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关于”距离不能分开彼此“的英语作文模板2篇,作文题目:Distance cannot separate each other。以下是关于距离不能分开彼此的xx年级英语模板,每篇作文均为万能模板带翻译。

高分英语作文1:Distance cannot separate each other

N: You set up an incredible chemical reaction. B: Yes, we have been inseparable since then. B: you or her B: what? N: inseparable B: both.

From the moment we met on the Internet, it was a kind of magic. From the moment I saw her with my own eyes, it was a dream. N: why not propose to her? B: I didn't think that N: then she would not leave you.

B: maybe you were right. N: when she was Did you cry on the way home? B: No, but I cried in my heart. I haven't felt so empty in my life.

N: I can understand, Brian. B: No, you can't. n: Yes, I can.

B: you think you can. So you were looking for love when you met her. B: actually, I just wanted to know how the girl I said on the phone looked like.

N: so what do you think of the next few days? B: I don't Yes, I only know that we will be together in some way. N: you think that will happen. B: Excuse me.

N: you think you and she will be together. B: I just imagined n: did she go home? B: Yes, she went home yesterday. N: far away B: No, just a few kilometers away.

B: that's not far. B: Yes, but the distance between us seems to be gone forever.


N: 你建立了一种不可思议的化学反应B:是的,我们从那时起就不可分割了B:你或她B:什么N:不可分割的B:两者,从我们在网上认识的那一刻起,这是一种魔力,从我亲眼见到她的那一刻起,这是一个梦N:为什么不向她求婚B:我没想过N:那她不会离开你B:也许你是对的N:当她回家的路哭了吗B:不,但我在内心哭了,我一辈子都没觉得这么空虚N:我能理解,布莱恩B:不,你不能N:是的,我可以B:你认为你可以N:所以你遇到她时正在寻找爱情B:事实上不是,我只是想知道我在电话里说的那个女孩长得怎么样N:那么你对未来几天的看法B:我不知道,我只知道我们会以某种方式在一起N:你认为那会发生B:请原谅N:你以为你和她会在一起B:我只是想象N:她回家了吗B:是的,她昨天回家了N:遥远的B:不,就住在几公里外N:那不远B:是的,但我们之间的距离似乎一辈子都没有了。


Our school can service has its advantages, delicious food, I am a student of our school, good service attitude. First, third, the waiting time for buying vegetables is too long. We can invite students to partite in the can to provide help, but there are also some disadvantages.

I think, secondly, we can let the students list the meals. They like to let the can do it. I want to talk about the service of our school can, which has few varieties Our can is very clean.

For example, the price of food is very high.




The old Wang Ye retired. He and his old wife had been married for many years, and they were deeply in love. Unexpectedly, they developed dementia one after another.

Their family was busy working during the day, so they sent them to the old hospital. The two old people received nursing and rehabilitation treatment during the day, but they returned home unexpectedly at night. Although the disease has taken away their health and memory, their love for decades is not They will be taken away.

They forget everything, but they still recognize each other's faces. They always look for each other's figure. When they walk outside, the husband and wife always hold hands.

As long as the Lord does not see his wife for a period of time, he will chase after others and ask where his wife is. If he does not see his wife for more than a minute, the medical staff will immediately bring her to him. He will be very anxious, but he will be very anxious Milk is very happy every day.

She is very sick. She likes to wear red clothes and tell the people around me that I am going to get married. The nurses ask her who she is going to marry.

She will tell her grandfather Wang's name. It seems that her memory goes back to that girl, forever staying in the happy time when she is going to marry Mr. Wang.

Both the old couple in Taiwan are dementia patients, but they are both dementia patients It's moving to remember each other and even forget the world they don't want to leave.




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