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关于”中常用的句型“的英语句子3个,句子主体:Sentence patterns commonly used in。以下是关于中常用的句型的初中英语句子。

英文句子模板1:Sentence patterns commonly used in

1、The next point I’d like to talk about is „ 采访前的常用句型

2、The thing is" is very useful to stop people in their tracks. 当你想阻止某人在他们设想的路上走下去的时候,“The thing is”句型是个非常有用的句型。

3、The "I'm ~ing" pattern is very useful I'm ~ing”句型非常有用。

4、I'm going to is a useful pattern for you to use in sentences. 'm going to是一个非常有用的句型。

5、Inversion structures are seldom used in China English; 中国英语中很少使用倒装句;

6、It is, however, a very common and useful idiom in British English today. 但就究竟这个短语源自哪里还未可知。 这句短语在现在的英国英语中可是非常常见且常用的哦。

7、Besides, there are useful patterns, idiomatic expressions and additional words and phrases with both English and Chinese equivalents. 除此之外,有许多有用的句型,惯用语和带有中英文的附加词汇与短语。

8、These adjectives are usually used as the predicative in a sentence. 这类形容词通常用在句子中作表语。

9、Inversion is a very common linguistic phenomenon in the English language. 倒装句是英语中一种常见的语言现象。

10、Notice how sentence patterns can be useful to ask questions and provide answers. That is why learning even a few key sentence patterns can dramatically improve your English. 你会发现,句型在提问题以及回答问题方面非常有用,这就是为什么学几个关键的句型能大大提高你的英语水平的原因。

11、Both the unmarked and marked clauses must have their own pragmatic values if they are to exist in the language and to be used in verbal communication. 无论常式句还是变式句,要在语言系统中存在,在言语交际中运用,就必须有其存在的语用价值。

12、The tag question is a very common linguistic phenomenon in oral English. 附加疑问句是英语口语中很常见的一种语言现象。

13、The following phrases are used to participate in a meeting. These phrases are useful for expressing your ideas and giving input to a meeting. 出席商务会议常用的英语你准备好了吗?以下是考试大小编为您整理的一些常用句型,来和考试大实用英语站小编一起来学习吧!

14、Both the unmarked and marked clauses must have their own pragmatic values if they are exist in the language and to be used in verbal communication. 不论变式句还是常式句,要在语言系统中存在、在言语交际中运用,就必然有其存在的语用价值。

15、While Jianyu pattern in Chinese is one of the clause patterns with distinctive structures, SVOC clause in English belongs to the category of basic clause patterns. 汉语兼语句是一种具有独特结构特点的句式,英语的SVOC句式是英语中的一种基本句型。

16、Comparison and the translation of the attributive clauses of EST between Chinese and English languages; 英汉翻译中 ,经常用定语、定语从句转译为状语的修辞手法。

17、Simple sentence and complex sentence are two kinds of basically sentence pattern in modern Chinese . 单句和复句是现代汉语中的两种基本句型。

18、Selective complex sentences and hypothesis complex sentences are used very often in Chinese, and their difference is obvious. 选择复句和假设复句是汉语中常用的两种复句,它们之间的区别较为明显。

19、The "I want to" pattern is a great pattern that you probably have been using and you should use often. I want to”句型是一个非常棒的句型,你可能之前早已用过,你也可以多多使用这个句型。

20、As the English attributive clauses may perform different functions and the concepts they express vary with contexts, the translator usually restructures the Chinese version accordi… 由于英语定语从句在不同的语境中可表达不同的概念,起着不同的功用,译者常须根据句间句群间的逻辑语义关系与汉语规范重构汉语译文。

21、These results support the weak interaction model of syntactic and se- mantic processing in sentence comprehension. 这些结果支持了句子理解中句法与语义加工的弱相互作用模型。

22、Be sure to issue the COMMIT statement frequently in your application. 要确保在您的应用程序中经常发出 COMMIT 语句。

23、Business Chinese Dialogue: Including daily conversation, business negotiation, trade jargon, common phrases, etc. 中国商务谈判:包括常用会话、商务洽谈、行业术语、常用句型等。

24、The main grammatical unit of sports slogans is words, phrases and sentences. The non-primary sentence is quite often in the sentence patterns, and the subject-predicate sentence is relatively few. 体育标语在语法单位上主要有词、短语、句子,句型上体育标语比较常用非主谓句,主谓句相对较少,表达形式主要有陈述句和感叹句。

25、This is probably what you've used most in the past. 这可能是你过去最常用的一种句型了。


26、There are some bottles of milk in the box. ▲ 在个别句型中,主语在整个句子后面,这时前面用it作形式主语。

27、He asked me what he should do. 常用于这句型的动词有:Advise, ask, inform, show, teach, tell.

28、And you will find this pattern useful for when you are talking about something in your memory. 当你在谈论记忆中的某事时,这个句型非常有用。

29、Let me“ is a good pattern to use in a sentence when you're asking for permission. 当你在请求允许时,“Let me”句型是一个非常有用的句型。

30、the old man always tells stories about the heroes to the children in the long march. 句型5: subject(主语)+verb (动词)+object (宾语)+complement(补语) 这种句型中的“宾语 + 补语”统称为“复合宾语”。

31、I’m big on collecting useful English sentence patterns. 我很喜欢收集有用的英语句型.

32、The "When" pattern is very easy to use. When”句型使用起来非常方便。

33、I used to" is a pattern that you use in a sentence. I used to” 是个很常用的句型。

34、He told me that the film was great. 常用于这句型的动词有:assure, inform, promise, remind, teach, tell, warm等。

35、This is a phenomenon that many people are interested in. However,that’s not the case. 表示例举的常用句型

36、we have lived in the city for ten years. 句型2:subject (主语) + link. v(系动词) + predicate(表语) 这种句型主要用来表示主语的特点、身份等。

37、Korean "za" inducement sentences and Chinese Imperative sentences as the communicative style are frequently used in daily life. 韩国语“(?)”类共动句和汉语请求句作为交际语体,在人们的日常生活中使用得非常频繁。

38、Master 489 spoken words and 58 spoken sentence patterns accurately in appropriate contexts. 掌握489个口语常用词汇,及58个口语常用句式,能够准确识读,并在恰当的语境中准确运用。

39、How many" is a pattern that you use in a question. How many”句型应使用于问句中。

40、The echo-question sentences are often used in the English editorials (6.28%), whereas few echo-question sentences occur in the Chinese editorials (0.3%). 其四,英语社论中常运用一定的反问句(6.28%),而在汉语社论中则很少出现(0.3%)。

41、In oral Chinese, often the Complement free to the place of the subject or the Adverbial. 在口语中,补语常常游离到句首主语或句中状语的位置。

42、CNB Lessons on Business Negotiation of China: Including daily conversation, business negotiation, trade jargon, common phrases, etc. 《中国商务谈判36讲》:包括常用会话、商务洽谈、行业术语、常用句型等。

43、We think it necessary to do sth. It plays an important role in our life. 表示变化的常用句型

44、It is a good idea to do sth. It is the second +最高级+名词 初中英语重要句型

45、You should make efforts in language accumulation, paying special attention to usages of common words and sentence patterns. 这时你应该做的是注意语言的积累,留意常用词和句型的用法。

46、Since the scientific writing has a great deal information, it usually apply the inversion to balance the information status. 科技英语具有信息量大的特点,在科技英语中,为了使信息突出,常使用倒装句以达到句子平衡。

47、Commonly used compound sentence structures, key language points and rhetorical methods are highlighted so that students achieve proficiency level through the comprehensive study. 讲解常用复句句型、语法要点和修辞手法,提高融会贯通的水平。

48、We have good reason to believe that。 表示好处的常用句型

49、The passive sentence is a kind of sentence construction which Kore an and Chinese usually use. 被动句是韩国语和汉语两种语言中经常使用的一种句型。

50、So it's usually something you would say if you're close to someone 通常你会对亲密的人用这个句型,


51、The nominal predicate sentence (NPS) is a sentence model characteristic of Chinese, and frequently used in modern Chinese. 名词性谓语句是一种很常见的句型,也是体现了汉语自身特色的句型。

52、" may not be in your phrase book, but it is one of the most useful sentences in the English language. 这句话在你的英语小册子里可能没有,但它却是英国语言中非常有用的一句话。

53、He show me how to do it. 常用于这句型的动词有:advise, ask, inform, show, teach, tell等。

54、, but other people conceive differently。 [英语作文常用句型] 在英语写作中,有一些句型的搭配能力非常强,基本上可以用在各种话题的议论文中,如果能将这些句型掌握并熟练应用一定会使你的英文写作得心应手。


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