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关于”短句“的英语句子2个,句子主体:Short sentence。以下是关于短句的小学英语句子。

英文句子模板1:Short sentence

1、But usually what you would do is you would condense that even further and you would say, 但是通常你会进一步缩短这句话,你会说,

2、The header of a DP is an adverb, and the whole phrase plays the adverbial role in a sentence. 副词短语以副词为核心词,同时整个短语在句子中,仍然为副词的功能。

3、My favorite phrase was Abraham Lincoln was a great orator. 我最喜欢的一个短句是“亚伯拉罕.林肯是一个伟大的演说家”。

4、We can express this statement as an epigram . 我们可把这一命题表达为一个短句。

5、Refrain: A word phrase, line or group of lines repeated regularly in a poem, usually at the end of each stanza. 叠句:在一首诗中,通常是每行的末尾很有规律的重复出现的一个短语、一行或几行叫叠句。

6、Since the middle of the Tang Dynasty, there had appeared Ci lyrics written by the literati apart from the folk Ci lyrics which had become popular far and wide. 中唐以后,除了民间广为流行的长短句外,还出现了文人亲自创作的长短句。

7、It is, however, a very common and useful idiom in British English today. 但就究竟这个短语源自哪里还未可知。 这句短语在现在的英国英语中可是非常常见且常用的哦。

8、Our factory reported a short of 100 for this goods. 翻译一句话求助:工厂报告此批货物短数100本。

9、There is a book on the desk. 有时为了强调地点,也可把介词短语放在句首。

10、He opened today’s proceedings in several short sentences. 他简短地说了几句就开始了今天的会议。

11、You cannot describe it with one word, phrase, or even paragraph. 一个词、一句短语乃至一段话都不足以形容它。

12、This book has a mix of shorter and longer sentences. 这本书里,长短句都有。

13、Use each of the above italicized phrases in sentences of your own. 用以上斜体印出的短语各造一个句子。

14、Read through this passage and then boil it down in three sentences. 把这段文字读一遍,然后将它缩短成3句话。

15、This requires not that the writer make all his sentences short, or that he avoid all detail and treat his subject only in outline, but that every word tell. 此说不求作者下笔句句精短,摒弃细节,概而述之;但求字字有着落耳。

16、In other words, long-dated bonds offer a lot more income than short ones. 换句话说,长期债券的收益要高于短期债券。

17、How long" can be used in a question and it refers to a length of time or a length of distance. How long” 句型用于问句中,用来询问时间或距离的长短。

18、This requires not that the writer make all his sentences short, or that he avoid all details and treat his subject only in outline, but that every word tell. 此说不求作者下笔句句精短,摈弃细节,概而述之;但求字字有着落耳。

19、Study on Multi goods O D Distribution Method. 多 货种 O-D分布方法研究。 短句来源。

20、The sentence with subject_verb subject refers to a sentence in which a subject_verb phrase acts as subject, which has not yet been put on the list. 主谓主语句就是主谓短语作主语的句子,它至今还没有一个正式的名分。

21、For example, suppose that the plain text message is simply one 5-letter word. 例如,假定明白的短信仅仅是一句5封信话。

22、It expounds that the sentence which has material classifier phrase is noun predicate sentence, and the sentence which has verb classifier phrase is a verb predicate sentence. 阐述了物量短语作谓语是名词谓语句,动量短语作谓语是动词谓语句这一观点。

23、Influenced by ancient chinese expressions and folk colloquialism, he is capable of writing short sentences in soft and lively language. 句式以短句为主,深受古汉语和民间口语影响。

24、Differences: Dog-talk involved shorter sentences and more orders while baby-talk included more questions. 不同之处:和狗说话的时候,人们喜欢使用短句和命令的句式。 而和婴儿说话的说更加喜欢使用疑问句。

25、In other words, the output ultra-short pulse train has a tunable duty cycle. 换句话说,输出的超短脉冲串有一个可调的占空比。


26、Similarly, the phrase \.(?:com|edu|info) expresses a literal period followed by any of the strings com, edu, or info. 类似地,短句 \.(? :com|edu|info) 表示句点,后接字符串 com、edu 或 info 中的任意一个。

27、The short lines helped me create a sort of staccato effect. 短行造句帮助我创造了一种断奏的效果。 。

28、The adjective predicted sentence is acts by an adjective or the adjective phrase the subject predicate sentence. 形容词谓语句是由一个形容词或者形容词短语充当谓语的主谓句。

29、Great! Now open your book at the page 21. I'll ask one student to read it to the class. 学生先自己阅读这段文章,然后让学生依次翻译一句,并将重要的句子和短语划出。

30、In this sentence he tells us that our lives are short but we can think up big and important ideas in that short time. 这句话告诉我们,生命诚然短暂,但我们可以在短暂的生命里悟出真谛。

31、He briefed the whole story into a few sentences. 他把整个故事缩短成几句话。

32、Coordination has two structural forms: sentence coordination and phrase coordination. 并列结构有两种构成方式:句子并列和短语并列。

33、Sort out the following messages that are mixed up to make complete sentences containing attributive clauses. 整理下面的短文,把它们结合在一起就能组成含有定语从句的完整的句子。

34、This chapter is also divided into two parts. Part one elaborates on functions of monolayer modifier-noun phrase in syntax structure. 第一节“简单定中短语”主要分析单层定中短语在句法结构中的功能;

35、Twins intuitively understand each other and use shortened sentences and words when they talk. 因为他们心领神会,谈话时只需简短的句子和言词。

36、Idioms are fixed phrases and short sentences derived and refined from long real life experience. 习语是经过长时间的使用而提炼出来的固定短语或短句,具有浓厚的民族文化色彩。

37、And syntax refers to those rules and principles that allow us to combine words into phrases and phrases into sentences. 语法是指使我们将词组合成短语,以及将短语组合成句子的规则和原则

38、List poems have a flexible line length and repeated phrases which give both a pattern and a rhythm to the poem. 清单诗可长可短,可以重复一些 些 短语,较为灵活,形成固定句型和诗的节奏。

39、This phrase, surprisingly, was used to sell Listerine mouthwash! 令人吃惊的是,这个短句是李斯德林漱口水的广告语!

40、Sentences vary, the cadence isn't too long, nor too short. 句子要有变化,韵律不宜过长,也不宜过短。

41、Start the article with a short sentence, not more than 8 words. 文章开首用短句,不要跨越8个字。

42、Find out all the predicate structure, non-predicate, prepositional phrase and the lead word of the subordinate clause. 找出句中所有的谓语结构、 非谓语动词、介词短语和从句的引导词。

43、Bulleting information will help the reader view your accomplishments at a glance. 短句构成的信息可以使阅读者迅速了解你的情况。

44、The generation rules make up of the major knowledge resource of XMGEN, which include five submodules: Sentence, Noun Phrase, Verb Phrase, Adjective Phrase, Adverb Phrase. 生成规则构成了XMGEN的主要知识源,共分五个子模块,分别实现句子、名词短语、动词短语、形容词短语和副词短语的细化生成。

45、There are more and more Chinese grammar scholars pay attentions to the incomplete sentence phenomenon. 越来越多的语法学者开始关注汉语短语成句和不足句的现象。

46、Side note Short lines of text set in the margins. Synonymous with Marginal note. 排在页边空白位上的短句。亦称栏外注。

47、The study of paraphrase is about the synonymy phenomena of phrases or sentences. 复述研究的对象主要是短语或者句子的同义现象。

48、If it conducts clause, the phrase of subject and predicate, and the phrase of verb, its part of speech is determined by concrete context in the sentence. “为了”引导小句、主谓短语、谓词性短语,则根据具体的语境来划分。

49、His Songs on Roadside epitomizes his pursuits and experiences in all his life in six short lines. 《临路歌》就以短短六句诗概括了他一生的追求和经历。

50、As their meters, there are form of four sentences of seven words, form of the mixture of four, five or six long and short sentences. 其格律有七言四句体、长短句间杂的四句体、五句体、六句体,一般都押韵,大多押平声韵,衬字、衬词运用普遍。


51、Key phrases and sentences I wonder if you could help me. 重要的短语和句子叨教你能帮助吗?

52、It's rhymed iambic tetrameter, four beats per line, with some variations. 这是首押韵的短长体四音部句,一行四音,也有些变化。

53、Don't tell me about these complicated sentences from Balzac's short story. 不要给我讲巴尔扎克短篇小说里的这些复杂的句子。

54、Proverbs are short sentences drawn from long experience. (Miguel de Cervantes, Spanish writer) 谚语是从长期经验中获得的短句。

55、Think about it. Short sentences, repetition, clear pronunciation, high-pitched exaggerated expression. 想想这些特点:短句,重复,清楚的发音,高调的夸张表达。

56、This book consists of three volumes, each including 150 short expressions. 本书由三册组成,每册包括一百五十个短句。

57、Writer George Ade used it in a book called "Artie." 作家乔治·阿德在《Artie》一书中用到这句短语。

58、The elaborate building of long sentences and its ingenious, vivid short sentences in poetic novel entitled Eugene One. 在诗体小说《叶甫盖尼·奥涅金》里,长句的精心布设和短句的灵巧传神是一项重要的句法特色。

59、Laoshan would be the ideal place for you, then. 短句那崂山将是你理想的地方。

60、Phrases that break the law of syntactic combination can exist in the language. 不违背句法组合原理的短语可以在语言中存在。

61、"I want to/would like to make friends with you."! [搜狗问问][1] 扩展资料: 常见的交朋友英语短语、句子有:

62、Similar opera libretto libretto, changing the length of sentence. 唱词类似戏曲唱词,句式长短富于变化。

63、In one sentence, at most one prepositional phrase is allowed. 在一个句子里,最多只能有一个介词短语。

64、Voice is a property of clauses, and infinitives and gerunds form phrases. 语态是从句的属性,不定式和动名词构成短语。

65、Here were these two, bandying little phrases, drawing purses, looking at cards, and both unconscious of how inarticulate all their real feelings were. 眼前这两个人就是如此。他们只是短短地交谈了几句,掏了一下皮夹,看了一下名片。

66、A Haiku is a structured short Japanese poem with 17 syllables. 俳句是以十七个音为一首的一种日本短诗。

67、The prepositional phrase "give me" and the verbal phrase used in the imperative sentence have two kinds of meaning. 介词短语“给我”加上动词短语用于祈使句有两种意义。

68、It is important to recognize the prosodic phrase breaks in text-to-speech. 句子的韵律短语识别是语音合成的重要研究内容。

69、Could you put me through to the personnel department, please? 翻译:通常句子都是越长越礼貌,太简短会让人有鲁莽的感觉。

70、" they said to Mrs and Mr Brown. They enjoyed the nice food and had a good time that evening. 根据短文,完成下面句子。

71、Use short words, short sentences, short paragraphs, bulleted lists, and short pages. 使用简短词语、句子、段落、项目符号。 页面不要太长。


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