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关于”问天气“的英语句子34个,句子主体:Ask about the weather.。以下是关于问天气的xx年级英语句子。

英文句子模板1:Ask about the weather.

新的设备和空气过滤器已经上市。 雾霾天气时,有的学校甚至提供网上授课来应对这一问题。

1、New devices and air filters have hit markets and certain schools are offering tuitions through the Internet during hazy days to deal with the problem.


2、It says these problems are made even more difficult by the sweltering summer heat.


3、In many engineering such as oil-gas exploitation, coalbed methane exploitation and extraction, there always occurs gas-liquid two-phase flow through a fracture.


4、I inquired politely.


5、It is mainly studied and solved how to get the optical configuration of the gross production of the gas field consisting of the subentry productions in the gas-developing program.


6、To be a good weatherman, You will need to answer the questions about the weather.


7、The accumulation of liquid impose an additional back pressure on the formation, which can restrict well productivity. The conflict is more serious for shallow gas reservoir.


8、If the weather is no problem, these members will arrive the afternoon of Dokdo.


9、My guess is that the answer is not in the skies, but more likely related to a precarious gas line.


10、A separate set of experts will look at weather and air-traffic control issues.


11、Study on the sustainable development strategy in Sichuan and Chongqing area, the main gas production area in China, has vital importance.


12、The uncertain weather delayed his departure. But the reporter did visit him finally.

13、Yesterday, my father asked me a question angrily. 再看看别人怎么说的。



12 : They say there'll be a snow-storm tonight, and the cold weather will last quite a few days.



15、Her father would ask, “Any luck today, Lill?


16、When weather changes or physical discomfort will ask people whether they feel hot, show the utmost solicitude.


17、One umes this is a daily ritual for Trump, but today there were more cameras than usual.


18、The second West-to-East gas pipeline, as the first long-distance cross-country gas pipeline in China, will face severe challenge of peak-shaving and emergency gas supply.


19、So when one irate customer stomp3ed my desk, I responded in my calmest voice, "What's the trouble?"


20、Do angry life, Gas big liver and kidney injury. Harmony to make friends, End of the World was asked.

21、Since it's controlled by the weather, it will be a matter of luck whether the bad air periods correspond with days of outdoor Olympic events.自从污染物被天气控制以后 问题的关键就是劣质空气的周期是否与户外奥运会项目的那几天相一致.

22、The question about the source of shallow gas accumulation with normal pressure in Yinghuang formation is a key to gas exploration and geological research.莺黄组浅层常压气藏的烃源问题,是本区天然气勘探及石油地质研究中所必须搞清的重大问题之

23、At the Reading competition, one interrogator asked the same question of a number of hidden entities: What did they think about the weather that morning?在Reading 竞赛中,一位审问者问了含有大量隐藏实体的同样问题:他们认为那天早上的天气怎么样?

24、Astronomy is the study of the universe beyond the earth's atmosphere. The main branches are astrometry , celestial mechanics, and astrophysics.天文学是地球大气层之上宇宙的学问,其主要分支是天体测量,天体力学和天体物理。

25、No supplementary cl in case of cl cancellation due to weather condition or personal unavailability.如因天气或个人问题而取消或缺席之课堂,一律不作补堂。

英文句子26:,26、You've been plaguing me with such silly questions all day!你这一天净用这样傻里傻气的问题来折腾我!

27、He is always asking silly questions.她总是问傻里傻气的问题。

28、But the major issue of the three-day meeting was climate change.但在为期三天的八国集团峰会所讨论的最主要问题是气候变化。

29、The sources of the Lower Paleozoic natural gases in central gas field in Erdos are an important problem that has not been resolved by now.鄂尔多斯中部气田下古生界天然气藏的气源是目前尚未解决的重要问题。

30、Many questions will be solved when natural gas market diverts from west to east and natural gas is imported to southeast coastland.当天然气市场从西部走向东部,进口天然气到达东南沿海地区,许多问题可以得到解决。

31、Show the history pages visited "ever", "last_two_days", "last_three_days", "today".显示“曾经”访问过的、“近两天”访问过的、“近三天”访问过的、“今天”访问过的历史页面。

32、Her father would ask, "Any luck today, Lill ?"&nb. &nb.父亲总是问:“今天运气怎么样,莉儿?”

33、“You are breathing out?” he asked a visitor dryly.他直接干巴巴地问一名参观者:“你每天都呼气吗?

34、It was unveiled on Tuesday as a 21st century solution to an age-old problem - the British weather.作为英国古老问题之一----天气问题的21实际的解决方案,它在周二亮相。

35、“My daughter is thriving,” he says, carefully. “But I think about it every day.”“我的女儿朝气蓬勃,”他小心翼翼地说:“不过我每天都在考虑这个问题。”

36、The rocket carrying the satellite lifted off from Tanegashima Space Center in southern Japan early Friday afternoon, following a one-day weather delay.由于之前的天气问题,运载火箭延迟一天于周五下午在南日本的种子岛航天中心将卫星送入太空。

37、Butterflies, flying around Della, said, "Can you smell the spring in the air?蝴蝶围着黛拉飞转,亲切地问候黛拉:“你能感觉到空气中到处弥漫着春天的气息吗?”

38、When the hot weather hits many people decide to go to the beaches and to cabins by lakes.当炎热的天气访问许多人决定去海滩和舱房的湖泊。

39、"What is the weather like today?" I ask a girl named Liu Yuezhang.我问一个叫刘乐章(Liu Yuezhang)的女生“今天天气怎么样?”

40、We followed this by a visit to the Tianjin Climate Exchange, and then had a lunch hosted by the Vice Mayor of Tianjin, Li Wenxi.随后我们访问了天津气候交易所,然后参加了天津副市长李文喜主持的午餐会。

41、The chief of Ukraine's gas firm Naftohaz says talks on resolving the dispute with Russia on natural gas deliveries will resume Thursday.乌克兰天然气公司总裁称将于周四与俄继续讨论天然气运输问题。

42、I think problems can arise from the fact that a child happens to be born with a difficult temperament.我认为问题可能缘于孩子碰巧天生就有“难对付”的脾气。

43、The question then becomes, what’s behind all this extreme weather?那么,问题成了什么是所有这些极端天气背后的推手?

44、One of available approach to solve above problems is to develop Nature Gas Vehicle (NGV).其中,发展天然气汽车(NGV)就是解决以上问题的有效途径之

45、Easy, go and visit Xianlin in Winter. You will find it out by yourself!请问各位住在仙林的筒子,冬天是否会闻到化工厂的气味?

46、First of all there’s often contractual regulatory issues related to the utilization of this gas.首先,我们经常遇到与使用这种天然气有关的合同规定的问题。

47、The study shows: (该问题的研究说明:①靖边气田含硫天然气生成过程始终受地层水控制;

1) the generation of sulphur-bearing gas is controlled by the formation water;

48、In accordance with existing problems in operation, siting of gas pressure regulating station and type selection of regulator are discussed.分析了置换天然气前调压站现状及存在的问题,介绍了置换天然气中调压站的技术改造方案。

49、Discussion is made on the technological problems in CNG fueling station, including metering, compression and dehydration, gas storage and high pressure pipeline.探讨了压缩天然气加气站计量、压缩及脱水、储气、高压管道方面的技术问题。

50、As a fuel the problem of peak regulation and gas storage has to be resolved.由于天然气用作燃料,就存在着需要解决储气调峰问题。

经典英文句子51:问天气,51、We followed this by a visit to the Tianjin Climate Exchange and then had a lunch hosted by the Vice Mayor of Tianjin Li Wenxi.随后我们访问了天津气候交易所,然后参加了天津副市长李文喜主持的午餐会。

52、So when one irate customer stormed my desk, I responded in my calmest voice, "What's the trouble?所以,有一天当一个生气的顾客气冲冲地来到我的工作台时,我还是非常平静地问她,“有什么问题吗?”

53、Firstly, this article is reviewed the serious problems caused by real gas effects and spacecraft aerodynamics during the reentry of a spacecraft.首先介绍了航天器再入飞行中遇到的真实气体效应问题及其对航天器气动特性所产生的影响。

54、Ask about the weather, the difficulty of finding your offices, or how they found out about your position.问问他们天气、找你的办公室难不难,或者他们又是怎么知道这个职位的招聘信息的。

55、The stability of the non-linear computation is important in numerical weather prediction.非线性计算稳定性是数值天气预报中的一个重要问题。

56、I saw the weather forecast, and I'm worried about the wind drag. But it should be fun.我看了天气预报,蛮担心风阻的问题。不过比赛应该还蛮好玩的。

57、The weather had exacerbated another problem by now: mildew, oidium and……snails.到现在,天气加剧了另一个问题:霉菌,粉泡菌和……蜗牛。

58、One focus of Nikai's talks will be economic issues, including gas development in a disputed area of the East China Sea.二阶俊博的谈话将会集中在经济问题上,包括东海的天然气开发问题。

59、Onlookers curious about a little boy asked: "grandfather, how can a black balloon you?"围观的一个小男孩好奇地问:“老爷爷,怎么黑色的气球也能飞上天呀?”

60、This morning, over twenty Australian middle school students came to our school for a visit.今天是二○○xx年xx月xx日,星期天,天气晴朗。 由二十多名澳大利亚中学生组成的访问团来你校参观。

61、He had always had a bit of a temper, but one morning he asked if I had an "ink pen."他变得容易发脾气。一天早上他问我有没有“墨水笔”。

62、Thus, safety of over 500 km high-pressure long-distance mains in Shanghai now is of the most importance .天然气高压输气管道已形成总长500多公里的上海天然气主干网,安全问题首当其冲。

63、There is no doubt that there will be a long spell of fine weather in this region.毫无疑问,本地区晴好的天气将持续很长一段时间。

64、When people are hijacked by their anger, I ask them: What process do you have (in the moment) for dealing with negative emotions like anger?每当人们怒气冲天时,我都会问他们一个问题:你此刻应该如何控制像生气这样的负面情绪?

65、The planned six-hour visit, cut in half because of bad weather.这次访问原计划六个小时,由于天气原因缩短了一半。

66、Red jujube rot in the rainy weather has already became the key question influencing people's wealthy in production areas of jujube.阴雨天气造成的枣果腐烂问题已成为枣区不能彻底脱贫的关键问题。

67、In the next hundred days, I will strongly consider losing my cool. (Laughter.)(笑声)在下个一百天里,我会非常认真地考虑沉不住气的问题。

68、Seeing this, Lily gathered her courage and asked him what had been tormenting her all last night.于是,莉莉鼓起勇气向男孩发问。这问题前一天晚上已令她饱受煎熬。

69、Josh Fox, who directed the 2010 documentary Gasland (much challenged by the gas industry), says that the health risks of fracking include brain damage, respiratory problems, and cancer.《2010天然气之地》纪录片的导演Josh Fox(一个极端反感天然气产业的人)表示天然气会影响人类健康,包括大脑损坏、呼吸道问题和癌症。


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