在世界市场中,中国的传统中药业黯然无光。其中最主要的原因是来自于中国传统中药业自 身的问题。

22、Please pay the cashier for the meal. 请把饭钱付给会计吧。

23、a man of marked individuality 很有个性的人 He has a very strong personality. 他这人很有个性(个性很强)。

24、Benefiting from type safety, where types in the method signature are specified in the pointcut.从类型安全中受益,其中方法签名中的类型是在切入点中指定。

25、He is the last person I will love 他是我最后一个会去爱的人 也就是说 他是我最讨厌的人

英文句子26:,26、e.g. I paid him 100 yuan for the old bike. 我花100元买了他那辆旧自行车。

27、They took three years to build the bridge. 他们花了xx年时间建这座桥。

28、In the breakpoints view, enabled breakpoints have a check-mark beside them, and breakpoints can be enabled and disabled by toggling that check-box.在中断点视图中,激活中断点在旁边有一个可选的勾号,通过选中或者不选中可以激活或者禁止中断点的运行。

29、e.g. The writing of the article took me two days. 写这篇文章花了我两天时间。

30、I'm sorry to disturb you, but can I talk to you for a moment? 对不起,打扰你一下,我能跟你谈一会儿吗?

31、e.g. Such a difficult job costs a lot of time and effort. 这么困难的工作需要耗费极多的时间和心力。

32、She paid the driver and got out of the taxi. 她付给司机钱后下了出租车。

33、It was petty of her not to accept the apology. 她气量太小,连道歉也不接受.

34、US-Chinese tradition, there is no neutral America.中国传统的美中,没有中性美。

35、Careless driving will cost you your life. 粗心驾驶会使你丧命。

36、He's the man who i the most hate.I hate him so much. 希望对你有所帮助,望采纳。

37、Make your mind calm and think the mantra "Om" in your head, your thorax, your belly, your legs, feet, in the earth and in the whole cosmos.头脑保持冷静并想着曼特罗“唵”存在于你的脑中、胸中、腹中、腿中、脚中,存在于大地中,存在于整个宇宙。

38、It is a pettish behavior. 它是一种撒娇的行为。

39、我十分期待小宝宝的诞生 I'm anxiously expecting the birth/arrival of the baby.

40、In Jiading Export Processing Zone, it can be established the International procurement center, distribution center, showing Center, Testing Center, R & D centers, maintenance centers.在园区内可设立国际采购中心、配送中心、展求中心、检测中心、研发中心、维修中心等。

41、Second, "regulated by self", a China in the traditional path;二是“以中释中”,主张中国走传统的老路;

42、In fact, 74 of the 106 strokes among parents were ischemic, while 106 of the 128 strokes among the offspring were ischemic.实际上,在父母的106例中风患者中,有74例是缺血性中风,而子女的128例中风患者中有106例是缺血性中风。

43、You should make an apology to her for your carelessness. 你应该为你的粗心大意向她赔礼道歉。

44、I spilt your coffee. Sorry—that was clumsy of me. 我弄洒了你的咖啡。

45、Three common types of respon­sibility centers are cost, profit, and investment centers.责任中心可分为三类:成本中心、利润中心和投资中心。

46、We will continue to encourage multinationals to set up regional headquarters, sourcing centers, logistics centers, operation centers and training centers in China.继续鼓励跨国公司在中国设立地区总部、采购中心、物流中心、营运中心、培训中心。

47、North Zhongshan Road, Zhongshan Road, and the East Zhongshan Road are Nanjing's city axis.中山北路、中山路、中山东路是南京城市的中轴线。

48、e.g. I took two hours to finish the composition. 我花了两个小时才完成这篇作文。

49、She stared at her boyfriend pettishly.她撒娇地盯着男友。

50、China Center News and the China Center Annual Report are available here in PDF format.以下是中国中心新闻和中国中心年度报告的PDF格式。

经典英文句子51:中,51、Tradtional Chinese medicine and pharmacy is actually a mixture of traditional Chinese medicine and traditional Chinese pharmacy, indicating close relationship between the two specialties.“中医药学”是中医学和中药学的合成,说明中医学和中药学密不可分。

52、e.g.It will cost you 500 dollars to repair the car. 修理这部汽车要花费你500美元。

53、But the content of main page shows as "news", "Conference", and "seminar" are still in Chinese only.主页中当年中心新闻、学术会议、中心论坛仍为中文,历史新闻在“中心新闻-既往新闻”中均已英文化。

54、Martin’s partner, a native of China, hires agents there on commission, including the companies that brought Lin and Li to Torrington.他的中国合伙人在中国委托中介公司招生,支付一定的佣金给这些中介。 其中,就包括招收林和李的中介公司。

55、Blokus, the mirror month, dreamer.水中花,镜中月,梦中人。

56、In the Breakpoints window, those breakpoints will appear with the Disabled Breakpoint icon.在 [中断点] 视窗中,这些中断点会与 [停用的中断点] 图示一起出现。

57、感觉很"中式英语". The MidAutumn Day is coming. Happy MidAutum Day!

58、Cancer Center; Sun Yat sen University;中山大学附属肿瘤防治中心中医科;

59、The meaning of "mean" in "juste-milieu" is comprehensive, and also independent, the concepts of neutralization, "Shizhong" and etc. are all from it.中庸之“中”字的涵义是全面的,也是自成系统的,与其相关的“执中”、“中和”、“时中”等概念均由“中”字衍生而来。

60、We are the graduates from Seremban Chung Hua High School.我们是芙蓉中华中学(芙中)的毕业生。

61、Attached high school of Central Academy of Fine Arts, Beijing, China.中央美术学院附中,北京,中国。

62、To describe the distinction and the correlation between transient ischemic attack and diseases in TCM Including Stroke Precursor, Slight stroke, etc.对短暂性脑缺血与微风、小中、小中风、中风先兆、中风病等中医范畴的关系进行阐述。

63、The four major types of responsibility centers are cost (or expense) centers, revenue centers, profit centers, and investment centers.责任中心通常有四种类型:成本中心、收入中心、利润中心和投资中心。

64、) I'll pay back for his book.(我要赔偿他的书。

65、Excuse me, but could you tell me the time? 对不起, 请问现在几点?

66、By shooting an arrow:right into the centre of a square target:man scored a bull's-eye and secured a mark for "centre":.中:射出一支箭,正中一块方靶的中心,就表示中心的“中”字。

67、Man is not made for defeat. A man can be destroyed but not defeated我就知道这个经典的

68、The problems in China-Europe relations have occurred in the course of growth and progress.中欧关系中的问题,是发展中的问题、前进中的问题。

69、People eat it in sandwiches, in soups, in salad, in sausages and more.人们可以把它放到三明治中、汤中、沙拉中,火腿肠中等等。

70、The battle array of Wuhan team is rather strong, there is many the key middle school, in the experimental middle school of Wuchang , one , of two , of 武汉队的阵容颇为强大,重点中学的不少,武昌实验中学、一中、二中、十一中、四十九中、武汉中学。

11 , of 49 , middle school of Wuhan.

71、In most part of China, middle schools are generally rated as key schools and ordinary schools.在中国大多数地方,中学通常分为重点中学和普通中学。


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