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关于”文言句子“的英语句子2个,句子主体:Clical Chinese sentence。以下是关于文言句子的初中英语句子。

英文句子模板1:Clical Chinese sentence

1、This is Bacon's famous saying, but I now need to use the English version, hope heroes can give the well-known saying of the English original content. 这是培根的一句名言,但笔者现在急需使用其英文版,望各路英雄能给出该句名言的英文原版内容。

2、With regard to syntactic features, we use the Mean Length Utterance (MLU) to measure the child's language ability. 就「句法特徵」而言,我们使用「语句平均句长」(MLU)来呈现儿童语言发展的程度。

3、A refute mirrors every ert. eg refute_empty ary 每一句断言提供了相反的镜像语句,如refute_empty ary

4、The study of the English identifying clause has aroused much interest since the 1960s, and the discussion on this type of clause is still going on. 本文阐述了小句的结构、类型和格分配,探讨了英汉小句的差异,认为小句的结构特点体现了语言学经济原则 的运用。

5、But in Chinese traditional culture, we have a saying: 'a woman without talent is virtuous'. 但是在中国的传统文化中却有句名言'女子无才便是德'。

6、His recommendation letter is full of justified statements. 建议书可以说是句句昌言呀!

7、This thesis intends to find out how culture underlies and influences language, by a study on Japanese and Korean idioms of human body. 本论文试图通过日·韩两国语中有关身体词汇惯用句的对比研究,去发现隐藏在语言背后的文化因素对语言的影响。

8、As a kind of language phenomenon and sentence pattern, pives are always concern of linguists . 被动句作为一种语言现象,一种句式,一直是语言学家们关注的对象。

9、This article focuses on the language forms influencing self sufficiency of noun predicated sentences. 本文采用删除法,探讨影响名词谓语句自足的语言形式。

10、It was crazy-four different languages in that silly sentence! 这个可笑的句子里居然有四种语言。

11、The dictum that the style is the man is known to most of us. 文如其人,这句名言是我们大多数人都熟悉的。

12、"Given a language, define a represention for its grammar along with an interpreter that uses the representation to interpret sentences in the language. " -GoF. 给定一个语言,定义其文法的一种表示,并定义一个解释器,这个解释器使用该表示来解释语言中的句子。

13、Each sentence of the document was taken as an ertion, and the document was taken as an ertion stream. The semantics of the document was observed by coalgebra methods. 将文档的每一句看作一个断言,并动态地将文档理解为一个断言流,从而利用余代数方法对文档的语义进行观察。

14、I never heard her speak one word of anger, of calumny, or of idle gossip; 我从来没有听见她说过一句过火的话,一句谗言,或者一句闲言;

15、I never heard her speak one word of anger, of calumny , or of idle gossip; 我从来没有听见她说过一句过火的话,一句谗言,或者一句閒言;

16、And for soldiers who don’t have time for language training, there’s the Phraselator – a handheld device that translates English phrases into other languages. 对于没时间接受语言训练的士兵,有“词句翻译机”,一种可将英文句子翻译成其他语言的手持装置。

17、This essay tries to state the language style of Han Yu's prose from three aspects: the design of the structures, the use of rhetoric and the polish of language. 本文试从句式的设计,修辞手法的运用及语言的锤炼三方面入手,阐述韩愈散文的语言风格。

18、The DDL (Data Definition Language) statements throughout this article are provided as a sample. 全文提供了示例 DDL (数据定义语言)语句。

19、A: What does this proverb mean? 这句格言是什么意思?

20、In theory, an algorithm of enumerating sentences of CFG is presented. 在理论方面,提出了一个上下文无关语言句子枚举算法。

21、I love you with all my heart. 美丽的英文句子:

22、The six-character couplet was developed on the basis of absorbing syntax of elegies of Chu, and turned out to be an important component of parallel prose. 六言对句是辞赋在吸取楚辞句法基础上发展而成的,是骈文的重要构件。

23、We copy sentences from the text. 我们抄写课文里的句子。

24、He had a sign on his desk: The Buck Stops Here. 他的桌子上有句名言。责任止于此。

25、In other words, a translator unlocks the prison of language, as Ms. Lesser said, and helps a text break free of its limited original language, culture, and audience. 换句话说,翻译就如同莱塞尔女士所说,打开语言的囚牢,将文本从其原文语言,文化,和观众的禁锢中释放出来。


26、Since both languages differ in cultural psychology, some CPS is translated into Japanese active sentences. 汉日语言文化心理存在差异,有些汉语“被”字句须译为日语主动句。

27、Knowing a language includes knowing what sentences are appropriate in a particular situation. That is to say, language use is situational, or context dependent. 懂得一门语言还包括懂得哪些句子在某种场合中使用是恰当的,这就是说,语言的使用受到场合或上下文的约束。

28、He turned those sentences into English. 他把那些句子译成了英文。

29、The lexical and syntactical application of the writings of clical Chinese to E C translation is an approach to make the translation concise and comprehensive. 在英汉翻译中巧妙地使用文言文词语和句法能使译文言简意赅。它是发挥译文语言优势的一大手段。

30、In some languages, all the sentences must include or exclude some specific substrings. Sometimes, the substrings must be replaced. It is difficult for a Turing machine to accept such languages. 某些语言中的所有句子必须包含有或者不能包含有特定的子串,或者需要将语言中句子所包含的子串进行替换。

31、The Chinese and English languages share a proverb: Time and tide wait for no man. 中英两国虽然语言文字不同,但有一句相同的谚语:时不我待。

32、That's more than a folksy aphorism when it comes to infectious diseases. 对于传染疾病而言,这句格言可就不仅仅是一句民间习语了。

33、Each probe clause consists of a probe point specification statement, action block, and an optional predicate. 每个探测子句由一个探测点指定语句、动作块和可选的断言组成。

34、And this old adage, I'm using a few of them today, of "perfect is the enemy of good" is absolutely true in surgery. 有一句格言,我今天用了好几句格言,这句话叫,完美是优秀的敌人“,这在外科手术中绝对正确。

35、Take a vocabulary notebook with you all the time. Collect any good words, sentences or articles, particularly wisdoms and epigrams . 随时随地携带单词本,收集好单词、好句子、好文章!尤其是名言警句!

36、Enumerating sentences of CFL are often needed when testing programs involving complex data structures. 在测试基于复杂数据结构的程序时,需要用到上下文无关语言句子的枚举。

37、Punctuates is the writings in clical style reading basic skills, gives the book, but practices its sentences and phrases are dispel doubt the premise. 断句是文言文阅读的基本功,“授之书而习其句读”是“解惑”的前提。

38、Given a language, define a represention for its grammar along with an interpreter that uses the representation to interpret sentences in the language. 给定一个语言,定义它的文法的一种表示,并定义一个解释器,这个解释器使用该表示来解释语言中的句子。

39、As a unique case of legal documents, international English business contract has such distinctive linguistic peculiarities as veracious phraseology, lengthy sentences and precise structure, etc. 国际经贸英文合同为一种法律文件,具有自己独特的语言特征,如措辞准确、句子冗长、结构严谨等。

40、In short, if the translated text is constructed just by concatenating the strings, the constructed sentences might no longer be grammatically correct in other languages. 简而言之,如果仅通过连接字符串来合并翻译后的文本,那么合并出来的句子可能不符合目标语言的语法。

41、He emphasizes rhythmic time, metrical harmonious beauty, and clean and tidy sentence structure so as to form a unique writing style to impress readers with changes of tidiness and terseness. 余秋雨的散文集《文化苦旅》大胆借鉴非散文文体语言,其散文语言注重节奏的合拍、韵律的谐美、句式的整齐,构成了独特的话语风格、富于变化的整齐美。

42、Today we look at it from another perspective - the prophetic aspect. 今天,我们将会从预言的角度来看这句祷文的意思。

43、Overt and verbalized responses can be divided into answers and replies. 显性言语应答分为回答句和回应句。

44、  Rmemmber to love today because You'll never have it again。 这句话虽然不是什么陈旧的经典的格言警句,也很普通,文辞也不出众,但是绝对是原创,本人的亲身体会。

45、Narration is composed of many sentences, so you should be accurate, vivid, lively and life-like in expression. 一篇记叙文最终是靠一句句话组成的,因此,大家在语言表达上要注意准确、鲜明、生动、形象。

46、Here's another quote. 这还有一句引言。

47、Statement labels, GOTO, and LOOP statements in the SPL language SPL 语言中的语句标签、GOTO 和 LOOP 语句

48、A lie ages of bullying through the multitudinous mind three words. 一句谎世世欺三句言透沵心。

49、A tersely phrased statement of a truth or opinion; an adage. 格言,警句蕴含真理或看法的精练的语句;

50、The diversity of syntactic structures is an important feature of literary language . 文学语言的一个重要特点是句法结构的变化多样和丰富多彩。


51、For example, the C language proper has no file access or dynamic memory management statements . 例如,C语言根本就没有文件访问或者动态内存管理语句。

52、This study conducted cross-linguistic syntactic experiments to explore the bilingual syntactic representations of Chinese-English unbalanced bilinguals. 本文通过跨语言句法启动实验,研究了汉英不平衡双语者的双语句法表征。

53、Flaubert’s strict, elegant, rhythmic sentences come alive in Davis’s English. 福楼拜严谨、优美、韵律的语句,在戴维斯的英文语言中得到了充分的展示。

54、I can't express my feeling which time in phrases. 我无法句子言来描述我当时的感想。

55、I can't describe my feeling by phrases at which time. 我无法句子言来描述我当时的感想。

56、Language sense schema includes language writing laws , the meanings , evocations and implications of words and sentences. 语言图式是以一定的形式积淀、储存在主体大脑里的语言文字规律、词句的含义、情味、意蕴等。

57、Language teaching in clrooms usually includes phonetics, vocabulary, grammar, culture and pragmatics. 课堂语言教学通常包括语音、词汇、语法及句法、文化及语用的教与学。

58、Be clear in the sentence structure and language. 使用清晰的句子和准确的语言表达;


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