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关于”非常浪漫的句子“的英语句子4个,句子主体:A very romantic sentence。以下是关于非常浪漫的句子的高三英语句子。

英文句子模板1:A very romantic sentence

1、To them it offers a romantic appeal, usually symbolized by some dashing and charismatic figure. 对他们来说,这种策略具有浪漫的吸引力,通常以某位魅力非凡且令人振奋的人物为其象征。

2、The very name conjures up images of romance, style, beauty and culture. 非常形象的名字让人想起了浪漫,时尚,美容和文化。

3、Romantic jealousy: Dr. Hupka and many others believe that romantic jealousy is probably the most frequently experienced type of normal jealousy. 浪漫嫉妒: Hupka博士和其他许多人相信浪漫嫉妒可能是正常嫉妒中最常被碰到的一种。

4、And always dreaming of romantic relationship. 还有,你常常朣憬著一段浪漫的恋情。

5、This window of fun and frivolity is also fabulous time for love affairs and romance. 这个轻松的时刻也非常适合爱情和浪漫。

6、Washing face with milk everyday is wasteful. 如果我们从中文上转换一下,“天天用牛奶洗脸是浪费的。”跟上句话意思是一样的。“浪费的”这个单词wasteful高中生是非常熟悉的。

7、We tend to use terms like ‘a-romantic’, ‘bi-romantic’ and ‘hetero-romantic’. 我们喜欢用“A-浪漫”,“ B-浪漫”或“异性浪漫”等词。

8、The most romantic song ever was "The Way We Were. "" 我会认为 最浪漫的曲子是“俏郞君”

9、The writer holds that these rhetoric styles are very typical in modern articles on fashionble column. 通过以上三种修辞策略,专栏作者把日常现实表现得非常艺术化、浪漫化、陌生化。

10、To love oneself is the beginning of a lifelong romance. 想浪漫一辈子,首先学会爱自己。 自己。

11、Write a love letter is romantic, send 99 roses is romantic, brush table and dunk tea is also romantic. 写情书是一种浪漫,送99朵玫瑰是一种浪漫,擦桌子送药也是一种浪漫。

12、Our ideas about farming – if we had any – can be highly romanticized and sanitized. 如果我们对农场有任何幻想,绝对是非常浪漫而且经过消毒的。

13、Someone once told me that every romantic relationship in our lives will fail until one doesn’t. 有人曾跟我说每一段浪漫的恋情终将化为泡影,除非它不浪漫。

14、Soon, they are swept up in a pionate, thrilling and unorthodox romance. 不久,他们席卷了热情,感动和非正统的浪漫。

15、Mock epic, romance, satire and epigram were popular forms adopted by poets of the time. 僧侣史诗,浪漫主义,讽刺和警句成为被那个时代的诗人所普遍采用的形式。

16、Music makes one feel so romantic-at least it always gets on one's nerves, which is the same thing nowadays. 音乐让人感到熏染非常浪漫,起码让人感到熏染没有安,目下现古二者是一回事。

17、Leaving romance aside however, from what I know, Chengdu itselfseems like a really nice place to live; 暂且不说浪漫的事儿,据我所知,成都是一个非常不错的居住地;

18、I also mentioned romance. To me, romance is simply demonstrating toa woman that this whole encounter and 'relationship' with her is meaningful. 我经常说到浪漫。对我来说,向一个女人表达浪漫是很简单的。邂逅以及和她的“关系”是有意义的。

19、Campus love are extremely romantic, about the love, what we need to pay attention to ? 校园爱情非常浪漫,关于爱情,我们需要注意什么?

20、I am very romantic, still the old fashion and my age does not hinder that alive I the life. 我是非常浪漫的,仍然老时尚,并且我的年龄不妨害活I生。

21、I am workaholic, very romantic an really emotional. 我是个工作狂,但是我也非常浪漫,易动感情。

22、It can endow his daily experience with a kind of romance. 这让他的日常经历富有浪漫色彩。

23、Jo had never tried this style before, contenting herself with very mild romances for _The Spread Eagle_. 乔以前从未写过这种风格的东西,为《展翼鹰》报写这种非常柔和的浪漫传奇,她洋洋自得。

24、That's romance. That's romantic love. 这就是浪漫,浪漫式爱情。

25、DVD players are not romantic unless they're playing Sleepless In Seattle. DVD播放机也不浪漫,除非它在播《西雅图的不眠夜》。


26、Another outdoors type of date that is very romantic for V-day is Horseback Riding. 除了划船,骑马也是非常浪漫的情人节活动。

27、And the men are very romantic, Rita. You could live here nicely. 而且男人非常浪漫,丽塔,你可以在那里生活得很好。

28、To the romantic forest? 到浪漫的森林?

29、It's also just a very good adventure that takes place in a time that tends to get romanticised. 这也发生在一个浪漫时间的非常好的历险故事。

30、They are, instead, deeply impractical romantics. 相反,他们是非常不切实际的浪漫派。

31、She went through nine complete drafts of the thousand-page work, setting an epic romance against the Civil War background she knew so well. 她对部千余页的作品九易其稿。这个浪漫故事以她非常熟悉的内战为背景。

32、I love snowy, because it is very very romantic. 我最喜欢下雪天,因为非常浪漫。

33、What a strange ultimatum that is, at once romantic in the drama of its request and fiercely anti-romantic in the spitefulness of its threat. 不寻常的最后通牒,它既是按戏剧安排那样的浪漫,又是源于对仇恨强烈恐惧的不浪漫。

34、Even after the Israelites will settle in their own land, the life of the desert pastoralist remained a sort of romantic ideal for them. 甚至在以色列人安定以后,依旧认为,那种游牧式的生活,是非常浪漫的。

35、Everyone thinks it's so romantic. Romeo and Juliet, true love, how sad. 每个人都觉得那非常浪漫,罗密欧与茱莉叶,真爱,多感人!

36、Doré has often been called the last of the Romantics. 多雷常常被人称为最后的浪漫派画家。

37、Romanticists are divided into two different schools:the active one and the pive one and each has different characteristics. 浪漫主义诗人分为两大流派:积极浪漫主义诗人和消极浪漫主义诗人。

38、The whole thing's structurally fine." 句子结构非常完整"

39、Rosalind: I"ve just seen an absolutely wonderful movie, so romantic." 罗莎琳:我刚刚看了一部非常好看的电影,非常浪漫。

40、The artificial lake has a very romantic name, "Mandarin Duck Lake", and the small islet is named "Lovers' islet". 人工湖被一个小岛分成了两部分,于是湖和岛都有个非常浪漫的名字:鸳鸯湖,情人岛。

41、As far as hair goes, Jess rocks some romantic, soft and totally gorgeous waves. 至于头发,杰茜浪漫柔软的卷发非常美丽。

42、Gothic novels usually describe romantic adventures in mysterious or frightening settings. 小说 通常描述有神秘或恐怖气氛的浪漫故事。

43、Romantic needs to create, seeks desirably romantic also becomes is not romantic. 浪漫需要创造,刻意去寻求的浪漫也就变得不浪漫了。

44、Have your companions days, even ordinary also romantic! 氕羭有你相伴的日子,即使平凡也浪漫!

45、Watery colors, such as sea-greens, light blues and yellows create the perfect atmosphere for you. 海绿、淡蓝和淡黄这些颜色也非常适合你营造浪漫的氛围。

46、Kim's Note: This is a clic, romantic, movie sentence. Long-lost lovers always use this sentence when they are reunited. 这是句经典、浪漫的电影台词。久别重逢的恋人们总是在见面的时候说这句话。

47、The outdoor fireplace makes for a very romantic place to entertain. Perfect for Santa Barbara indoor / outdoor living. 户外壁炉是非常浪漫的待客地方。 圣巴巴拉的室内/户外生活的完美住居。

48、Its subjects are often romantic; especially prent are tales of heartbreak and sadness. 通常主题都是关于浪漫,特别是悲伤的感情。

49、Puppies are romantic. 小狗是浪漫的。

50、Do you love green?The romance of Green is romance of life. I wish all your romantic tours will keep prime. 你热爱绿色吗?绿色的浪漫是生命的浪漫,愿您的浪漫之旅永保青春。


51、He got 'Winona Forever' tattooed on his right shoulder in a grand romantic gesture. 他还做了一件非常浪漫的事,把“永远的薇诺娜”纹在他的右臂上。

52、This is a new vid where Keanu Reeves is very romantic in his movies. 这是一个新的共有那里基努里维斯,是非常浪漫在他的电影。

53、May: I love snowy, because it is very romantic. 阿美: 我最喜欢下雪天,因为非常的浪漫。

54、A relationship being ‘dull’ was the most commonly picked answer, with lack of fun, lack of conversation and lack of romance also scoring highly. “两人关系愈发的无趣”是出现频率最高的回答,同时诸如没意思了、缺乏沟通、不浪漫了也是常常非常频繁被提及的。

55、Pisceans are fairly free-flowing people. 双鱼座是非常自由散漫的人。

56、Wish Ruhul to be a great and happy father! 祝咪噜在加拿大浪漫浪漫!新年快乐!

57、Alternatively you could underline a section and say something romantic based on what the book is about, depending on the book of course. 你也可以划出一些句子或者在页边写些浪漫的话,当然,要根据这本书的内容而定。

58、Background music is romantic, and note the word "background," because not just any music is romantic. 背景音乐很浪漫,注意是“背景”,并非所有音乐都浪漫。

59、The centrepiece is a detailed, romanticised version of Miyazaki’s study, overflowing with models and books. 中间是宫崎骏书房的翻本,非常细节化,并且很浪漫,里面充斥着各种各样的关宫崎图书和模型。

60、We found Bonne Nuit Paris charming, laid-back, accomodating and very romantic. 我们觉得巴黎晚安酒店十分迷人,悠闲,舒适也非常浪漫。

61、The igloos are adorable and incredibly romantic. 这里的玻璃房非但可爱而且是难以置信的浪漫。

62、Even today, romantic lore commonly identifies chocolate as an aphrodisiac. 浪漫的民间传说通常认为巧克力是一种催情剂。

63、Romance also means routine maintenance. 浪漫也意谓着你要经常对她进行维护。

64、Y. -based trade group. Any non- romantic cards stick to humor between friends. 送给朋友的非浪漫卡片还是以幽默搞笑为主。

65、Sheldon, bothered by Amy's insinuations, began to prove to her that he is romantic. 'If you want romance, then let's have romance, ' Sheldon said. 谢尔顿被艾米讽刺,开始向她证明他是浪漫的。“如果你想要浪漫,我们就来浪漫吧。”谢尔顿说。

66、For Love & Peace, in Electronica we Trust. 我想你一定懂得,电子的浪漫与绚烂。

67、It was her first exploration outside China, and she called it 'a great trip' filled with romance and water sports. 这是她第一次出国游,她称这次旅游“非常棒”,浪漫节目与水上运动多多。

68、He must have loved her very much. 他一定非常地爱她。对比一下浪漫惊喜简谱。

69、Romantic. 真不愧是浪漫派。

70、Some people said that it indicated the transition from clicism to romanticism, but strange enough, I often take it as a piece of romanticism. 或曰是作示古典主义往浪漫主义之转变,余常以之为浪漫主义之作,亦奇矣。

71、The outdoor fireplace makes for a very romantic place to entertain. 户外壁炉是非常浪漫的待客地方。

72、Chopin: Prince of the Romantics . By Adam Zamoyski. 《肖邦:浪漫王子》 亚当·泽莫伊斯基。

73、Sentence fragments, only for the dream of the green spring, just as the old romance. 断章残句,只为梦里的绿树春风,只为旧日的浪漫温存。

74、Plum should be one element of a very Chinese, Looking for Plum in snow ---- I did not expect ancients really super-romantic! 梅花应该是非常中国的元素之一,踏雪寻梅——没想到古人真的超浪漫的!

75、my romantic beard! 我这浪漫派的络腮胡子!


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