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关于”锻炼的好处句子“的英语句子3个,句子主体:Benefits of exercise。以下是关于锻炼的好处句子的初中英语句子。

英文句子模板1:Benefits of exercise

1、Therefore, an enhanced focus on cardiorespiratory elements may give effects that are more beneficial from the exercise programs. 因此,更加注重心肺锻炼可能会是锻炼方案效果更好。

2、Well, I gue it's good excercise. 哦,你想这是很好的锻炼。

3、There are many benefits offered by water work-outs. 水上锻炼有很多好处。

4、Physical training is good, but training for godliness is much better, promising benefits in this life and in the life to come. 锻炼身体固然是好事,但是我们以老天爷的名义去锻炼会更好,并且期待着此生和来生都受益匪浅。

5、"People should keep exercising because that has a lot of benefits," Ekblom-Bak said. 艾克布洛姆-巴克说:“人们应该坚持锻炼,因为锻炼身体益处多多。

6、什么是锻炼?-------跑步是锻炼。 What is exercise?-----Running is exercise.

7、Difficulties strengthen the mind, an labor does the body. 劳动锻炼身体,困难锻炼意志。

8、Exercise instructors instruct struggling exercisers to exercise stronger. 锻炼辅导员教导挣扎中的锻炼者加强锻炼。

9、Exercise is a fantastic habit tohave! 锻炼是一个很好的习惯!

10、Sports do a lot of good to our health. So I have been doing exercise since I was young. 运动对健体强身大有好处,因此我从年轻时就开始锻炼了。

11、I really believe in good exercise. That's why I like to walk all the time. 我也相信锻炼对人有好处。那就是我总喜欢散步的原因。

12、Good food, good exercise and good habits. 饭食合理,积极锻炼,再加上良好的习惯。

13、I recommend either placing your workout before you shower and get ready in the morning or place your shower after the workout. 我建议你把锻炼安排在锻炼之前,并在早晨的时候就准备好用品或者安排在锻炼之后。

14、If you are prone to cramping during exercising, it is best to stretch before and after the activity. 如果你在锻炼的时候出现抽筋的状况,那么你最好在锻炼开始前和锻炼后进行抻拉活动。

15、Enough exercise is good for health. 足够的锻炼对键康有好处。

16、I love this part of the city because you get a good workout, 我喜欢城市的这一部分,因为这儿有锻炼的好去处,

17、Latin exercises ministry of the waist, coxa to have profit particularly to the female. 拉丁对女性锻炼腰部、髋部特别有好处。

18、The latter is one of the benefits Dr. Segar offers through the program she developed called Essential Steps. Segar博士提出的通过锻炼带来的好处,指的就是上述情况。 她称之为“坚持锻炼的必需阶段”。

19、Difficulties strengthen the mind, as labour does the boby. 劳动锻炼身体,困难锻炼意志。

20、So I feel like going to the gym and exercising. 所以我想去健身房锻炼锻炼。

21、The advantage of exercising every day is that you die healthier. 每天锻炼的好处是你能够更健康的死去。

22、He exercised and his health gradually improved. 他进行锻炼,身体慢慢好了起来。

23、Do exercise, participate in cultural activities, so can ease emotional fluctuations, better handle interpersonal relationships. 坚持锻炼身体,参加文体活动,这样可以缓解情绪上的波动,较好地处理好人际关系。

24、I'm not a great believer in (taking) regular physical exercise. 我对经常锻炼身体的好处有点怀疑.

25、Exercising is helpful to your bady.锻炼对你的身体有好处。


26、A sport affording good exercise; 使人获得良好锻炼的运动;

27、Duanlian Duanlian by Zhao Shuli is a complicated version, full of tension. 《锻炼锻炼》是一个充满紧张的复杂文本。

28、“Something is always better than nothing,” Spang said. 斯潘说:“有锻炼总是比没有好。”

29、Do exercises and keep your muscles strong. 锻炼锻炼,使你的肌肉强壮起来。

30、You should excercise more and get in shape. 你应该多锻炼以保持好身材。

31、The days you don’t feel like exercising, are often your best days. 那些你不太想去锻炼的日子, 可能就是最适合锻炼的日子.

32、"People should keep exercising because that has a lot of benefits, " Ekblom-Bak said. 艾克布洛姆-巴克说:“人们应该坚持锻炼,因为锻炼身体益处多多。

33、锻炼自己 training oneself; 不断地锻炼他自己 to keep training himself; 他为了明天的成功,在不断地锻炼着自己中的"锻炼". "train"

34、Third, grasps is engaged in the physical training the practical technique, forms gradually participates in the exercise frequently the good custom. 掌握从事体育锻炼的实用技法,逐步形成经常参加锻炼的良好习惯。

35、It also induces the exercises group engendering, exercises group actions, exercises motives, exercises effect, factors influencing exercises behavior. 着重归纳秧歌锻炼群体的形成、群体活动、锻炼动机、锻炼效果、以及锻炼行为的影响因素。

36、Exercise always lowers blood sugar Generally, exercise will lower blood sugar and it’s best to prepare for exercise by eating before you start out. 锻炼总会降低血糖。 通常情况下锻炼能降低血糖,而且开始锻炼前最好先吃点东西做准备。

37、Her nice figure is due to regular work-out. 她良好的体态是经常锻炼的结果。

38、The vital capacity, strength, flexibility and agility of exercisers were better than no exercisers . 经常锻炼者的心肺功能、力量、灵敏性和柔韧性好于不锻炼者;

39、Exercise. Be physically active by doing something you enjoy, that way you will be experiencing double benefit. 锻炼。积极锻炼身体,做你喜欢做的事情,这样你就可以收获双重好处。 痷。

40、The benefit is that these hours tend to be devoid of time-sensitive commitments. 这个时间锻炼的好处是没有过多时间敏感的工作任务。

41、I trained well for this golden opportunity. 为这次黄金机会,我锻炼的多好.

42、It is suggested that ETAI might be taken as a better index to evaluate and predict the level or effect of heat training during training period. 因此,锻炼期间ETAI的大小是预测耐热锻炼效果的一个较好指标。

43、Exercising is helpful to your bady 锻炼对你的身体有好处

44、l4 Is it right to move around and do some exercises? 可以在地上走走,锻炼锻炼吗?

45、The last thing you need complicating your workout is a cramp or fatigue, so drinking water before, during, and after your workout for best results. 疲劳是锻炼中最后一个困扰你的事情,所以,在锻炼前、锻炼的时候以及锻炼后适当补充水分是非常必要的。

46、他能锻炼你的身体 He can exercise your body. 他能锻炼你的身体 He can exercise your body.

47、This kind of exercise's advantage - is: May change muscle's flaccid condition, appears healthier in the contour. 这种锻炼的好处之―是:可以改变肌肉的松弛状态,在外形上显得更健美。

48、There’s no intrinsic benefit in lifting a weight up and down —the benefit comes from the muscle growth. 把杠铃举起放下并没有本质上的好处,这好处产生在你的肌肉得到的锻炼上。

49、Along with healthy heart benefits, hula hooping offers a great workout for your abdominal core. 伴随着对心脏健康的好处,呼啦圈为您的腹部提供了很大的锻炼机会。

50、you know, back arms, the whole nine. 锻炼三头肌,锻炼全身。


51、Swimming to east, swimming to west, take exercise make healthy! 东游游,西游游,锻炼锻炼身体好!

52、Hit the gym and get in shape! 那就去妊体育馆锻炼,保持你的好身材。

53、Exercise increases your overall health and your sense of well-being, which puts more pep in your steps every day. But exercise also has some direct stress-busting benefits. 锻炼提高你的整体健康值和良好状态感,这样让你每天走路更有活力。另外,锻炼会带来直接的消除压力的好处。

54、The more you exercise, the more you build the habit. 你锻炼地越多, 你锻炼的习惯就越深.

55、Like other sports, horseback riding offers the physical benefits of exercise. 像其他运动一样,骑马可以为骑马人带来锻炼身体的好处。

56、Bicep curls are an example of an isolation lift — only the elbow joint is involved. 二头肌训练就是一个很好的单项举重锻炼的例子——该锻炼只涵盖了肘关节。

57、Exception: workout and post-workout drinks and meals. 例外情况是,锻炼时和锻炼后的饮料和肉类。

58、Good taste, guaranteed to drink after exercise to help restore your muscles the next P90X workout. 好味道,锻炼后喝的保证,以帮助你的肌肉恢复的下一个P90X锻炼。

59、Therefore, by taking part in yoga together, you will be gaining all of the benefits of yoga plus you will be enriching your relationship in the process. 因而,通过一起锻炼瑜伽,你不仅获取了锻炼瑜伽的所有好处,同时在这一过程中也将促进你们之间的情感。

60、Handcycling is good for exercise and staying in shape. Handcycling是很好的锻炼和保持体形。

61、“If ever exercise enthusiasts wanted a rationale for what they’re doing, this should be it, ” Dr. Kessler says. “如果锻炼爱好者想为锻炼要个理由,那么应该就是它,”凯斯勒博士说道。

62、Direct comparison with exercise is difficult, but Berk estimates the physiological benefits were equivalent to those of a moderate 20-minute workout. 将它直接与锻炼相比较是困难的,但是伯克估计生理益处是等效的适度的20分钟的锻炼。

63、Adversity is a good disciple. 逆境是锻炼人的最好场所。


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