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关于”两个词“的英语句子5个,句子主体:Two words。以下是关于两个词的xx年级英语句子。

英文句子模板1:Two words

1、The two characters form a single word, they cannot be separated. 这两个字构成一个词, 不能拆开。

2、Listen and read twice for each word. 听并把每个词读两遍。

3、The lengths of the lexical entries varied from two characters to eight characters. See Appendix A for distribution of word lengths. 字典的第一部份由124499个多字词条组成,字典词条的长度从两个汉字到八个汉字,可以从附录A来查看单词长度的分布。

4、Generally a compound word, consisting of two or more characters, provides the specific meaning. 通常一个复合词,根据具体意思不同可以包含两个或者两个单词以上。

5、这两个字构成一个词, 不能拆开。 The two characters form a single word, they cannot be separated.

6、Tsunami is a two-character Japanese word. 海啸是两个字符的日本词。

7、A word or two is missing here. 这里缺一两个词。

8、"Bromance" is a portmanteau, a combination of the words "brother" and "romance". Bromance这个词是brother(兄弟)和romance(爱情)两个单词的合成词形式。

9、Hint: Two separate words. The second word describes something that EYES do. 提示:两个分开的单词。第二个字描述了眼睛的功能。

10、These words have many forms. "The same words with the different meaning" and "different words with the same meaning" are two main types of them. 这些字词有许多表现形态,“同词异义”与“异词同义”是其中的两个主要种类。

11、What five-letter word becomes shorter when you add two letters to it? 哪个五个字母的单词加上两个字母后变短了?

12、Two words: biodegradable plastics. 两个词:可降解塑料。

13、Separating a compound word into two meaningful words. 将一个复合词分成两个有意义的单词。

14、Oh, they are two nyms. 哦,原来是两个同音词。

15、Some break the word geisha in two explaining it as “art person.” 一些字典把geisha(艺伎)这个词分解成两个部分,解释为“艺人”。

16、Each of the four predicates are also displayed on different lines, with the two local predicates displayed before the two join predicates. 个谓词中的每一个也显示在不同的行上,两个本地谓词在两个联接谓词之前显示。

17、The name "Utopia" comes from two Greek words meaning"no place" and was adopted by More as the name of his ideal commonwealth. “乌托邦”这个词源于两个希腊词语,意思是“乌有之乡”,莫尔借用这个名字来为他的理想共和国命名。

18、Through the comparison of the shared dialectal words between two dialectal regions, the author calculates the number of the shared words, hence, to study the overlapped words between the two regions. 本文通过两两方言区之间的共有词比较,得出每两个方言区之间的相同共有词数,依此判断两个方言区在词汇上的交叉关系。

19、Teacher: Billy, name two ouns. 老师:Billy,说出两个代词。

20、Adds two numbers or concatenates two strings. 将两个数相加或串联两个字符串。

21、The random selection gave two- and three-letter words, while the GA approach went up to six-letter words in a 20x20 grid over a few hundred generations. 随机选择会给出两个和三个字母的单词,而 GA 方法在一个 20x20 的网格中经过几百次衍生后会得到六个字母的单词。

22、most pregnant women remain off cigarettes while carrying the child. 大多数孕妇都在孕期戒了烟。

23、Each word you'll get one point. 要求每名学生必答两个单词,一词一分。

24、You misounced two of five characters. 一共五个字念错了两个。

25、The two words co-refer. 这两个词互相指代


26、这两个词搭配不当。 These two words don't go together.

27、Polysemy is the linguistic phenomenon of two or more related meanings with a single linguistic form. 一词多义是指一个词项有两个或两个以上的义项。

28、There are 1,042 four-word phrases (36%) beginning with nouns, verbs and function words, suggesting the three forms are the most important forms of four-word phrases in PQ. 名词、动词、虚词开头的四字词组两译本分别有1,042个,占四字词组总数的36%,说明这三类四字词组是《素问》四字词组的重要形式。

29、Two ouns and a vehicle was Icarus with wings. 两个代词和一个喻词就是长了翅膀的伊卡洛斯。

30、What 5-letter word has six left when you take 2 letters away? 哪个五个字母的单词,你去掉两个字母之后还有六个?。

31、The identifier casing rules take precedence over acronym casing rules. Do capitalize both characters of two-character acronyms, except the first word of a camel-cased identifier. 两字符首字母缩写词的两个字符都要大写,但当首字母缩写词作为大小写混合格式的标识符的首个单词时例外。

32、For instance, if the variable x contains the string '-r -f' -- which is one word with five characters -- $=x becomes two separate words, -r and -f. 例如,如果变量 x 包含字符串 '-r -f'——这是一个具有五个字符的单词——$=x 将变为两个单独的单词 -r 和 -f。

33、完整的应该是"I think that most people are a little shy","I guess that we are lucky".所以有两个主语和两个动词。

34、Generally a compound word , consisting of two or more characters, provides the specific meaning. 一个复合词通常由两个或多个字符构成,具有具体的意思。

35、She learns two and a half monogram's unciation and some related example words. 她学习了两个半的字母组织发音及与其相关的一些例词。

36、Adds two numbers or concatenates two strings, and igns the result to the first argument. 将两个数字相加或串连两个字串,并将结果指派给第一个引数。

37、Those words are not interchangeable. 这两个词不可以互换。

38、Copy each new character in lesson 11 for 1 line; and make 2 phrases. 抄写课后生字,每个生字1行,并组两个词。

39、A bisyllabic word is formed by linking two nodes with a directional arc. 只要用一条有向弧连接两个节点就形成了汉语的一个双字词。

40、Is a compound word , made up of two words. 元旦是一个合成词,由两个字组成。

41、Orthographically, a compound can be written as one word with or without a hyphen in between, or as two separate words. 从正字法上看,一个复合词在拼写的时候中间可以带有也可以不带有连字符,或者写成两个单独分开的单词。

42、你打字有很多单词没分开.两个字连到了一起. ___so that nothing may disturb or disquiet the mysterious nosing。

43、There's a two-word comeback to that: Bill Russell. 你们一定想到了两个词语组成的名字,比尔拉塞尔。

44、The word enthusiasm comes from two Greek words. “热情”这个词由希腊的两个词语组合而成。

45、Yet again, in these two phrases the word consubstantial appears in different senses; 再次,在这两个词组的字出现在同质不同的感觉;

46、What jumped out at me immediately were the words time and world, in both wordles. 在两幅文字云中,首先映入我眼帘的都是“时间”和“世界”两个单词。

47、There are two words that are absolutely necessary for you to understand if you want to become a new person: confession and repentance. 你要想成为一个新造的人,有两个词你必须领会,这两个词是:认罪和悔改。

48、It's two words, Mitakuye Oyasin. 是两个词,“迷塔亚,欧亚森“

49、Tech Review explains: There are 1-grams for one-letter words, 2-grams for two-letter words and so on. 《技术评论》杂志解释称:单个字母的单词有1个字尾,两个字母的单词有2个字尾,以此类推。

50、Listen and read twice for each word. 听并把每个词读两遍。


51、The middle two characters can be anything, but there can be only two of them. 中间两个字符可以是任何字符,但是只能是由两个字符组成。

52、  比如以下两个词汇 as sharp as a razor adv。

53、Please remember, general synonyms will be two words have an intermediate word repetition. 请大家记住,一般近义词都会是两个词中间有一个字重复。

54、There are two areas where vowels are reduced. One is inside words that have two or more syllables. 元音弱读有两方面内容:一是有两个或两个以上音节的单词;

55、The etymologies of the words are interesting. 这两个词的词源也很有趣。

56、The three nouns followed by any of the two verbs followed by any of the three nouns. 名词后接两个动词中的任何一个,动词后再接三个名词中的任何一个

57、asked the young girl. 年轻姑娘把那两个字念道了两遍,“自由干吗?”

58、Achieving constant top ratings for two-word or three-word search strings is a more realistic goal. 实现单词搜索字符串常量最高评价的两个词或三是比拟事实的目标。

59、This term is composed of two originally irrelavent words: Shi (marketplace) and Jing (well). “市井”一词,是由两个原本没有关系的字组合而成。

60、We read in two ways: a new or unknown word is spelled out letter by letter . 我们阅读的方法有两种:新的或不认识的词要一个个字母拼出来。

61、The two words are identical in meaning. 这两个字的字义完全一样。

62、Here Mr. Ephraim Chambers was abbreviating two words camera obscura which is Latin for “darkened room.” 在这里,他使用了两个字的词汇camera obscura来表示,这两个词在拉丁语里“黑暗的屋子”的缩写。

63、No dashes, and no more than two words in the domain if appropriate. 不要用横杠(—),尽量不要超过两个两个词的组合。

64、Both the word continent and incontinent have a similar etymology and share their root with the words contain and continuous. continent 和incontinent 两个词有相似的词源,他们的词根还和contain 和continuous两个词相同。

65、“Sire?” he asked in his light voice. “陛下?” 他轻声地问道,在他词典中就没有急噪两个字。

66、Orthographically a compound can be written as one word, two separate words with or without a hyphen in between. 在拼写上,一个复合词既可以写成一个词,也可以写成两个词,中间有没有连字符都可以。

67、Word having a two character made up of, everybody is panic-struck , this two characters are along reading everybody's love but being read? 有一个两字组成的词,顺念人人爱吃,倒念人人胆战心惊,这两个字是?。

68、In two words: weight creep . 两个词:重量蠕变。

69、G. R. you see: which are the first two letters of green. 你知道,G 和R恰好是绿色一词的头两个字母。

70、These two words don't go together. 这两个词搭配不当。

71、The two forms are interchangeable. 这两个单词是可互换的。


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