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1、Enter his gates with thanksgiving, and his courts with praise!


2、They are constantly praised by all The Buddhas.


3、The guests went into rhapsodies over the food.


4、Praise good work, regardless of who did it.


5、Chan said that patients and their families really magical drug.


6、But he exalts the poor and humble.


7、I will also praise thee with the psaltery, even thy truth, O my God: unto thee will I sing with the harp, O thou Holy One of Israel.


8、My books received high praise from general readers.


9、The teacher was extolling her work to the skies .


10、Bees that have hived in our grove go to seek honey in theirs.


11、The boss gave the thumds-up to the project.


12、Could all of this come from well-meant praise?


13、A compliment is a gift, not to be thrown away carelessly, unless you want to hurt the giver.


14、She received many compliments on her artlessness.


15、Chinese officials have hailed it as a breakthrough.


16、She was acclaimed by many peoples because her artlessness.

这项计划雄心勃勃, 值得称赞。

17、The program is laudably ambitious.


18、The tax reform was met with unanimous applause.


4: Praise his breadwinning ability



20、Jesse Owens had the right idea.

21、The police officers complimented him on his braveness.警官们称赞他的勇敢。

22、I had also just complimented her on her dress.我刚刚称赞了她的衣服。

23、Critics everywhere have eulogized her new novel.各处的评论家都称赞她的新小说。

24、Her good behavior(u)r deserves praise.她的好品行值得称赞。

25、My parents praised Ah Fu warmly.我的父母称赞阿富热烈。

英文句子26:,26、I heart secretly tut praise.我心里暗暗地啧啧称赞。

27、All The Buddhas also praise this Dharma School.一切诸佛之所称赞。

28、•She complimented me on my new hairstyle. 她称赞我的新发型。

29、He recommended Mr Smith as a good teacher.他称赞史密斯先生是位好教师。

30、" He flattered her on / about her sewing. 他称赞她的缝纫技术好。

31、I will praise you with the harp for your faithfulness, O my God; I will sing praise to you with the lyre, O Holy One of Israel.我的神阿,我要鼓瑟称赞你,称赞你的诚实。 以色列的圣者阿,我要弹琴歌颂你。

32、Rita: You're welcome. I mean, thank you for the compliment.莉塔:不客气。我是说,谢谢你的称赞。

33、JFK would have approved of today's Chinese.肯尼迪一定会称赞今天的中国人的.

34、He has received so much public praise.他受到大家的交口称赞。

35、At that time , people didn't praise Guan Zhong's ability and talent but praised Bao Shuya's understanding of people.当时人们不称赞管仲的贤能,而却称赞鲍叔牙的知人。

36、Billy: That's praise. You complimented me so I returned the favor.比利:就是称赞,赞扬。你夸我所以我回赞你。

37、When did you last pay them a compliment?最后一次称赞他们是什么时候了?

38、His good conduct deserves applause.他的优良品行值得称赞。

39、He commended them for their enthusiasm.他称赞他们的热情。

40、She admired his straightforwardness.她称赞他为人正直。

41、He drowned in the ovation.他在称赞中溺死了“。

42、I praise you not.我不称赞。

43、The boss gave the thumbs-up to the project.老板称赞了这个项目。

44、I think the other Bennetts would admire you.我想班纳特家其他人也会称赞你的。

45、While some hailed her performance, others appeared underwhelmed.虽然有些人称赞她的表演。

46、Some Right-wing commentators have seized approvingly on the image.一些右翼评论家称赞这张海报。

47、This year's auto exhibition received unanimous acclaim.本届车展受到参观者交口称赞。

48、"The best form of discipline, " he says, "is praise."他说:“训导的最好形式是称赞。”

49、The reviewers lauded the ballet troupe for its terpsichorean artistry.评论家称赞芭蕾舞团的舞蹈艺术。

50、How useless is painting, which attracts admiration by the resemblance of things, the originals of which we do not admire!绘画是何等之虚妄啊!它由于与事物相像而引人称赞,但原来的事物人们却毫不称赞。”(何兆武译)

经典英文句子51:称赞,51、Renew playing Praises of the King by Unhindered.续订播放不受阻碍地国王称赞。

52、He said: 'Vecchi deserves a lot of kudos .他说:“维奇应该得到许多称赞。

53、Mitch complimented Beth on her new shoes.米契称赞贝丝的新鞋。

54、We cannot praise him too much.我们无论怎样称赞他都不为过分。

55、We applauded him for his courage.我们称赞他的勇敢。

56、They need to be praised, although they are usually uncomfortable with " gushy " praise.尽管通常对过于装腔作势的称赞会感到不快,但他们需要被称赞。

57、Thank you for for the glowing praise. You’re too kind。谢谢你的称赞。

58、Do those who are dead rise up and praise you?难道阴魂还能起来称赞你吗?

59、They loudly proclaimed the quality of the machine.他们极口称赞该机器的质量。

60、Bear was totally blown away by this.熊完全交口称赞这一点。

61、Rose: I have to 柔丝: 我必须称赞他这一点。

4) commend him for that.

62、This is not the right mindset.要别人称扬、赞叹他,这种心态也不对。

63、The five precepts are called "standards appealing to the noble ones."五戒被称为“圣者赞许的准则”。

64、They acclaimed him as the best player of the year.他们称赞他为本年度最佳运动员。

65、They acclaimed him as the best writer of the year.他们称赞他为当年的最佳作者。

66、Etan does the banging and I can compliment him.我得称赞伊顿(托马斯),他很棒。

67、Considering these two points, she is praiseworthy.从这两点来说她是值得称赞的。

68、His aim is honorable and praiseworthy.他的目的是高尚的,值得称赞的。

69、用餐时,你应该称赞菜的味道好 When dining, you should praise the taste of the dish.

70、Harriet repeated expressions of approbation and praise from him - and Emma felt them to be in the closest agreement with what she had known of his opinion of Harriet.他称赞哈丽特不虚伪、不做作,称赞她具有真诚、纯朴、宽厚的情怀。

71、He commended her for her selfless action.他称赞了她无私的行动。

72、They need to be praised, although they are usually uncomfortable with "gushy" praise.尽管通常对过于装腔作势旳称赞会感到不快,但他们需要被称赞。

73、Will the dust praise you? Will it proclaim your faithfulness?尘土岂能称赞你,传说你的诚实吗?

74、) thank you for for the glowing praise. you’re too kind。谢谢你的称赞。

75、) Thank you for for the glowing praise. You’re too kind。谢谢你的称赞。



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