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关于”短而著名的诗歌“的英语句子3个,句子主体:Short and famous poetry。以下是关于短而著名的诗歌的初二英语句子。

英文句子模板1:Short and famous poetry

1、Yeats is famous for his lyricism, which comes from five sources. 叶芝是爱尔兰著名诗人,其诗歌以抒情性著称,其来源有五个方面。

2、Sir Philip Sidney is well-known as a poet and critic of poetry. 菲力浦·锡德尼爵士是一位著名的诗人和诗歌评论家。

3、Read Frost's short poetic statement, prose poetic statement in The Norton called "The Figure a Poem Makes." 读一些弗罗斯特的短篇诗性评论,在诺顿的书里有一篇注解性的诗歌评述“

4、Long pastoral poems or songs about the four seasons by renowned poets are mostly distinguished by beautiful moving lines on autumn. 各著名的大诗人的长篇田园诗或四季诗里,也总以关于秋的部分,写得最出色而最有味。

5、He fathered a school of notable poets . 他创立了著名诗人的流派。

6、Guo Moruo is both an outstanding poet and a poetic theorist in the history of modern poetry. 郭沫若不仅是中国新诗史上杰出的诗人,也是著名的诗论家。

7、The Sons and Sonnets, by which Donne is probably best known, contains most of his early lyrics. 《歌与短歌》是邓恩最有名的诗集,包括了他早期大多数爱情诗作。

8、Deng Hanyi, an outstanding publisher and poet in the early Qing Dynasty, writes lots of excellent poems, and he is also a flagman in the course of constituting the early Qing poetics. 清初著名出版家、诗人邓汉仪,不仅创作了一批优秀的诗歌作品,而且在清初诗学建构过程中是一个重要的旗手。

9、Stevens is an outstanding poet among the symbolism poetic school. 史蒂文斯是象征主义诗派中著名的诗人。

10、The third chapter outlines Jung Sun-fu's artistic style and his well-known poetic advocacy, the first section mainly talks about his inheritance of "bone Du", poetry realism; 第三章重点概述郑善夫诗歌的艺术风格及其著名诗学主张,第一节主要说明其得“杜骨”的现实主义诗风;

11、Mu Dan (1918-1977), whose original name was Zha Liangzheng, was a noted poet and poem translator. 穆旦(1918-1977)原名查良铮。著名诗人、诗歌翻译家。

12、He was not only a famous poet but also a well-known play writer. 他不仅是著名诗人,还是著名剧作家。 他不仅是著名诗人,还是著名剧作家。

13、Long pastoral poems or songs about the four seasons by renown poets are mostly distinguished by beautiful moving lines on autumn. 各著名的大诗人的长篇田园诗或四季诗里,也总以关于秋的部分,写得最出色而最有味。

14、The other, Yong Ching Ming poetry very much, Du Mu, "Qingming" the most famous poems. 另,咏清明诗极多,杜牧《清明》诗最为著名。

15、Lu You was a famous patriotic poet in the Southern Song Dyansty . 陆游诗南宋著名的爱国诗人。

16、Liaoyuan, famous poet, poetry critic, copious treatises, and representative work includes the long memorial essay of Luo Yihe and Haizi "Twin sons of the wheat land". 燎原,著名诗人、诗歌评论家,著述甚丰,代表作有缅怀诗人骆一禾、海子的长文《孪生的麦地之子》。

17、The famous poet was often asked to compose a poem extempore. 这位著名的诗人常被邀请即席赋诗。

18、Association, has collections of poetry entitled he Morning Sunshine? he Tree of Life? hort Poems of Chen Maiping. 著有诗集《晨光》、《生命之树》、《陈满平短诗选》、《绿》等。

19、Publication brought together many outstanding poets, and had gradually formed its distinctive style and the impact of Chinese poetry famous poetry genre , Jiuye School. 刊物汇集了众多优秀诗人,逐渐形成其鲜明风格,并产生了影响中国诗坛的著名诗歌流派——九叶诗派。

20、Epigram: A short, witty, pointed statement often in the form of a poem. 警句诗:一种简短、智慧、蕴含深刻的诗。

21、The author of this poem is the famous Tang Dynasty poet Du Fu. 这首诗的作者,是唐代著名诗人杜甫。

22、The Chinese poems are short but the meaning is deep. 中国诗歌短小精悍却意境幽远。

23、Abstract:Luyou is a famous Chinese writer for his patriotic spirit and he is also one of the most productive poets in our poetic history. 摘要:陆游是我国著名的爱国诗人,也是诗史上最多产的诗人,陆游的诗歌充分触及到社会生活的各个方面,充满了现实主义,内容丰富。

24、About poetry, he likes heart-to-heart short Poems, loves pure and beautiful tone of poetry, advocates that philosophy , integrating thinking and feeling, should be melt into poetry habitat . 诗歌创作上,他倾心于小诗、短诗,热爱清丽淡远的诗风,主张诗歌哲理化入诗境,思致和情感相融合。

25、Reasoning-and-interesting poems, also called philosophical poems, are one type of Chinese ancient poems. 理趣诗又名哲理诗,是中国古代诗歌的一种类型。


26、Origin of Ancient Poems is a very important and famous classical anthology in Chinese poetic history. 《古诗源》是中国诗学史上一部十分重要而且著名的经典选本。

27、In the Season Fragrant with Durians consists of three parts: part I "poems" includes 20 short poems, 12 quatrains , and 28 minipoems; 《在榴莲飘香的季节》分为三辑:第一辑“诗”,包括短诗20首、极短诗12首、微型诗28首;

28、That exquisite and celebrated verse 这句隽永而极著名的诗

29、His short poem "West of Hubei" was selected into the "Poetry Volume of Library of China Minority Literary Classics". 短诗《鄂西》入选《中国少数民族文学经典文库·诗歌卷》。

30、Now he is the Honorary Director of The Vineyard Poetry Quarterly and Honorary Chairman of the Society of Chinese Poetic Art. 现为《葡萄园》诗刊名誉社长,中国诗歌艺术学会名誉理事长。

31、An epigrammatic japanese verse form of three short lines. 由三行短诗构成的警句式的日本诗。

32、A ridge in the forties of the twentieth century poet, he is not only a "July School" on behalf of the poet, is one of the best poems reflect the aesthetics of the July School of poetry. 阿垅是二十世纪xx年代的著名诗人,他不仅是“xx月派”代表诗人之一,也是最能体现xx月派诗歌美学的诗论家。

33、Chopin ( 1810-1849 ), the famous Poland pianist poet of the 19th century, interpreted his own sense of "poet, romantic, piano and hometown" in his short life of 39 years. 肖邦(1810~1849),波兰19世纪著名钢琴诗人。 短短xx年的一生中,肖邦向世人诠释了“诗人”、“浪漫”、“钢琴”、“故乡”。

34、With the influence of media, new-poem has been broken up to many patterns such as song-words-poem, internet-poem, mobile-phone-message-poem and so on. 在媒介的作用下,新诗的传播体式由纸媒诗歌的一统天下裂变为歌词诗、网络诗歌和手机短信诗歌等多种体式。

35、A short liturgical text chanted or sung responsively preceding or following a psalm, psalm verse, or canticle. 短诗,歌曲在颂歌、赞美诗或圣歌前后轮流吟诵或吟唱的礼拜仪式短诗或歌曲。

36、He has made several broadcasts of poetry and short stories. 他做过几次诗歌和短故事的广播节目。

37、The "shoes" of poetry was obviously the line condensed by verse. 而诗歌的“鞋子”的外观显然就是诗句凝结而成的诗行。

38、Thus the noted English critic I. A. Richards tested responses to poems scientifically in an attempt to judge their value, and unsurprisingly found no uniformity. 因此,英国著名的批评家理查兹,用科学方法来测试对诗歌的反应,试图判断诗歌的价值,并不叫人吃惊的是,他发现人们对诗歌的反应没个准数。

39、Xinyang poetry is a phenomenon, so why did they have to in order to "gang poetry" name? 信阳诗歌是一种现象,为啥要以“诗帮”定名?

40、Just like in Rishikesh, two short morning classes gave me a lot gains. 就像在瑞诗凯诗,短短2堂您的课,让我收获颇丰。

41、Shi Runzhang, a famous poet in the early Qing Dynasty, contributes much to poetic theory. 施闰章是清初的著名诗人,在诗歌理论方面也颇有建树。

42、Hymnen is the first published collection of poetry of German famous poet Stefan George. 《颂歌》是德国著名诗人斯特凡·格奥尔格出版的第一部诗集。

43、Music is an important subject of Tang Poetry, and almost all famous poets in Tang Dynasty wrote chant poems with different styles. 音乐是唐诗的重要题材,几乎唐代所有的著名诗人都写有过咏乐诗。而不同诗人的咏乐诗又体现出不同的风格。

44、Samuel Johnson the famous dictionary maker was also into poetry and within a much longer poem included these lines 与许多大学问家一样,著名的词典编纂者 塞缪尔·约翰逊 不仅对诗词韵文很着迷,而且还热衷于诗歌创作。

45、Mayakovski's poetry in his artistic period of futurism includes some short verses and five long poems. 马雅可夫斯基未来主义时期的诗歌创作主要是抒情短诗和五部长诗。

46、"Yue-Fu Poem Anthology" is a famous work, which sums up all of Yue-Fupoems before the Song Dynasty. 《乐府诗集》是一部总括宋前乐府诗歌的名著,是我们研究乐府非常重要的典籍。

47、Lyric: A poem, usually a short one, that expresses a speaker's personal thoughts or feelings. The elegy, ode, and sonnet are all. 抒情诗:一种比较短小的用来表达作者个人思想或感情的诗。挽歌、颂歌、和十四行诗都是抒情诗。

48、An activist, writer and poet Julia shot to fame with her famous Civil War song, "Battle Hymn of the Republic". 活动家,作家和诗人朱莉娅和她的成名作内战著名歌曲“共和国战歌”。

49、Simplification is the general tendency to poetic development. 精短化是诗歌发展的总趋势。

50、The poems by Dufu exerted a significant impact on the Basyous poetic creation. 杜甫的诗歌对日本著名俳句诗人松尾芭蕉的创作产生过重要影响。


51、Lyric: A poem usually a short one that expresses a speaker's personal thoughts or feelings. The elegy ode and sonnet are all forms of the lyric. 抒情诗:一种比较短小的用来表达作者个人思维或感倾棠诗。挽歌、颂歌、和十四行诗都是抒情诗。

52、A short poem, often about love, suitable for being set to music. 抒情短诗一种短诗,通常是爱情诗,适合于谱曲。

53、Li Yi was a famous poet in the middle of Tang Dynasty . 李益是中唐前期著名的诗人,以擅长写边塞诗闻名。

54、As a poet, he has publicshed many poems and poetry books. For examples: Poems on love and peace; Poems on the heart of creation, He has also publicshed a number of essays on poetry. 作为一名诗人,池田和义先生发表了大量诗作并出版了许多个人诗集如《万物诗语》、《爱与和平之歌》等等,他同时也发表了许多关于诗歌文学方面的论著。


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