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关于”激励自己“的英语句子51个,句子主体:motivate yourself。以下是关于激励自己的高一英语句子。

英文句子模板1:motivate yourself


1、As a result of high self-motivation, people also experience the elimination of regret.


2、So this actually galvanised us, we felt the pride and anger growing inside of us.


3、Below are the top

5 lies I’ve seen on nearly every generic self-help blog I’ve ever read.


4、Currently most public hospitals actually are not yet corporate bodies with self-controlling and self-stimulating mechanism.


5、And if you’re not ready to get back to your life yet, read How to Motivate Yourself - Amelia Earhart!


6、Each player shuffles his or her hand into his or her deck, and draws a number of cards equal to the number of his or her remaining prize cards.

例如,当键入 '<'字符时,内容助理可以自动激活它自己。

7、For example, the content assistant could auto-activate itself when a '<' character is typed.


8、“She will,” I said, my own voice now choked with emotion.


9、Were you psyched to get back to your modeling workshop?


10、Their headache comes from trying to save the euro without enraging their voters.


11、Nobel peace laureate Malala Yousafzai has offered hope that her prize will inspire young girls worldwide to fight for their rights.


12、Reward yourself a little bit, but live as frugally as possible.


13、Because we feel unpleasant when we don't love ourselves, this belief goes, the threat that our self-love might be withdrawn will motivate us to do a good job.

边疆日报(福建) :您来自一个家庭没有显着的背景,是什么让你变得非常自我激励?

14、Frontier Journal (FJ): You came from a family with no significant background, what made you become highly self-motivated?


15、[Agencies 2008-08-04]-- Pakistan's female athlete Sadaf Siddiqu aims not high at the Olympics and says simply competing will be a dream come true as she hopes to inspire millions of girls back home.


16、Personal qualities which work well here are self-motivation , conscientious and willingness to engage in group process work.

风险激励创业。 要在企业家精神的世界里享受旅程,你需要跳出自己的舒适区域并且持之以恒,还要有一种探险的精神。

17、To really enjoy the ride in the world of entrepreneurship, you need to be able to sustain yourself outside of your comfort zone and have a sense of adventure.


18、She always squeaks out her ideas when she is excited.


19、Innovation encouragement refers to taking effective measures to fully activate creative vitality and innovative potential, thus to generate large quantities of independent IPRs in China .


20、The fifth for bonuses saved myself is very grateful, and want to do their own ganniang recognition bonuses.

21、For example, if you were laid off, instead of lamenting the situation, you might say the experience prompted you to reassess your skills, and that's what led you here.例如,如果你被裁员,与其悲叹时局,不如告诉面试官,裁员的经历激励你重新评价自己的能力,并促使你申请这份新工作。

22、NCO 's organisational structure encourages lateral thinking fluid communication and swift implementation.NCO 的组织机构有利于激励水平思考、自由沟通和快速执行。

23、Thank you for your busy day to review my material, hope you can give me a chance to show themselves!感激您在百忙之中抽暇核阅自己地资料,但愿您能够给自己一个展现自自己地时机!

24、So in the end, it’s not some vague quality (”discipline”) that allows him to stick to these habits, but rather the two secrets of motivation: positive public pressure and enjoyment.因此最后,并非一些模糊的特质(纪律)使他坚持自己的这些习惯,而是两个激励的秘诀:积极的公众压力和享受乐趣。

25、Your father takes on too much. He forgets he's not growing any younger.你父亲太易激动,他忘记自己上了年纪。

英文句子26:,26、Through his journey Dan hopes to inspire others to start exploring the possibilities life affords them.Dan希望通过自己的经历能够激发其他人开始探寻他们自己生命可承受的可能性。

27、Then seeing the success neighboring farmers were having with zai, he set his village to work. Crop yields went up.但后来桑波看到的却是邻近农民依靠土地改良获得了成功,激励之下,他发动自己的村民进行效仿,结果粮食产量上去了。

28、You also have to have your own personal love: what inspires you, what excites you when you wake up in the morning.在你的生命里你必须要有一个平衡,你还必须要有一份对自己的热爱,正是它激励着你,让你在早上醒来时倍感振奋。

29、To activation calm is like lentic marriage, I decide him change.为了激活平静如死水的婚姻,我决定改变自己。

30、For learn to trap to living to say, the demand morely appreciate, encourage to strengthen self-confidence heart, effort perfect ego, promote ego, realization oneself value.对于学困生来说,需要更多的赏识、激励来增强自抉择信念,全力完美自我,晋升自我,实现自身价值。

31、If you find yourself in a riptide, don't panic.假如你发现自己被卷入激潮时,别惊慌。

32、She blasted to make him admit his mistake.她激烈批评使他承认自己的错误。

33、In verse 保罗向信徒担保,当受到属灵的攻击时神会守护他们。保罗也激励信徒真实的坦白自己的信仰,摆脱罪性。

19, Paul assures believers of God's protection in the face of spiritual attacks and challenges them to faithfully confess their Lord and turn away from sin.

34、Those influencers will help to swayothers in the organization by helping to align their incentives withthe tech change you're leading, and will help to bridge the formalauthority gap.这些影响者将会有助于诱使其他人跟随技术变革调整自己的激励因素,这样将会有助于弥合他们与你的差异。

35、If people were confident that they could repay their zero-interest loans in devalued dollars, they would have significant incentive to borrow and spend.若是人们确信未来可以用贬值的美元来偿还自己的零息贷款,他们将获得极大的激励借钱并增加开支。

36、The fact that God chose Rahab is an encouragement for every believer who feels ashamed or even worthless because of an ugly past.神拣选喇合这件事,可以激励每一个因早年不光彩经历而自惭形秽、自感不配的信徒。

37、If an IQ test doesn't motivate someone then that is a good predictor in itself.如果智力测试对某些人不起激励作用,那么它自身就是一个很好的预测者。

38、This club has always taken pride in its history - it acts as an inspiration to all of us and it's great to see it represented in the new kit.俱乐部对自己的历史总是很骄傲,这对我们是个激励。很高兴看到新球衣体现历史元素。

39、Nothing could be more trees, more grateful for the upbringing of their land.没有什么比树,更能感激养育自己的土地。

40、Then he kowtowed to the monk, to show his reverence and gratitude.他向僧人叩拜,表达自己的敬意和感激。

41、The company takes continuous improve and advance with the times as its main principle to stimulate itself, and join in the competition domestically and abroad with excellent products in good faith.企业本着不断进取、与时俱进的思想时时激励自己,用优异卓着的诚信产品积极参与国内外的市场竞争。

42、Everyone's got their problems but we've got to be motivated.每个人都有自己的问题,但我们要被激发起来。

43、Know your optimal working conditions and set these up as the basis of your strategy, so that your entire methodology motivates you and you get the job done.了解对你自己来说最佳的工作条件,将这些作为你战略的基础。 这样,整套工作方法都会激励你,让你顺利完成工作。

44、Eliminate the impact of fragmentation from both the incentive and self-regulatory mechanism aspects.从建立激励和自律机制两个方面消解代理权碎片化造成的影响。

45、sustenance—Is the brand able to sustain itself within the competitive marketplace?自给自足(sustenance):这个品牌能够在激烈的市场里养活自己吗?

46、Pakistan's female athlete Sadaf Siddiqu aims not high at the Olympics and says simply competing will be more a dream come true as she hopes to inspire millions of girls back home.巴基斯坦女运动员萨达夫•西迪基对自己在北京奥运会上的功效没有抱太高期望,她说能参加奥运就是梦想成真,因为她希望自己回去后能激励国内许许多多有梦想的女孩。

47、The point of this post –> 本帖重点->自我激励专家最常告诉你的5个谎言及其解决办法

5 Lies the Average Self-Help Expert Will Tell You and What to Do About it

48、Helps small , radical coops to establish themselves .帮助小型,激进的合作社,以建立自己的。

49、Best yet, they might inspire new ideas of your own!要是能激发你自己更好的主意就最好了!

50、Later, people use it to describe one who endures self-imposed hardships to strengthen one's resolve to realize one's ambition.后来,人们用它来形容人刻苦自励以达到自己定下的目标。

经典英文句子51:激励自己,51、A moving, a stimulus, has drawn up a self-confident, so to obtain a hard-won success.一份感动,一份激励,拥有一份自信,因此获取一份来之不易的成功。

52、Fill out the form and follow the instructions to activate your account.按要求填写表格,并激活自己的帐号。

53、From this we can see that it is very important for a qualified official to have internal stimulation.从中我们也可看出一个合格的官员自我内在激励的重要性。

54、But you can try to keep yourself motivated by creating some running inspiration in your cubical, office, or other workspace.但你可以让自己办公隔间、办公室或者其他工作空间充满灵感来激发自己的积极性。

55、He records in his memoir how thrilled he was when Astaire praised him.他在自传中写到自己受阿斯泰尔夸奖时是多么激动。

56、Often, the team individuals have their own line manager, and so the project manager has no implied authority - yet still needs to motivate the individual.通常团队的每个个体都有他们自己的生产线管理人员,所以项目经理并没有必然的权力,但仍然需要去激励每个个体。

57、We students in the seminar considered ourselves radical explorers.我们这些研讨班的学生把自己当做激进的探索者。

58、Instead have them write on large PostIt notes (using big dark markers) - it keeps everyone involved and encourages even the quietest person to provide something.相反应该让他们自己把想法写在大PostIt便笺上(使用大号深色记号笔)──这会让每个人积极参与,甚至会激励沉默寡言的人提供想法。

59、他太激动以至于不能控制自己 he is so excited that he couldn't control himself.

60、After all your hard work you can reward yourself with one binge day per week.在你辛苦计划之后你可以每周放纵一天奖励自己。

61、The result shows that the hydraulic power steering gear could absorb road excitation well.试验结果表明液压动力转向器能够很好的吸收来自路面的激励。

62、That’s the thing: even with goals, some people aren’t going to achieve anything, because they haven’t figured out how to motivate themselves.这就是问题所在:即使拥有目标,一些人也没打算去完成任何事,因为他们没有弄清楚怎样激励他们自己。

63、It also points to the importance of internal incentives in a qualified official.从中也可看出一个合格的官员自我内在激励的重要性。

64、Gratitude is to fill them with concrete life details and tell the selves don't fall in the inextricable sadness.感激则是通过每一天具体而微的生活细节来充实自己,并告诫自己不要坠入无法自拔的衰伤当中。

65、Michael Jordan, who led the Chicago Bulls to six NBA championships during the 1990s, told Winfrey she inspires him.迈克尔 乔丹告诉温弗瑞,她激励了自己。 乔丹曾在上世纪xx年代率领芝加哥公牛队夺取六次NBA冠军。

66、Pakistan's female athlete Sadaf Siddiqu aims not high at the Olympics and says simply competing will be a dream come true as she hopes to inspire millions of girls back home.巴基斯坦女运动员萨达夫?西迪基对自己在北京奥运会上的成绩没有抱太高期望,她说能参加奥运就是梦想成真,因为她希望自己回去后能激励国内许许多多有梦想的女孩。

67、Self-discipline and internal motivation will also be critical success factors, for the traditional office environment may largely disappear by 2025.自律和自我激励也是重要的成功因素,因为传统的办公环境有可能在xx年基本消失。

68、It may not take overnight but with constant work, a person can improve his self-motivation soon enough.无需熬夜,只要在持续的工作中就可以提高一个人的自我激励意识。

69、Able to be positive attitude, outgoing, careful, hard-working, self-motivated and work under high pressure, handle multiple tasks.乐观、开朗,细致,勤奋,自我激励,能够承受压力和在多项目环境下工作。



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