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关于”感谢老师和朋友“的英语作文模板2篇,作文题目:Thank teachers and friends。以下是关于感谢老师和朋友的小学英语模板,每篇作文均为满分模板带翻译。

高分英语作文1:Thank teachers and friends

I want to thank my high school English teacher, he is a kind person, very easygoing to students, very patient. His class is very interesting. He not only has good teaching skills, but also gives us advice on how to learn other subjects well.

I remember one time when I failed my math exam and I felt very depressed. He came to encourage me, give me confidence, and let me keep improving. Every time I see him, he is concerned about my math study.

In the end, I did well in my math exam. I am very grateful to him for his help and knowledge. I have a lovely family, including my parents, my grandparents, and of course myself.

I love all my family members. Because of their efforts in the past few years, I am strong and healthy. Nevertheless, they work very hard because my task is very small to ensure that I can get a better education, from primary school to university, in the future, somehow I'm sorry, but they encouraged me to study hard.

After adapting to the society that makes me feel that they are the greatest parents in the world, I hope they can be happy forever, and the most important thing is to keep healthy. In their balanced years, I hope they can live a better life and contribute to the society. I hope I can be with them and bring more to the family I like my parents, because they are very good to my growth.

I want to tell my parents that this sentence is "my mother and my father, I love you forever". Sometimes you shout at me, I know you are very good to me, and I want to thank you again and again.






Everyone should have a kind of grateful life feelings, we have a grateful life, family gratitude, Thanksgiving life, social gratitude if, like me, choose my first grateful parents, they let me come to this colorful world, they spare no effort to support me in their growth and harvest success, I am very happy to be with me In my frustration, I was inspired, I was encouraged, I was exhorted, and I was looking forward to a report. The painstaking efforts of my parents flowed through my body from time to time. If you are just grateful to your parents, they may be too narrow-minded.

We also hope that as long as you are grateful for your life, your life will be more happy. Life is fair. She will not cheat you, as long as you Pay, there will always be a return, although sometimes it is smooth, sometimes there are countless reefs singing, even sometimes laughing, even sometimes sad and depressed, this is life, give us hot and sour salt, give us flowers and sunshine, no matter what kind of circumstances, gratitude should live there, or there is colorful, but also to thank everyone around you Thank those who encourage you, because he brought you into power, thank you for your help, because he told us what to spur, thank you, because he relieved your karma, grateful to those who hurt you, because he honed your heart to thank those who cheated you, because he improved your knowledge to thank those who abandoned you, because you have to teach He is self reliant and grateful for your trip, because he strengthens your ability to be grateful.

I don't know how a person can be. Unlike a fish breathing, he can't live for a moment. He is grateful to know a person, just like a bee meeting a flower, meeting an oasis in the desert, just like a horse coming to the world.

With such a beautiful heart of gratitude, he sings in front of the world: "grateful heart, thank you, use My life ".




Honey| Mr. X, I'm writing to say thank you for teaching us something we need to learn, for being with us when we encounter any problems, for your dedication and willingness to help us, for your love for us. I am very lucky to have a teacher like you.

No matter what kind of person I will be, you will always influence me and you will teach me How I learn, how to live, and even how to be a man. I learned from you what kind of person I want to be, what I should get from life, which means everything to me, dear teacher, no matter you always have a special place in my heart, I will remember what I learned from you and bring knowledge to my life. Happy New Year.


亲爱的| X先生,我写这封信是想说谢谢你教给我们一些我们需要学习的东西,感谢你在我们遇到任何问题的时候一直陪伴在我们身边,感谢你的奉献和愿意帮助我们,感谢你对我们的爱我很幸运有一个像你这样的老师,不管我会成为什么样的人,你会一直影响着我,你教会了我如何学习,如何生活,甚至如何成为一个男人。我从你身上学到了我想成为什么样的人,我应该从生活中得到什么,这对我来说意味着一切,亲爱的老师,无论你在我心中永远都有一个特殊的位置,我会记住我从你那里学到的东西把知识带到我的生活中新年快乐。


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