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关于”一个旅行家“的英语作文范文3篇,作文题目:A traveler。以下是关于一个旅行家的xx年级英语范文,每篇作文均为真题范文带翻译。

高分英语作文1:A traveler

My ideal everyone has colorful things, have their own ideal is the guiding light, it will lead you to success of friends, you know my dream, let me tell you: I want to be a traveler, this work is not simple, daoshan, in order to find new things, will let adventurers do this work. Why do I want to be an adventurer please tell me you: why When I read the wonderful and exciting story of Robinson Crusoe, I was Robinson. He swam in the furthest corner of the world, fearing no danger and hoping to become a traveler like Robinson.

When there are resources, travelers must find another way. When you come to an uninhabited island, there are many wild animals punishing you, How can you have the courage to have money? How can you like Captain Nemo driving the "Nautilus" submarine around the world "20000 miles under the sea", let me learn now, will make a lot of money to explore all the mysteries of the world, their ideal is an abyss, jump down from that moment, will force you to fight hard, a big eagle spread its wings, soar or go to the depth, no voice and I then choose the former. I will work hard to put my ideal in my heart step by step and bury an ideal.

It will make people feel like a great traveler,.




How to be a good visitor now, many of us are trying to minimize the damage to the environment. We recycle newspapers and bottles, we take public transport to work, we try to buy locally produced fruits and vegetables, and we want to take these attitudes when we go on holiday. That's why other forms of Tourism are popular in the world, these new forms of tourism Although everyone has a different definition, most people think that these new forms of tourism should do the following: first, second, they should protect the local wildlife and culture; third, they should make profits without destroying the natural resources; and finally, they should have a good understanding of the nature of tourism It should provide an experience that tourists are willing to pay for.




Time traveler's wife tells the story of Henry detamble (Eric Barnard). Nevertheless, Henry married Claire abhill (Rachel mccadam). The film focuses on the complicated situation of Henry's marriage and life brought by his illness.

The plot is obviously very novel, and with this in mind, another different view of romance and relationship is that Henry, unable to control his own situation, eventually missed the celebrations and important moments in Claire's life, so their relationship paid a huge price. Clare was hard to learn how to deal with her husband's absence for her time travel OK, there are some big theories. One says you can't change what has happened, and the other says it's possible.

The film is in line with the first theory, and the audience must accept it, or there will be several paradoxes - the beautiful Rachel McAdams, who always seems to be fully engaged in every role, is very passionate in playing her role. For her, emotion and romance are completely believable. Eric Barnard is good at acting Henry, but sometimes he lacks an adaptation from Audrey nifinger Time traveler's wife, which I haven't read, has a lot of responsibility to fill.

As an epic love story, the heroine starring Rachel McAdams is hard to avoid comparing with Notepad. In fact, time traveler's wife is a very good movie, very romantic, but the notebook is one higher than what I read on the forum Some interesting aspects of the novel are not included in the film, and the ending is different. I really believe that Robert schwink will benefit the film a lot.

If he keeps the end of the book, even if it is a little dark, it will be more unforgettable. There are some details of the early story, but it is still a good watch.





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