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1、It is the very fountainhead of Chinese poetry and also the earliest anthology of Chinese poems. 《诗经》是中国诗歌的源头,是中国的第一部诗歌总集。

2、Writing poems as a poetry theorist, Lin certainly has a deeper understanding of poem creation. 林昌彝以诗论家而为诗歌, 定然对诗歌创作有着深层的体验和把握。

3、He has won the Liu Li'an Poetry Award, Rougang Poetry Award, Tomorrow- Erguna Poetry Award and an award for the top ten new poets. 他历获“刘丽安诗歌奖”,“柔刚诗歌奖”,“明天—额尔古纳诗歌双年奖”和十大新诗人奖。

4、They not only sang poems but also indited their own poems, which greatly affected the development and changes of the poems in T' ang Dynasty. 她们既歌唱诗歌,又创作自己的诗歌,这样的活动极大地影响了唐代诗歌的发展和变化。

5、Of the Hubei Poetry, from a new era, the realistic verse and the rustic verse have made rapid progress, the pioneer verse has risen suddenly and the network verse creation has been in the ascendant. 新时期以来,湖北诗歌中的现实主义诗歌与乡土诗歌得到了长足的发展,先锋诗歌异军突起,网络诗歌方兴未艾。

6、Tang poetry is not only the summit of the Chinese poetry history but also part of the world treasury of great verse. 唐代诗歌不仅达到了中国诗歌史的顶峰,而且也是世界诗歌宝库中的奇珍异宝。

7、The modern poetry movement represented by imagist poetry in Europe and America promoted the modernization of Chinese poetry. 以意象派诗歌为代表的欧美现代诗歌运动促进了中国诗歌的现代化进程;

8、The effective way to sale the "soul of contemporary poetry" is the reconstruction of mood of old poem in light of the consistency of Chinese language tradition in poetry. 诗魂是当下诗歌的根本缺失,因汉语诗歌传统的必然延续性,古诗意境成为拯救当下诗魂的有效途径。

9、The Usual Doctrine Verse, which rose after the trend of Obscure Poem, plays a vanguard role for its exploratory significance. 日常主义诗歌是朦胧诗浪潮后兴起的具有探索意义的先锋诗歌。

10、Anthology of poetry, the study of poetry anthology is of great significance, for it is closely related to poetics, schools of poetry, poetry creation and poets. 清诗总集与清代诗论、诗歌流派、诗歌创作及作家有着密切的关系,颇有研究意义。

11、It takes a poet to translate Milton. 密尔顿的诗歌需要诗人来翻译。

12、Imagist poetry exists in both American and Chinese history of literature. 意象诗是美中两国诗歌史上一个十分相近的诗歌现象。

13、Nowadays, some ordinary poetry critics usually write essays before reading poets' poems. 如今,一些大路货色的诗歌评论者写作文章是不怎么阅读诗人诗歌的。

14、The expositions on such issues as the idealism and effectiveness of verse, the source of verse writing, etc. are cardinal components of Yu Pingbo's views on new verse. 对诗歌理想、诗歌效用、诗歌创作源泉等问题的阐述是俞平伯新诗观的基本内容。

15、The poem prophecy is a poetry criticism form which intends to integrate poets with the related characters, and to verify the poetry, historical evidence and the original story. 诗谶是鉴诗者将诗歌作品与诗人或相关人物命运相结合,以求诗歌与史实或本事互相印证的一种诗歌批评形式。

16、Li Hua is a poet of Tang China, whose poetical composition contains three categories namely miscellaneous poems, historical poems and lyrics. 唐代诗人李华的诗歌创作包括杂诗、咏史诗和抒情诗三类。

17、When poets lament literature's death, poetry's marginalization, privatization and mediocrity, Internet poetry shows a centurial regeneration. 当诗人们哀叹文学死亡,诗歌的边缘化、私人化与平庸化时,网络诗歌却呈现出诗歌的世纪复兴。

18、He talks about the ility of the poem, the force from within it being equal to the force that might be applied from without. 他认为诗歌的高贵,是指诗歌内部的力量,也可以运用到诗歌外部。

19、Descendants of such poetry as "doggerel." 后人将这类诗歌称为“打油诗”。

20、Chinese traditional poets took Chinese characters as their carriers, and Chinese characters are not only their flesh and blood but their soul. 中国古典诗歌以汉字作为它的承载体,汉字既是诗歌的血肉,又是诗歌的魂魄。

21、In the historical narration of contemporary poetry, the most important parts would be Menglong poetry, the Third Generation poetry and the poetry of 1990s. 在当代诗歌的历史叙述中,“朦胧诗”、“第三代”与“xx年代诗歌”构成了八、xx年代诗歌的中心环节,关于它们的争论也是诗歌批评的最重要部分。

22、For the centre of poetic, poetry composition practice is also poetry art. 诗歌创作实践作为诗学的中心,这就是诗艺。

23、Artistry of poem; 诗歌艺术; 宫廷诗;

24、Compared with traditional poetry, Akhmatova's work has breaking innovation at the poetry rhythm and approaches. 阿赫玛托娃的诗歌与传统诗歌相比,在诗歌艺术手法与节奏方面都做出了大胆的创新。

25、He published Each One: Selected Poems of Liang Xiaoming and Archives of Avant-Garde Chinese Poetry (co-editor) and initiated the first Chinese documentary series: The Avant-Garde Chinese Poetry. 出版的诗集有《各人——梁晓明诗歌精选》。参与主编《中国先锋诗歌档案》。主持拍摄中国第一部大型先锋诗歌系列电视片《中国先锋诗歌》。


26、German poet Hile divides the emotion modes of poetry into two groups: natural poetry and sentimental poetry. 德国诗人席勒将诗歌分为两种模式:素朴诗和感伤诗。

27、Chivalry Poetry is a highlight in ancient Chinese poetry, which reached the peak in Prosperous Tang Dynasty. 咏侠诗是中国古代诗歌中的一股强音,而盛唐又是中国古代诗歌的顶峰。

28、Let's listen to a poesy how to say ? 我们听听诗歌“星星月亮齐欢迎”,看看诗歌里怎么说?

29、A clical Greek poem modeled on the choric ode and usually having a three-part structure consisting of a strophe, an antistrophe, and an epode. 诗歌:以便唱歌曲为模式的古希腊诗歌,具有三部分结构,包括向左舞动时唱的诗句,向右舞动时唱的诗句以及抒情诗等三部分。

30、The second chapter, the author on the subject matter in poetry Chu Guangxi poetry and Meng comparative study of poetry. 第二章从诗歌题材内容上对储光羲诗歌和王孟诗歌进行比较研究。

31、In this group of poems, several themes can be educed. 这一组诗歌可以离析苏若兮诗歌的出几个主题。

32、Poetic imago is the esthetic concept of appreciating poems , and is the support of poetic conception , affection and style . 诗歌意象是鉴赏诗歌的审美概念,也是诗歌意境、情思、风格的依托。

33、The rhyme is more important to the poetry. 诗韵之于诗歌犹如“文”之于“言”。

34、Subject matters of their poetry are much wider than the Han Dynasty and are forerunner for the scholar-bureaucrat poetry of the 6 Dynasties. 2. literary technique was individualized and scholarly. 他们的诗歌题材远比汉代诗歌题材宽广,而多为六朝文人诗歌开先。二,文笔个性化、文人化。他们几乎不写乐府诗,诗歌以表现个人情怀为主,文笔细腻传神。

35、From Delight to Wisdom: Frost's Peotic Theory or Peotic Structure? 始于乐止乎智:福洛斯特的诗歌理论或诗歌结构?

36、The important characteristic of Chinas poems is that the poets are literati. 中国诗歌文人化是中国诗歌的重要特征。

37、Tian Wen definited Song Dynasty's poetry position as well as the rich poetry creation, promoted to settle Song Dynasty's poetry dissemination. 田雯肯定宋诗的诗歌主张以及丰富的诗歌创作,共同促进了清初宋诗在京师的传播。

38、Vernacular poem deviates from Chinese traditional poems in the form, and the third generation of poem deviates in the content. “白话诗”是对中国诗歌传统形式的背离,“第三代诗”是对中国诗歌传统内容的背离。

39、For Erdingfu. yiren's important achievement in poetry, award him the Contemporary Chinese Outstanding Multiethnic Poet Poetry Award. 由于晓雪不可忽视的诗歌成就,特授予中国当代杰出民族诗人诗歌奖。

40、We do not read and write poetry beacause it's cute. 》我们并不因为诗歌华丽时髦而去读诗或者写诗。

41、Employing the temperament Tang poetry as his critical criteria, he worships Tang poetry, deses Song poetry and affirms Ming poetry. 他以唐诗性情本质作为诗歌批评的标准,崇尚唐诗,轻视宋诗,肯定明诗。

42、In this article, the author studies Pufeng's contribution to China's modern poetry from two aspects, which are poem writing and new poem campaign. 蒲风对于中国现代诗歌史的贡献,表现在诗歌创作和新诗歌运动两个方面。

43、For Xiaoxue's notable achievement in poetry, award him the Contemporary Chinese Outstanding Multiethnic Poet Poetry Award. 由于阿尔丁夫•翼人重要的诗歌成就,特授予中国当代杰出民族诗人诗歌奖。

44、The poetry should express a poets real feelings, and his contribution to new poetry theory in his early phase is his poetic "aristocratic" theory and Sino-western integration theory. 诗歌要表达诗人的真实的情思,诗歌的“贵族化”理论和中西融合的诗歌发展之路,都是早期他对新诗理论的重要贡献。

45、On the other hand, ecopoetry's vigour including ecological ideal realm, ecological sense and ecological spiritualism, it integrates ecology and poetry ideally. 另一方面,生态诗歌有着把生态与诗歌完美地结合在一起的生态诗境、生态诗味、生态诗气等“生态诗风”。

46、Poetry Society of Arts awarded by China, "Poetry Artistic Contribution Award." 获中国诗歌艺术学会颁赠「诗歌艺术贡献奖」。

47、Job, Psalms, Proverbs, Ecclesiastes, Song of Solomon. 伯(约伯记)、诗(诗篇)、箴(箴言)、传(传道书)、歌(雅歌)。

48、The poems by the poets in Qilu have made great contributions to the development of Chinese poetry and they are an important part of the Chinese poetry. 齐鲁诗人的诗歌创作,为中国诗歌的发展作出重大贡献,并成为中国诗歌的重要组成部分。

49、The poetry of Shuting has both the trace of modern poetry style, and the Chinese traditional poetry style. 舒婷诗歌既有现代派诗风的痕迹,又具中国传统诗歌的韵味。

50、The poem Changshixing of the Han Dynasty is probably one of the earliest Chinese poems expressing a moral sense of time. 汉代诗歌《长歌行》应是中国古典诗歌中最早集中表现惜时道德感主题的诗。


51、He styled his poem doggerel. 他把他的这首诗歌叫做打油诗。

52、Chinese clical poetry; Japanese Haiku; the Imagist Poetry Movement; Chinese New Poetry Movement; Translation; Reformation; Cultural Communication; 中国古典诗歌; 日本俳句; 意象主义诗歌; 白话诗; 翻译; 革新; 文化交流;

53、They highlighted the ontological features of poem by way of distinguishing poems from articles, poems from non-poems and poems in different times. 通过辨诗文之别、诗与非诗之别,以及诗歌的时代之别,突现了诗歌的本体特征;


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