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关于”经典的诗“的英语句子31个,句子主体:classic poetry。以下是关于经典的诗的专业英语句子。

英文句子模板1:classic poetry

1、time time to say goodbye 是该说再见的时候了


2、By J.R.R. Tolkein. Absolute classics. The Hobbit by itself is a great little book, but the LOTR series adds epic drama to the world of the Hobbits.


3、I was 23 years old when I met Tranströmer, the same age he was when his first volume of poems

17 Poems put him on the literary map in Sweden.


4、The Bookof Songs was produced for the ritual standard and disseminated and accepted as a result of rituals too.


5、It was a classic case of economically counterproductive xenophobia.


6、but it's still like the classic burger.

7、Don't cry because it is over,smile because it happened 不要因为结束而哭泣,因为你曾经拥有


8、The Canon of Ethnomusicology:is there one?

9、is as difficult as to live together 和与你在一起同样艰难

With silence and tears. 若我再见到你, 事隔经年, 我该如何贺你?

10、If I should meet thee, After long years, How should I greet thee?


11、Vico convergence of the Bible, poetry, by Homer's epic, over-the Roman Empire, the Enlightenment of the World, against the modern.


12、There is something of poem and painting and something of Fengshui, which is so called typical south China scholar garden.


13、The "Ideal in Poems" was the first theoretical proposition in Chinese poetics whose study is closely related to its relation with Yao Dian(or the Chronology of Emperor Yao).

14、With silence and tears. 若我再见到你, 事隔经年, 我该如何贺你?

15、life can be so hard sometimes 没想到会这样


16、you know, that's got to be on the top.


17、For this project, he has dug deep into Disney's epic history and has given the iconic mouse something of a make-over.


18、The creation history of contemporary novels is a development history that succeeds and deviates the sutra, because it is restricted and effected by the developing way of classic novels.


19、In terms of disseminating and accepting history, the classicality of the Tang poetry was a dynamic and multiplying historical process.


20、Gooden was the classic young power pitcher.

21、The Group's flagship The Ascott luxury serviced residence brand projects an elegant lifestyle appealing to top executives.雅诗阁集团属下的旗舰品牌-雅诗阁豪华寓所针对的是公司里高级行政管理人员,是成功人士的典范。

22、While the Acropolis was the city's ceremonial showpiece, it was the Ancient Agora that was the real heart of classical Athens.当卫城是城市的仪式典范时,那古市场就是雅典经典的真实心脏。

23、Poesy on Chinese painting is a kind of typical derivation of Chinese culture.题画诗是一种典型的中国文化的派生物。

24、Focusing on Zhu Xi s interpretation of the Four Books, in this article we discuss the relation between interpretation of classics and construction of philosophy.在中国经典解释传统中,经典文本与解经者的哲学建构之间,存在着既不能分割,而又互为紧张的关系。

25、Classic Characters – Cameos from classic heroes and villains from the Watchmen universe, including Rorschach, Dr. Manhattan and more!经典人物-客串,从经典的英雄和恶棍从看守宇宙,包括罗夏博士,曼哈顿和更多!

英文句子26:,26、now it's time to say goodbye 是该说再见的时候了

27、While Romantism Tradition refers to the romantic features of the literal theories, writers' attitudes and the world of texts and the phenomena of that the modern novel holds on so long and so classic.而“诗性传统”则是指在文学观念、作家心态、文本世界等方面表现出了“诗性”特征,并在文学史进程中保持了长期性和经典性的现代小说现象。

28、KMC's sword is stored within the canon.科氏的剑是存储在经典。

29、Much attention has been paid to 24 pieces of classical poems of Snyder, whereas other English versions have been ignored.目前已有对英译寒山诗研究多集中于史奈德24首经典译作,对其它英译版本则发掘不深。

30、From the point of modern logic, the logic developed from traditional logic to classical symbolic logic then to non-classical logic.从现代逻辑学的视野来看,逻辑学从古至今经历着从传统逻辑到经典逻辑再到非经典逻辑的发展过程。

31、The glory of elevation of Du Fu's poetry to classics was facilitated since Xining period and completed in the following Yuanyou period.熙宁以后,杜诗的经典化进程加快,终于在随后的元祐时代得以完成。

32、Scrupulous and accurate design makes Mendale sofa a great success. Each model is a classic one that transcends fashion and is tested by time but always in mode.设计的斟酌和推敲成就梦洁沙发经典超越时尚, 款款经典,经年时考验而不落后。

33、Secondly , the process of the Mao Poems'classic .《毛诗》经学化的过程。

34、our destinies are left forever 我们的缘分已尽

35、After long do not ask,do not say everything。 译文:别后悠悠君莫问,无限事,不言中。

36、Reviewing the departing poems in this period, the departing poems in "Selected Reading" are with typical characteristics and era feature.综观这一时期的祖饯诗作,《文选》祖饯诗作具有典型性和时代特色。

37、Eye color: as for classic tabby.眼睛颜色: 至于经典平纹。

38、Don't cry because it is over,smile because it happened。 译文:不要因为结束而哭泣,因为你曾经拥有。

39、Work produced was a regarded as a classic, or a beginning to creation as a classic, such as the model operas.作品一生产出来就被奉为经典,或一开始就是当成 经典来创作的,如样板戏。

40、Dylan Thomas was an emotional, passionate poet, true to the character of Wales.迪伦·托马斯是一个感情丰富、易于激动的诗人。 这是威尔土人的典型拉格。

41、However, every time culture faced a crisis, there would appear both "discarding classics" and "pseudo-classics".但每逢遭际精神无根的文化危机时代,总会出现“去经典化”与“伪经典化”共生的现象。

42、Locke's famous answer comes in Section 27.洛克的经典回答在第27节。

43、Otherwise, the using classical in his poems is versatile, including positive, negative, clear, and dark.另外,其诗中的用典灵活多样,正用、反用、明用、暗用,兼而有之;

44、The Little Mermaid and The Little Match girl are two classical works which were still popular among children to this day, with characteristics of poetic imagination and profound implication.《海的女儿》《卖火柴的小女孩》是流传至今的经典儿童文学作品,其中不仅飞扬着诗意的想象,且有深邃的内涵。

45、If we hand it a classical bit (0 or 如果我们传给它一个经典的二进制位(0 或

1) as an argument, it will return a classical bit.


46、The infinite sky gradually far gradually,like all its constantly。 译文:离愁渐远渐无穷,迢迢不断如春水。

47、but there is one thing 但有一件事

48、XX公司经典食品系列 Classic Food Series from XX Company

49、Includes classic quotes from Brennan and Dale!包括陶片和戴尔的经典对白!

50、It has been a great phenomenon to reproduce classical fairy tales through parody in the late 20~(th) century, along with the pace of the culturally classic-consuming trend.使用戏仿手法对经典童话进行再生产,是伴随着二十世纪后期经典消费化浪潮而出现的一个典型的文化现象。

经典英文句子51:经典的诗,51、for me you mean so much 你对我意味着什么

52、In Chinese classical literature, the literary pattern of integrating water with female characters can dates back to The Book of Songs which is the fountain-head of Chinese poetry.在中国古典文学当中,水与女性相融的文学模式渊源,最早可以上溯到《诗经》?。

53、In the early part of the 20th century, scholars studied The Book of Songs from the literary viewpoint and drew a conclusion that traditional study of The Book of Songs have no literary scholarship.二十世纪初期,《诗经》研究者从文学视角审视传统《诗经》学,得出的基本结论是传统《诗经》学里没有文学性研究。

54、life is just an ever ending emptiness 只是永远的虚空

55、Using the creative methods of reflections on seasons and beings in Shi Jing, scholars created works by the artistic conception of Shi Jing to reflect that Shi…士人们借鉴《诗经》感时感物的创作方法,化用《诗经》的意境进行创作,反映出《诗经》作为文学“基因”之一对后世文学创作的影响。

56、now it's time to say goodbye 是该说再见的时32313133353236313431303231363533e59b9ee7ad9431333332623934候了

57、Classic toe box and sidewall trimming.经典脚趾盒和侧壁微调。

58、Objective To compare the classical method with modified method in the preparation of enzyme conjugates.目的对过碘酸盐经典法(经典法)和过碘酸盐改良法(改良法)制备的酶标记结合物进行比较。

59、Using old-fashioned good storytelling, "Red Cliff" restores credibility to the genre of Chinese historical epics that have often been tainted by pointlessly large-scaled and action-packed productions.通过遵循经典的叙事范例,《赤壁》重建了以往规模庞大、动作火爆但流于庸俗的中国式史诗巨片的公信力。

60、Constancy means the steadiness of the meaning of classics. The interpreter could not interpret the classics willfully, which may lead to relativism.常坚持经典之义并非什么都行而具有经常性,解释者不能任意曲解经典而陷入相对主义的泥潭。

61、"Thinking purely" came from "The Book of Songs". Confucius quoted it Out of contest to express its social function.“思无邪”出自《诗经》,孔子断章取义地引用,表达了《诗经》的社会功用。

62、The low labor productivity and the close agricultural economy in the south of Yellow River gestated Classical realism and at last gave birth to the Book of Songs.中原地区低下的劳动生产力和封闭的农业经济,孕育着古典现实主义——《诗经》的诞生。

63、The film is now recognized as a classic.这是一部公认的经典影片。

64、Just one smile from you,Would make my whole world bright如果你是我眼里的,一滴泪;

65、Love laughter as the old,the temples have been spotted。 译文:浮云一别后,流水xx年间。

66、Paterson more than made up for the lack of schooling with self-directed education, voraciously reading the classics of poetry and literature.帕特森如饥似渴的阅读诗歌和文学经典,凭借自我导向的教育不仅弥补,而且还胜过了学校教育。

67、we'll meet again one day 也许有一天还会相见

68、Liu Shahe's poems possess the features of realism.沙河 的诗具有典范的现实主义特色。

69、to be away from you 能否离你而去

70、Forgive me for wanting to be with you when I grow old原谅我生活中不能没有你;

71、Fold-over lapel. Sleeveless. Classic fit.折叠式翻领。无袖。经典的健康。


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