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关于”感官动词“的英语作文范文2篇,作文题目:Sensory verbs。以下是关于感官动词的高三英语范文,每篇作文均为高分范文带翻译。

高分英语作文1:Sensory verbs

Feelfeel [fi: lfil] feeling depressed, finishing a job feels good, the metal feels smooth and cold, it's cold that day, the doctor felt his head from several layers of clothes, I could feel his muscles, she felt something pressing on her hand, I felt I blushed, he felt her eyes staring at him.




Pythons and some pythons have infrared sensing receptors in the deep grooves on their noses, which enables them to "see" the radiant heat of their hot blooded prey. These grooves are located between the nostrils and the eyes. In a large "pit" on both sides of the head, other infrared sensitive snakes have a number of smaller lip pits located directly below the upper lip and nostrils.

They use odor to track prey Forked tongues collect particles in the air and pass them to vomeronasal organs or Jacobson organs in the mouth for examination. Forks in the tongue give snakes a directional sense of smell and taste. At the same time, they keep their tongues moving, sampling particles from the air, the ground and water, analyzing the chemicals found, and determining whether there are baits or predators in the local environment, Anaconda, for example, has a very efficient tongue that moves underwater.

This is from GA The line diagram of Boulenger fauna in British India illustrates the term of snake head shield. The lower side of the snake is very sensitive to vibration, which enables the snake to sense the approaching animals by detecting the weak vibration on the ground. The snake's vision varies greatly, from only distinguishing light and dark to sharp vision, but the main trend is that their vision is enough, although not very sharp, and can Generally speaking, arboreal snakes have the best vision, while burrowing snakes have the worst vision.

Some snakes, such as the Asian vine snake (ahatula), have binocular vision. Since both eyes can focus on the same point, most snakes focus by moving the lens back and forth in the retina. In other amniotic animals, the lens is extended.

Many nocturnal snakes have split pupils, while diurnal snakes have round pupils.


蟒蛇和一些蟒蛇在鼻子上的深槽中有红外线感应受体,这使它们能够“看到”毒蛇体内热血猎物的辐射热,这些凹槽位于鼻孔和眼睛之间,在头部两侧的一个大“坑”中,其他红外线敏感蛇有多个,位于上唇、鼻孔正下方的较小的唇坑利用气味来追踪猎物,它们用分叉的舌头收集空气中的微粒,然后将它们传递给口中的犁鼻器或雅各布森器官进行检查舌头中的叉子给蛇一种定向的嗅觉和味觉同时,它们保持舌头不停地运动,从空气、地面和水中取样微粒,分析所发现的化学物质,并确定当地环境中是否存在食饵或捕食者,例如水蟒,这种舌头在水下活动的效率很高,这是来自GA Boulenger动物群的线图在英属印度,说明了蛇头盾牌的术语,蛇的下侧对振动非常敏感,这使得蛇能够通过检测地面上微弱的振动来感知接近的动物,蛇的视觉差异很大,从只能分辨明暗到敏锐的视力,但主要趋势是它们的视力是足够的,虽然不是很锐利,而且可以让它们跟踪运动,一般来说,树栖蛇的视力最好,而穴居蛇的视力最差一些蛇,例如亚洲藤蔓蛇(亚哈图拉属)具有双目视觉,由于两只眼睛都能聚焦在同一个点上,大多数蛇通过在视网膜上来回移动晶状体来聚焦,而在其他羊膜动物中,晶状体是伸展的。许多夜间活动的蛇有裂开的瞳孔,而白天活动的蛇有圆的瞳孔。


Cat is a pet animal. It is sweet, lively and lovely. It can catch mice and direct its owner to pet the newborn kitten.

Its eyes are closed, the bark is thin, and the whole body is naked. It is just like a crawling meat. It is only a full moon cat.

It can't walk without milk. However, it has learned to be mischievous. Like our troublesome cats, its teeth are sharp and conical, and its tongue is rough.

Once it is caught, it is old Rats, there are many barbs, cat claws, cat teeth bite people, immediately, evil im mice will open their stomachs, flesh and blood cat's paws have fat and soft cushion, quietly walk, from the toe of the trampling rodent with sharp claws, can be scaled, which makes it not only run like flies on the ground, but also along the walls of the room, climb trees and climb over walls As the saying goes, no matter the white cat or the black cat, it is good to catch the mouse. When the cat does not cry, it will find the trace of the mouse and fall down immediately. When the cat gets close to the mouse, he will do it again.

It is just in EA.




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