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关于”保护树木的措施“的英语句子43个,句子主体:Measures to protect trees。以下是关于保护树木的措施的专业英语句子。

英文句子模板1:Measures to protect trees


1、I do think it's time that something should be done to protect our eye-sight.


2、The forest area of clic garden and ancient tree population should focus on the rejuvenation and pest control.


3、The trees are born round so that they can protect themselves.


4、Textile workers favored protection because they feared an influx of cheap cloth .


5、Result This practice enhanced nurses consciousness of standard nursing service, improved nurse image, harmonized nurse-patient relationship and impro…


6、Such an area will ensure that identification to the consumable test report is maintained at all times.


7、This is a memory-leak guard step.


8、Lonza Group takes all reasonable measures to protect your Personal Information.


9、Rubble slope and gravel pavement are two kinds of engineering measures protecting permafrost under embankment.


10、We’ll have to take steps to protect the lake’s scenery and ecology.


11、These measures include the provision of disinfectant hand washes and footbaths at selected points around the reserve, and regular disinfection of site infrastructure.


12、China has not revealed whether it will take any vent-protecting steps.


13、Safeguard is perfect, and it has over input voltage, over tube current, over filament and over power protect;


14、Make certain your contractor protects existing plants and trees during home construction.


15、"This shows that protection methods can work, " says Marton-LefEevre.


16、And these safeguards and rules are naturally addressed to human beings.


17、After that measures for implementing the strategy are put forward in the aspects poplar silviculture, poplar wood processing and relevant policies.


18、So taking measures against leak is paint covering to eliminate crevice and electrochemical cathodic protection.


19、The author introduced the categories and distribution of the aged trees resources and their value , pointed out the exiting problems and put forward substantial measures of the protection.


20、At last, bring forward resolvent of the region protective policy.

21、Ecological mitigation measures which include planting of 生态保护措施,包括沿边界道路种植4,660棵树和重建地盘内的养鱼池。

4, 660 No trees along the border road and reinstating fishponds within the site.

22、Update the afforestation; The management; measures.更新造林;管护;措施施。

23、IT is every one's responsibility to protect the plants希望我的回答对你有帮助,祝好。

24、The pest's controls, such as mixed forest, forest tree management, or introduction and protection of its natural enemy, are effective measures.营造混交林、加强林木管理、控制虫源、引进并保护和利用天敌是控制红脂大小蠹的有效措施。

25、Next, cherishes the flowers and plants, the protect trees, fells not randomly, and in after school many kinds of trees.其次,爱护花草,保护树木,不乱砍伐,并在课余时间多种些树木。

英文句子26:,26、The old trees species and the ecological landscape characteristics in Jiaoyuan Old Village of Zhaoqing City have been reported from the angle of old trees protection.从古树名木保护角度报道了肇庆蕉园古村落的古树种类及其生态景观特色;探讨了古树保护与生态景观资源的协调关系;针对景观资源的现状提出了一些保护措施。

27、The fourth discusses the lawyers' safeguard mechanism of rights and interests.第四章辩护律师执业权益保障措施。

28、Taped seams offer an extra measure of protection against moisture.编带接缝提供一个额外的保护,防潮措施。

29、The experience of proper utilization and protection of savanna in Australia was also briefed.概述了澳大利亚对稀树草原的合理利用与保护措施。

30、The guaranteed measures of quality control and safe construction for OPGW was introduced.文中介绍了光缆施工的质量保证措施与安全保证措施。

31、In certain cases the use of conservation-oriented protective technology is unavoidable.某些时候,维护导向的保护技术则是不可避免的必要措施。

32、Protective measures for different types of sand production formations are suggested.提出了不同类型出砂储层的保护措施。

33、Green trade barrier is a kind of non- tariff trade measure aiming at environmental protection.绿色贸易壁垒是为了保护环境而实施的一种非关税贸易措施。

34、The bark is the hard skin on the outside of a tree. It protects the tree.树皮是树木外层的坚硬皮壳,它对树木起保护作用。

35、Ann: The trees are born round so that they can protect themselves.所以,树木是因为要保护自己才会长成圆的。

36、Implementation of the appropriate yield-protection factors insures that the maximum crop yield is harvested.恰当的产量保护措施能保证我们收获最高产量。

37、Enhanced safeguards need to be put in place to protect the public, " Friedland said."为保护公众健康,加强保障措施必须到位。

38、New measures were introduced to help domestic workers.已经采取了新措施来帮助保护家佣。

39、Temporary protection measures shall be adopted if the closed water test is postponed.若闭水试验推迟则应采取一些保护措施。

40、保护花草 Protect flowers and plants 我们应该保护花草树木。

41、The elderly at the nursing home have some protections, but not much.看护之家的老人们已经受到一些保护,但这类措施为数不多。

42、Infant monkeys were fostered by artificial care.婴猴采取人工保温、人工喂乳等措施护理。

43、We have added many critical protections to guard the homeland.我们增加了许多重要的保护措施来保卫本国领土。

44、These compendia are not designed to describe such hazards or protective measures.药典中对上述的危险性和保护措施不进行描述。

45、Running feet not smiles, the gr. 想不出来了 再看看别人怎么说的。

46、Every seafarer has a right to health protection, medical care, welfare measures and other forms of social protection.每一海员均有权享受健康保护、医疗、福利措施及其他形式的社会保护。

47、Finally the suggestions of protection and exploitation utilization for the ancient and famous tree were raised.文章还根据古树资源的现状及存在问题,提出了有效的管理和保护措施。

48、Some forestry companies use forest management practices that allow more trees to remain uncut and include streambed restoration and less harmful road-building.一些林产公司通过森林管理措施,包括保护更多的树木、河床复位和减少有害的公路建设。

49、In fact, says Chan, while safety rules are strict, more measures are taken to protect the bacteria from contamination than to protect the researchers from the bacteria.事实上,正如陈汀峰教授所说,尽管有严格的安全措施,但将有更多的措施被用以保护细菌免受污染,而非保护研究人员免受细菌的侵犯。

50、According to Croll, the workloads need to carry their own protection.据Croll称,工作需要担负起它们自己的保护措施。

经典英文句子51:保护树木的措施,51、With the emergence of circumvention of technological measures, how to legally protect technological measures also becomes an important task for copyright law.随着规进技术措施现象的出现,技术措施的法律保护也成为版权法的研究课题。

52、Electrical installations of buildings - part 建筑物的电气设施。第接地措施保护导体和保护跨接线。

5 - 54 : selection and erection of electrical equipment ; earthing arrangements, protective conductors and protective bonding conductors.

5 - 54部分:电气设备的选择和安装。

53、Also this article showes on the guiding ideology for protection planning of the ancient town and the various protective measures.并深入探讨和提出了古城保护规划的指导思想和各项保护措施。

54、Such guards also protect against fraying by roe deer .这种保护措施还可防止獐鹿摩擦损伤。

55、We are professional movers and we have adopted special protective measures.我们是专业的搬运公司而且我们有特殊的保护措施。

56、Pay your attention to flowers ,gr and trees. 如果 帮到了你,希望好评哦~

57、Neither does a tree in the middle of an open field.空旷 地中央的树木也无法给你提供保护。

58、As a result, measures should be applying to protect WPC when it is used in moisture environment.所以当木塑复合材料制品在潮湿环境中使用时需施加保护措施。

59、For tinnitus, protection like ear plugs or ear defenders help.戴上耳塞或者护耳器等保护措施可以防止耳鸣。

60、To make the trees safe winter, the past few days, Shek Kwu College managers are stepping up to take precautionary measures to put the trees' winter clothes.为了让树木平安过冬,连日来,石鼓书院管理人员正加紧采取保暖措施,给树木穿上“冬衣”。


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