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(making decisions) growing up means making my own decisions when I was a child. My parents made all the difficult decisions for me. But as I got older and older, I felt that I could make my own decisions.

I suddenly thought that I had to face all the difficulties alone, otherwise, I would not be able to succeed in the most difficult decisions in the future. I used to keep a diary every day At first, I often can't remember clearly, but I find it a lot of fun to keep a diary. Finally, every night I sit at my desk, after writing down my feelings, before I go to bed, I can always think about what happened in the day.

I have so much experience in my diary, which is not only a good habit, but also a good friend of mine. I will keep one for the rest of my life. Growing up means my own decision in my childhood, whenever I am in trouble or have difficult decisions.

I always ask my parents for advice, but as time goes on, I grow up, on the one hand, I have to deal with my personal affairs, on the other hand, I have more freedom to deal with things in my own way, on the other hand, I also have to be responsible for the consequences of my decisions, which is a proverb, "there is no free lunch "In addition to giving me a lot of privileges that I was previously deprived of, growing up also made me have the obligation to make my own decisions. The most difficult decision I ever made was whether I should go to vocational school or ordinary high school. Going to vocational school means not to be affected by pressure and tension.

I can enjoy a happy and carefree school life. Going to ordinary high school is an imminent preparation for the joint examination. It means another three years of hard work.

After careful consideration and discussion with my parents, I sacrificed the opportunity to receive higher education. I finally decided to go to high school. This decision made everything different.





Think about one day when a man was washing his car with a special brush. A little girl looked at him and said, "my father has a brush like this to clean his car." He really said, "what's your dad's name?" The little girl replied, "Oh, he hasn't got the car yet, but he has a brush to clean it up. I think you have to start somewhere.

It's important that you start. To do that, we first have to decide what kind of life we want, and it's strange how many of us want to live forever, when we can't even decide what we should do with our lives now As that person said, I'm going to stop procrastinating. From tomorrow, you see, even if someone else has made a decision for you, you can still decide how to respond to and deal with the life given to you.

You can still control your attitude. Happiness is an attitude and a choice. No matter what situation you are in, remember, you can always find someone worse than you We don't pay attention to our own problems any more.

When we help others, you can help them. We can be really happy ourselves, but if you choose not to make a decision, that's your decision, then you will live with many smart and talented people who have never enjoyed the possibility of success, just because they can't make a decision, and they can't restrain themselves to the end. Remember, if your life doesn't change, it will stay the same, it's so simple, so from where you are now, you have to first decide where you'd rather go if you can't change your mind, the great writer Tolstoy said, everyone wants to change the world, but no one wants to change themselves, so ask yourself now: what do I need to do Decide to change my life, just think about it.





From January to may, I lived an extremely inactive lifestyle, addicted to video games, and basically ignored all aspects of my health. I'm addicted to games and almost ruined my mood. When I can force myself to go to class or go out to socialize, I'm in pain.

I want to stop. One day, I did it, and as I told myself, I'll focus on building and improving myself. I'm proud of my hygiene and exercise, and I've been building hobbies (mainly playing the piano) for almost a full month since that day I just want to share with you that since then, I've been doing my best to be active.

I've found a job promoting activities. I've been hiking as much as possible and running in the park. I can say that's the happiest thing I've had for a while.

If not, just think about it for a month. Who knows what will bring me in the next few years? My letter My heart has gone from almost nothing to the most confident state I've ever had. It's easier for me to get rid of the mental health than I want to be.




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