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关于”记的诀窍“的英语句子22个,句子主体:The trick to remember。以下是关于记的诀窍的初一英语句子。

英文句子模板1:The trick to remember


1、Mr. Greenblatt had a knack for working with female leads.

记住真正重要的事。 社交媒体专家加里·维纳查克的诀窍是保持客观,因为归根结底只是为了工作。

2、Remember what really matters. Social-media maven Gary Vaynerchuk makes sure to maintain perspective –because at the end of the day, it's just business.


3、Why is it one of the knacks to know the process?


4、Do you have any tips or tricks you can share?


5、“For me, the trick to good location lighting is having enough power, ” she says.


6、The trick to freestyle breakdancing is following both the beat and melody of the music.


7、The secret is a sharp knife and a firm hand .


8、An easy tip for both seeming and being more self-confidence is to speak slowly.


9、The trick will be to not to repeat mistakes made by the Germans, British, Japanese and Koreans.


10、Boylan told him later, saying he had learned his trade watching Mr. Graham perform.


11、Self-trust is the Number1 secret of success.


12、Charging users according to calorimeter temperature control valve is a trick.


13、Should kindle fire by wonderful device!


14、Second, the organization requires know-how in a particular field – which becomes a ‘sunk asset’ and part of the influencing organizational environment.


15、Dad: Go for it. Keep pedaling, you'll get the hang of it!


16、Dustin M. Wax is a contributing editor and project manager at lifehack.org.


17、The trick is planting seeded watermelons near the seedless ones.


18、If you want that, the trick is don't reinforce it all the time.


19、The trick is to find your midnight kisses, then move on.


20、Remember jigsaw puzzles : they're much easier when you can see the whole picture first.

21、The trick is to find a good cookbook and a process that is easy to follow.诀窍是:找到一本好“食谱”和一个易于遵循的步骤。

22、So are there any tips on the road towards success?那么成功的道路有没有什么诀窍呢?

23、It's the 这是化消极为积极、将挫折看作挑战的诀窍。

10)knack of finding a positive for every negative, and viewing a

11)set-back as a challenge.

24、HX:This is a trick of the trade.胡:这就是我们的职业诀窍了。

25、The trick, they say, is to administer the treatment after the original memory has been retrieved from storage so the updated memory will be saved.他们表示,诀窍在于,在大脑中唤醒了最初的记忆之后马上开展治疗,这样大脑中就会存下更新后的记忆。

英文句子26:,26、If you don't learn it young, it's hard to get the trick of it later.如果没趁年轻学会爱,以后再想要抓住爱的诀窍就难了。

27、Here we teach you special tricks that make colognes stick.接下来我们要教大家让香水久留不散的诀窍。

28、That's what Southall did to get his job.这也正是索思豪尔获得该工作的诀窍。

29、The manager of the Personnel Department told us something as to the tips of taking an interview.人事部经理给我们讲了一些有关面试的诀窍。

30、To many people out there get all antsy to have their internetmarketing look like a recipe. If it looks like a recipe it is a recipefor disaster.很多人把互联网营销当成是有捷径、诀窍可循的,但是这种捷径、诀窍引发的往往是灾难。

31、Gimmick: death - row inmate get a week's reprieve for every correct answer until.诀窍:死刑犯答对一个问题就多活一个星期,直到……。

32、Rita : I'm practising Tae Kwan Do. I think I'm getting the hang of it now.莉达: 我在练习跆拳道,我想我已掌握诀窍了。

33、Before he even sits down with a deck of cards, Andi uses his memory technique.在他还没有开始看第一副牌之前,安帝先开始使用他的记忆诀窍。

34、The clue is to make the contact-time as long as possible when you get your fingers on the hold.诀窍在于尽可能延长手指抓点的时间。

35、The trick is to use a relative path instead of the absolute map path.诀窍就是使用相对路径而不用绝对映射路径。

36、You have to believe in yourself. That's the secret of sucess. ( Charles Chaplin )必需信任自己,这是获胜的诀窍。(卓别林)

37、I'll discuss the trick to linking to non-computer resources in a later section.在后文中,我将讨论链接非计算机资源的诀窍。

38、Patterns and anti-patterns and recipes and best practices (and worst practices) – these are useful.模式、反模式、小诀窍和最佳实践(和最差实践)是有用的。

39、Boys, do you want to know tips to go after girls?男生,你想知道追女生的诀窍吗?

40、Carbon reduction expert Qiu Jizhe teaches you a few tips to save money on your utility bills.减碳专家邱继哲告诉您一些节省电费的诀窍。

41、One Wow to the good life.一个能让人过上幸福生活的令人惊奇的诀窍。

42、Every good cook has his or her secrets for setting up the kitchen.每个好的厨师都有自己的设置厨房的诀窍。

43、Tricks of the Trade: Will now begin following the first damaging attack.嫁祸诀窍:现在会从紧接的第一个伤害性攻击开始计算。

44、Similar to the classic "envelope" method, but designed for modern conveniences.这个方法类似于经典的“信封”诀窍,而又不失现代社会的便利性。

45、The most important thing to remember about playing the guitar is that you will get better at it as you practice everyday.最主要你们须记牢的有关弹吉它的诀窍就是你会越弹越顺心应手的,只要你坚持每天练。

46、The trick is to use old ideas as a jumping-off point in looking for new ideas.一个诀窍是把旧灵感作为起点来找寻新灵感。

47、Mnemonics can also work with images. The trick is to invent visual clues that will make unfamiliar material mean something to you.记忆法还可与形象一起使用。其诀窍是:发明一些可视的线索,使生疏的材料成为你熟悉的某种东西。

48、The real trick in emergent design is discovering these patterns.紧急设计的真正诀窍就是发现这些模式。

49、The trick is encoding this description in the compact syntax of regular expressions.诀窍是使用规则表达式的简洁语法来编码这种描述。

50、See here for six tips to woo your lover.追求心爱对象这里(See here)有六点诀窍,不妨一试。

经典英文句子51:记的诀窍,51、You know I'm lousy at Occlumency, I never got the hang of it.你知道我大脑封闭术练得多差,一直找不到诀窍。

52、You have to learn the tricks of the trade if you make your own living.如果自己谋生的话,你必须学这行生意的诀窍。

53、Here are some more tips to keep your tech gadgets spick and span.以下是更多让你的科技产品一尘不染的诀窍。

54、Chinese people just don't get it - they just dont have a knack for designing things.他们就是不明白---他们就是不懂得设计东西的诀窍。

55、If you ever sawed wood you already know the trick.如果你看过锯木头你就会明白其中的诀窍。

56、This is the trick that permits indoor, parachute-free "sky diving".这就是室内无伞蹦极跳得以进行的诀窍。

57、There are two or three tricks to being a good sailor.想成为一名出色的水手是有两三个诀窍的。

58、He has a knack of teaching arithmetic.他教算术有诀窍。

59、Below is a tip/trick I twittered via my Twitter account earlier today.下面是我今天稍早通过我的Twitter账号发布的一个小技巧/诀窍。

60、Keep pedaling, you'll get the hang of it!继续踩,你会抓到诀窍的! 提米:(踩踏板)哇!

61、Until then, be sure to read this roundup of 25 social media marketing tips.到那时候,记得要仔细读读25个社交媒体营销诀窍的综述博文哦。

62、Mr. Hennig: That would be a recipe you'd keep to yourself.海宁:那将是一种你自己心知肚明的诀窍。

63、Here are some tips about what to do about tennis elbow.这里关于网球肘怎麽办有一些诀窍。

64、The trick is to use an element with the disable-output-escaping="yes" attribute.诀窍是使用 元素以及 disable-output-escaping="yes" 属性。

65、There are some tricks, exercise physiologists say, but also some risks.运动生理学家指出,其中有些诀窍,但也有些风险。

66、People often ask me: learn English what's the trick?常有人问我:学英语有什么诀窍?

67、The key for a delicious noodles is its secret ingredient soup, only the shopkeeper knows.让一碗米粉美味的诀窍还在于汤,只有店主才知道配方。

68、The trick is to separate the different objects such, that they are compilable separately.诀窍是分离不同的对象,即将它们分开编译。



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