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关于”最珍贵的纪念品“的英语作文范文3篇,作文题目:The most precious souvenir。以下是关于最珍贵的纪念品的小学英语范文,每篇作文均为高分范文带翻译。

高分英语作文1:The most precious souvenir

Chinese knot, namely Chinese traditional decorative knot, is a kind of Arts and crafts decoration with folk characteristics, which originated in ancient times, developed in Tang and Song Dynasties, and popularized in Ming and Qing Dynasties. From its initial practical use to now, Chinese knot has become a kind of elegant and colorful arts and crafts. Chinese knot refers to that each knot is composed of a rope, which is skillfully combined with different knots or other auspicious decorations.

It is named after its specific form and meaning to form a unique auspicious decoration symbolizing beauty, meaning and wish, such as "happiness, anger, sadness and happiness" "Birthday", "double happiness", "good luck", "wish" and "wish you peace" are traditional Chinese festive expressions, expressing the warmest greetings, best wishes and the best ideals. In order to meet the needs of modern life, there are many kinds of Chinese knot products, mainly auspicious pendants and knitted apparel decoration. Auspicious pendants include large tapestries, large room hanging, car hanging, etc.

knitting clothing decoration includes rings, earrings, bracelets, necklaces and other special female decorations. Today, Chinese knots are loved by people in its unique form, which is a reason about the moon cake of Yuan Dynasty In BC, China was ruled by the Mongolian People's leader of the last song dynasty (BC was not willing to submit to foreign rule, and set up how to coordinate the rebellion without being discovered by the rebel leaders). The Mid Autumn Festival was approaching, and a special mooncake was ordered.

There was a message on the back of each moon cake, with the outline of the attack on the night of the Mid Autumn Festival written on it They attached to and overthrew the government. People eat moon cakes to commemorate this legend. They are called moon cakes.

They are desserts made of nuts, red bean paste, lotus seed paste or Chinese dates. Sometimes, cooked egg yolk can be found in the middle of the rich flavor desserts. People compare moon cakes to plum pudding and fruit cakes served on British festivals.





My family, I will cherish my life. I can live with my wife, which is very lucky. I remember the first time I met in a cold drink shop, I was wearing a pink sports watch.

She looked at my watch and was surprised. She laughed and asked me why I had a big watch. I replied that her watch was fashionable and functional, including: water tightness, vibration, alarm clock, etc I like it from wwwjoozonecom, since then, we often date together, and then I am very busy working in the factory.

I only rest. It's a little far from the factory to her home on Sundays. She takes less than an hour to get there.

She usually comes here to see me. We spend all day shopping together, watching movies, eating together, and then I will take her home in the evening like this She has been married for several months. She is always the most beautiful woman in my heart.

I believe her love and unity. She is a great cook. I like eating it very much.

I am very lucky. We have a son one year after our marriage. I hope she can become a housewife.

So she quit her job and take care of our children. Our son is already in the fourth grade of primary school this year. My wife is busier than before.

She has to make breakfast for my son and me, and then she takes our son to school from Monday to Monday. Friday, four times a day, our second child is about to be born. I don't know if I need to finish school to take care of her.

Sometimes I have to face some difficulties. She always supports me. No matter what I do, I love my wife very much Because she is the most important person in my life, my family, I will cherish my life.




My most unforgettable gift is the comic book that my mother bought for me for the first time. Although I was very young at that time, I didn't understand the characters, but I was curious when I looked at the characters in the cartoon. After reading it for a long time, we would find that I was funny and lovely when I was a child.

However, in my mother's heart, I was always a small child, so the comic book my mother bought for me for the first time was me Miss, very impressive.




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