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关于”上册的重点“的英语句子57个,句子主体:The focus of the first volume。以下是关于上册的重点的xx年级英语句子。

英文句子模板1:The focus of the first volume

i see five cats .在图片里你看见了什么?

1、what do you see in the picture ?

2、i want to make a salad .我想要做沙拉。

yes ,i do . /no ,i don’t .你们有一个图书馆吗?

3、–do you have a library ?

4、this is the weather report .这是天气预报。

5、let’s have a picnic tomorrow .明天我们要野餐。


6、Site registration has been disabled.


7、A plug-in registers the extension points of interest into its manifest.


8、These invaluable books can provide help with pronunciation as well as grammar points.


9、The workbooks are really comprehensive, with practice in all the key areas of study.

It’s nintynine yuan . 这件连衣裙多少钱?

10、How much is this dress ?

11、There are no cats here. 这里没有猫。


12、what time is it in new york ?

13、27.Please go and ask Peter. 请去问一问凯特。


14、34.Is this table big or small?

15、this farm is so big .这个农场是如此的大。


16、By number and by weight of every one: and all the weight was written at that time.


17、Photograph license plate and registration decal from mid-range and close-up perspectives.

18、a pair of sneakers for my son .给我儿子的一双网球鞋。


19、Yet the criteria and information found in the Communication manuals make the job easier.


20、The statement of whether there is something changed in the registration products and re-registration products;

21、65.You must look after your clothes. 你必须照看好你的衣服。

22、the art room is on the first floor .美术教室在一楼。

23、our neighbour has a new baby !我们的邻居有一个新宝宝。

24、50.You can go with Dad today. 今天你可以和爸爸一道去。

25、Note that for many of the above, taking full advantage of the site/portal will require some form of registration.注意,对于上面大部分站点,为充分利用站点/门户,需要进行某种形式的注册。

英文句子26:,26、we have a new computer room .我们有一个新的计算机教室。

27、we have a show today .今天我们有一个表演。

28、42.There’s some money in the purse. 钱包里有一些钱。

29、Every book contains a set of self-assessment exercises covering the book's important learning points.每册后附一套覆盖全册教学要点的自测题。

30、35.What can you see in the picture? 在这张图中你能看到什么?

31、Register, or view the replay.注册,或查看重播。

32、A:Right. Well, this brochure lists all the main sites and attractions.好的,嗯,这本小册子上列了所有主要观光名胜和景点。

33、The put forward pair of teaching material "three circles circular current" is discussed is questioned, and is explains "three circle circular current" wisp.“三圈环流”是高一地理上册“全球性大气环流”教学中的一个重点与难点。

34、54.No,but there is one under the tree. 没有,但树下有一只。

35、it looks like a fish .它看起来像一条鱼。

36、70.I have an English book. 我有一本英语书。

37、Reissue: A previously registered key binding is reissued.重新发行(Reissue):重新绑定之前已经注册的密钥。

38、let’s go and have a look .让我们去看一看。

39、they are on your feet .他们在你的脚上。

40、let me take a shower .让我冲个凉。

41、53.Is there a cat in the tree? 树上有猫吗?

42、On program selection, stress shall be placed on the important sectors, important enterprises and important regions.在项目选择上,突出重点行业、重点企业、重点地区。

43、51.How many children are there in the picture? 图中有多少个孩子。

44、they are on the table .我的袜子在哪?

45、it is cool in beijing .在北京是凉爽的。

46、–How many students are there in your class?There are five. 在你的班级有多少学生?

47、x installation does not register all COM+ components correctly.重点:有时,Controller

8.x 安装不能正确注册所有 COM+ 组件。

48、21.Jim has a big family. Jim有一个大家庭。

49、Jivaro Bank has registered two internal endpoints in the Jivaro service registryJivaro Bank 在 Jivaro 服务注册中心注册了两个内部端点

50、how many cows do you have ?i have three .你有多少只奶牛?

经典英文句子51:上册的重点,51、43.This is a picture of my family/friend. 这是我家/朋友的一张照片。

52、22.We go to the same school in Beijing. 我们在北京的同一所学校上学。

53、how many horses are there ?there are twelve .在那儿有多少匹马?

54、76.Is the TV colour or black and white? 这台电视机是彩色的还是黑白的?

55、it’s time to go to school .该到时间去学校。

56、24.Jim and I are good friends. 我和Jim是好朋友。

57、58.I want a sweater like this. 我要像这样的毛衣。

58、The durability of canvas giclee reproductions will depend on the canvas weight.复制品的油画作品画册专辑耐久性,将取决于在画布上的重量。

59、please pass me my tshirt .请递给我我的t恤衫。

60、can i wear my new shirt today? no,you can’t ./yes ,you can .我今天能穿我的新衬衫吗?

61、I have a new dress for my birthday party . 我为我的生日聚会买了一个新连衣裙。

62、what’s the weather like in beijing ?北京的天气怎么样?

63、how many geese can you see ?i can see four .你能看见多少只鸭子?

64、you can wear your new shirt .你可以穿你的新衬衫。

65、77.I can speak some Chinese/English now. 我现在能讲一点中文/英文了。

66、they want to share the food .他们想要分享食物。

67、It’s a quarter to seven. 六点四十五分。

68、Junior English for China Students’ Book( A ) 重点句子. 1.That’s right/wrong. 对/错的 2.Let’s go. 咱们走吧. 3.Let me count. 让我数一数. 4.Let me see. 让我看一下. 5.Let’s go and have a look. 咱们去看一下. 6.Let me help you ( to ) find it. 让我帮你找到它. 7.That’s it. 就是它. 8.It’s time to have a breakfast. 该吃早餐了. 9.It’s time for lunch. 该吃中餐了. 10.What differences can you find?

69、i have to close the window .我不得不关窗户。

70、i want a pair of sneakers .我想要一双网球鞋。

71、i have a new dress for my birthday party .我为我的生日聚会买了一个新连衣裙。

72、At the beginning of class, the teacher called from a list of names, expecting you to reply when she called yours.在开始上课时,老师按照点名册开始点名,希望点到你时你能够答“到”。

73、Increase in primary classes and two classes in all the pieces and start content, but focus is different.在初级班和提高班两册中都有残局和开局内容,但侧重点不一样。

74、tomorrow will be warm and sunny .明天即暖和又阳光充足。

75、49.He’s up there in the tree with Bill. 他和比尔一道在树上。

英文句子模板76:The focus of the first volume,76、what do you want to bring ?你想要带什么?

77、Focus full-time registered real estate valuer inspection.重点检查专职注册房地产估价师。


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