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关于”100句怼死人的话“的英语句子3个,句子主体:100 words against the dead。以下是关于100句怼死人的话的雅思英语句子。

英文句子模板1:100 words against the dead

1、The gene therapy also reduced the mortality of severe diabetic mice significantly from 100% to 37% at the 6th week. 转基因治疗也显著降低了严重糖尿病小鼠的死亡率,其6周时的死亡率由100%降为37%。

2、That evening he ran into Death again, wondering "Why 1,000 individuals died although you told me you would take 100 lives?" 到了晚上,他又碰见了死神。 “你告诉我你要带走100人,为什么有1000人死了?”

3、It comes from “googol”, the number 1 followed by 100 zeros. “google”一词源于单词“googol”, 即10的100次幂,写出的形式为数字1后跟100个零,表示数量极大。

4、The percentage of BSF in kidneys of chickens died from artificial infection with IBV was 100%. 人工感染后病死鸡肾脏均100%检测到特异性荧光;

5、Results Of those 100 patients who were included in the statistics, 46 were suffered from acute infarction, 26 from subacute infarction, and 15 from chronic infarction, and 13 had no infarction. 结果 100例有症状患者纳入统计,急性梗死46例、亚急性梗死26例、慢性期梗死15例、无梗死13例。 梗死部位包括脑干、桥臂、小脑半球、枕叶、中脑、丘脑及延髓。

6、We already know that a SARS super spreader can cause more than 100 people ill or may die. 我们已经知道一个萨斯超级传播者可造成100多人染病或者死亡。

7、Together, the attacks killed 40 and injured more than 100, with dazed, bloodied survivors fleeing up escalators. 两起爆炸袭击,一共造成了40人死亡,受伤人数超过100人,惊慌、沾带着血迹的幸存者从电梯里逃出来。

8、Lightning kills and injures between 75 and 100 people every year - more than hurricanes or tornadoes. 每年因闪电而受到死伤的人数达75到100,超过了飓风或龙卷风的受害人数。

9、The state says more than 100 people are unaccounted for and the death toll has now risen to 139. 该州相关部门表示有100多人行踪不明,死亡人数已达到139人。

10、Up to 100 people have been killed in the unrest which shows no sign of subsiding. 多达100在看不到平息下来的动荡中死亡。

11、An outbreak of polio in Congo-Brazzaville has killed more than 100 people and paralysed hundreds more, the authorities say. 刚果(布)官员称,国内爆发的小儿麻痹症已经导致100多人死亡、数百人瘫痪。

12、Results:The operative resection rate was 100% without operative death. 结果:手术切除率为100%,无手术死亡者;

13、She lost her balance and plunged 100 feet to her death. 她没有站稳,从100英尺的高处跌下摔死了。

14、If you add up the position of alphabets in this word, it comes out to 100! 如果你要从字母表中为这个词加个位置的话,结果是第100号!

15、Results The mean corrected death rate of Anopheles anthropophagus was 100% and the mean corrected death rate of Anopheles sinensis was 90.86%. 结果嗜人按蚊的校正死亡率平均为100%,中华按蚊的校正死亡率平均为90.86%。

16、One in 59 women dies in pregnancy or childbirth in her lifetime, and more than five in every 100 babies die before they are 28 days old. 每59名女性中,就有1人死于怀孕或分娩,每100名婴儿,有5名死于出生不满28天。

17、Our factory reported a short of 100 for this goods. 翻译一句话求助:工厂报告此批货物短数100本。

18、On February 16, four people were killed and about 100 injured when two trains collided in San Miguel. 在xx月xx日,在San Migue两辆火车相撞,4人死亡,大约100人受伤。

19、The film has numerous lines in Premiere magazine's poll to find the 100 Greatest Movie Lines. "Pay no attention to that man behind the curtain" came in at No 24. 《首映杂志》调查列出了100句最佳电影台词,该电影中的很多台词包括在内,如第24句是:“ 不要留意帘子后的那个男人。”

20、That's 20% of all deaths. We think that our proposals could lead to a significant reduction in smoking-related deaths – perhaps down to just 100 annually. 死亡率占了20%。我们认为我们的建议会带来与香烟有关死亡人数的显著降低---也许会降到每年仅100人左右。

21、They claim at least 100 people have been killed in the Bishkek clashes. 他们宣称至少有100人在比什凯克的冲突中死亡。

22、Most common adverse events were leucopenia (60%), anemia (62%), nausea and vomiting (30%), alopecia (100%). There were no chemotherapy-related deaths. 主要不良反应是白细胞下降(60%)、贫血(62%)、恶心呕吐(30%)、脱发(100%),未出现与化疗相关的死亡。

23、Their illegal dealings led to more than 100 drug overdoses requiring visits to emergency rooms and were linked to 68 deaths. 他们的非法交易导致100多人药物过量,必须急诊,并与68例死亡相关。

24、The Great Plague of Marseilles killed 100, 000 people in 1720 马赛大瘟疫(死亡10万人)

25、India's recent outbreak of dengue fever has killed over 100 people in the past seven weeks, and infected nearly 6, 000. 印度最近爆发的登革热在过去的7周里导致了超过100人死亡,将近6000人感染。


26、“Now, his vocabulary is well over 100 words, and he speaks to me in full sentences, ” she said. “现在他的词汇量大了,能够运用100个单词,还能用完整的句子和我说话,”她说。

27、Not obsessed with the tiger 100 songs, 100 songs is just a legend of the tiger. 不执着于虎100首歌曲, 100首歌曲是一个神话故事的老虎。

28、Maternal mortality per 100, 000 births fell from 1, 600 to 1, 100. 产妇死亡率,每10万例活产婴儿的死亡人数,从1600人减少到1100人。

29、Pregnant women accounted for 13 in 100 deaths from swine flu. 每100个死于甲流的人中就有13个是怀孕女性。

30、Almost everyone at the scene was incinerated, with close to 100 people killed. 目标被准确击中,有近100人被炸死。

31、The absolute difference in MMR between the western and eastern regions declined from 65.4 deaths per 100 000 live births in 2000 to 49.4 per 100 000 live births in 2005. 西部和东部的孕产妇死亡率的绝对差从xx年每10万个活产中死亡65.4个孕产妇下降到xx年每10万个活产中死亡49.4个孕产妇。

32、It is 100% fatal but 100% preventable when post-exposure treatment using therapeutic sera is readily available. 这种病的致死率为100%,但当使用治疗血清在接触后迅速获得治疗,又是100%可预防的。

33、An increase of one percentage point in state unemployment rates correlated with a 0.5 percentage point decline in the death rate — or about 5 fewer deaths per 100, 000 people. 州失业率升高1个百分点与死亡率降低0.5个百分点相关联——或者说,大约每100,000人中少死5人。

34、If you add up the position of alphabets in this word, it comes out to be the number 100 ! 如果你要从字母表中为这个词加个位置的话,结果是第100号!

35、Wednesday, more than 100 relatives of passengers who were killed in the crash held a protest outside a railway station, angered by the lack of accountability over the incident, state media reported. 星期三,将近100个死者的亲属聚集在火车站外头,为这起事故至今没有出现责任人而表示愤怒。

36、The reality is far more complicated, as suggested by this statistic: out of those 14,000 dead, fewer than 100 have been soldiers. 但现实要远为复杂。 正如数据所示:所有1万 4千名死者之中,只有不到100人是士兵。

37、In Brazil more than 100 people were killed after hours of torrential rains triggered mudslides in Rio de Janeiro state. 在巴西的里约热内卢超过100人被豪雨带来的泥石流淹死。

38、What word is the first word on page 100 in your English-Chinese dictionary? 你的英汉辞典第100页第一个单词是什么词?。

39、The unintentional-fall-related mortality rate (MR) per 100 000 population was 14.5 (99% confidence interval, CI: 13.7–15.4). 每100 000人群中与意外跌落相关的死亡率(MR)为14.5(99%置信区间:13.7-15.4)。

40、In April, a Congolese aircraft crashed near Goma killing nearly 50 people and injuring more than 100. 今年xx月,一架刚果飞机在戈马附近坠毁,导致近50人死亡,100多人受伤。

41、Results Mortality in An. dirus was 100% to DDT, deltamethrin and malathion. 结果 DDT、溴氰菊酯和马拉硫磷对大劣按蚊的死亡率均为100%;

42、And tonight, we winnow to 100 and finally to number one. 今晚, 我们精选了100句电影台词,一一展示,直到排名第一的台词。

43、More than 100 people are believed to have been killed at the Wall while trying to escape. 据相信,有超过100多的人在企图翻越柏林墙时被打死在墙脚下。

44、The last thing people want is T-100 checking their IV drip. 人们对机器人的最后一个期望就是让T-100机器人(译者注:《终结者》片中的机器人)检查静脉滴注。

45、An estimated 90 percent of home in New Orleans have been destroyed by flood waters and more than 100 people have been confirmed dead. 在新奥尔良,估计就是90%的房屋被洪水冲坏,有超过100个人被证实已经死亡。

46、Warlock: Death Coil has no cooldown against Rogues, and has a range of 100 yards. 术士: 死亡缠绕在对盗贼的时侯将没有冷却时间,范围扩大到100码。

47、Overall, about six in 100 multivitamin users and non-users died from heart disease. Cancer claimed about five in 100 from both groups, and four in 100 died from other causes. 总的来说,服用复合维生素的人和不用维生素的人死于心脏病的均占大约百分之六,死于癌症的人在两组中各占约百分之五,死于其他原因的占百分之四。

48、Some 100 jackdaws turned up dead on a street in Sweden. 大约100 只穴乌在瑞典街头死亡。

49、In fact, sharks kill only ten people each year. By contrast, you’re ten times more likely to die under the clumsy feet of ordinary cows who fatally trample around 100 people every 12 months. 不过,鲨鱼对人类的危害被夸大其词了,事实上,比起鲨鱼,人们更有10倍的可能死于普通的母牛蹄下,这种致命的踩踏导致每年约有百人死于其蹄下。

50、About 100 Britons are believed to have ended their lives at the Swiss clinic of the right-to-die organisation Dignitas. 大约100名英国人已经在瑞士的一家安乐死诊所结束了自己的生命。


51、The audience, of 100 or so students, clapped when his interlocutors called for death for blasphemers. 观众中有100多名学生,当谈话者说亵渎神的应该死的时候,观众拍手赞同。

52、Inorganic arsenic in a single dose of about 100 milligrams can kill by shutting down energy metabolism. 无机砷在单剂量100毫克可以通过减弱能量代谢的进程使人致死。

53、If the bomber turns out to be only 17, I bet you $100 he gets the Death Penalty and it won't take them but a few months to carry it out. 如果爆炸者只有xx岁的话,我跟你打赌100美元他会受到死刑的判罚,而且不出几个月他们就会给他行刑。

54、At least 14 people have been killed and around 100 injured in two explosions in the Turkish city of Istanbul. 土耳其伊斯坦布尔城两起爆炸造成至少14人死亡,100多人受伤。

55、And tonight, we winnow them down to 100, and finally to number one. 今晚,我们精选了100句电影台词,逐一展示,直到排名第一得台词。

56、Floods and rain-triggered landslides have left more than 100 people dead or missing in Jilin over the past few days. 连日洪水和暴雨引发的泥石流已造成吉林省100多人死亡或失踪。

57、The cancer is highly lethal, so the lethality rate is, animal dies with a 90-100% chance. 这种癌症死亡率很高,一旦患上,动物的死亡率为90%-100%。

58、Mortality was highest in the first 3 months after ART initiation: 30.1 deaths per 100 person–years (95% CI: 26.3–34.5). 死亡率在开始接受抗逆转录病毒疗法的前三个月里是最高的:每100人年有30.1人死亡(95%置信区间:26.3–34.5)。

59、Sid Vicious was charged with stabbing his girlfriend to death in room 100. 斯德.费西斯(Sid.Vicious)被指控在100号房捅死了他的女友。

60、50-100 Jackdaws dead in Norway 50-100寒鸦死在挪威

61、The sensitivity and specificity of MRDWI for acute cerebral infarction were 100 %and 100 %, respectively, while those of conventional MRI were 27.8 %and 100 %, respectively. DWI诊断急性期脑梗死的敏感性为100%,特异性为100%,而常规MRI诊断急性期脑梗死的敏感性和特异性分别为27.8%和100%。

62、Domodedovo Airport on Jan. 24 explosion, 36 people were killed and 100 wounded. 多莫杰多沃机场xx月xx日发生爆炸,36人死亡,100多人受伤。

63、To my investigation,all The people eat meals。 据我调查,死予肝癌的人100%都吃饭的。

64、On average, 100 people choke to death. 平均每年有100人被圆珠笔呛死。

65、They even sentence to death and either commute or execute the top CEO's if their greed exceeds 100 million. 他们甚至对那些贪污超过一亿的CEO们判死刑,然后或者改判或者执行死刑。

66、In Panama around 100 people are reported to have died after ingesting tainted cough syrup from China. 在巴拿马,有100余人由于食用了从中国来的有毒咳嗽药而死亡。

67、Moldovan television said one woman died and some 100 people were injured in Tuesday's clashes. 摩尔多瓦电视台报道说,在周二的冲突中,有一名妇女死亡,大约100人受伤。

68、Earlier reports said the death toll in Balad was nearly 100. 此前有报导说,巴拉德的死亡人数已经近100人。

69、On Wednesday, more than 100 relatives of passengers who were killed protested outside a railway station, angered by the lack of accountability over the incident, state media reported. 星期三,将近100个死者的亲属聚集在火车站外头,为这起事故至今没有出现责任人而表示愤怒。

70、During the eight-month siege of Dubrovnik, about 100 civilians died and more than 30, 000 fled their homes. 在杜布罗夫尼克被围的八个月中,有大约100位平民死于战火,30000人逃离了家乡。


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