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关于”暑假生活“的英语作文范文2篇,作文题目:Summer vacation life。以下是关于暑假生活的高二英语范文,每篇作文均为万能范文带翻译。

高分英语作文1:Summer vacation life

Good morning, dear students. I'm glad to see all our classmates back to school. I want to share my holiday life with you.

This summer vacation, I spent most of my time playing, such as watching TV, playing games, and outing with friends. But I also pay attention to my study. For example, I like watching educational TV programs, so I can have a good time You can learn something new.

In addition, I get up early to do some early reading to practice my English. Of course, I finish my summer exercises on time. My summer vacation is colorful and meaningful.

I'd like to know your life in the summer vacation.




In southern Taiwan, summer is very hot, where the temperature usually rises to centigrade or higher. Because of the heat, it is a kind of trial experience to go to school or do anything else without air conditioning. Because of this, I spend most of my summer vacation at home, and occasionally go to the beach for a dip.

I like swimming. I think there is nothing like swimming in summer vacation It's even more refreshing. During the summer vacation, my classmates and I went swimming many times.

We all had a happy summer vacation. However, as a senior two student, I didn't spend all my time on fun. I had to prepare for the college entrance examination one year later.

In other words, I had to take time to study. Therefore, I divided the summer vacation into work and entertainment, and benefited a lot from this arrangement 。 This summer vacation, my way of life is completely different from the way I used to travel every day in the past summer vacation, but I can't afford this summer vacation. I will soon enter the last year of high school education.

After graduation, I will face the college entrance examination. Although there is still one year to go before the college entrance examination, I must start to review what I have learned in school early, so as to be fully prepared for myself Summer vacation is an ideal time for me to do this. At first, I was very depressed when I thought about it, but later I thought it was better.

Because through hard work this summer, I could count on endless happy summer to remember this point. Then I began to work like anything, just go out occasionally to change or do something. I have a little bit about this kind of life I'm not bored, because I have a hope to support me.

The summer vacation is coming again. I'm glad that I can at least forget about the school for a while, so that the whole summer vacation will not pass. I made a plan to spend the summer vacation.

I think I should review the things that the teacher taught last semester, so that I can understand them better. Then I think I should do some exercise, such as walking, running and rowing, to keep my strength. With such a good plan, I should make the most of my vacation time.

Yes, because I live up to my plan.





Mr. Brown, summer vacation is coming. We have different plans.

Some of my classmates are going to visit some places of interest. Some of them don't go out. They need to read more and prepare for their future study.

Some people want to do more exercise to keep healthy. I plan to go to Beijing to watch the Olympic Games, because it is a good opportunity to make more friends and understand the Olympic Games.




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