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关于”含有多个从句的句子“的英语句子2个,句子主体:Sentences with multiple clauses。以下是关于含有多个从句的句子的初中英语句子。

英文句子模板1:Sentences with multiple clauses

1、Choose the No. from 10 tongue twisters in turn. 小组轮流每次从10句绕口令中选取一个句子号码。

2、Any of the other students in our class is shorter than Tom. 除了第一句,其它句子都是比较级结构,但有最高级含义。

3、the sun never sets and there is no night。 the sun never sets做为句子,加上and所连接的成分必须是另一个句子,这样才对称。

4、Can you add another sentence? 你可以加多一句子吗?

5、Analyse this complex sentence into many clauses. 将这个复合句分析成许多从句。

6、Because the sentence MTS do not use the text information, they can not deal with many problems. 由于句子层面上的机译系统的局限性——没有利用篇章信息,句子分析时有许多的歧义性不能处理。

7、I don't know what this sentence in French means; I'm completely fogged. 我不知道这句句子的法语含义,我完全迷惑了。

8、Avoid long sentences with multiple clauses and herds of commas. 不要用带着各种从句和一大把逗号的长句子。

9、Simple sentence is one that contains a finite verb (and only one finite verb). It does one of four things. 简单句是含有一个限定动词(而且仅含一个)的句子。它有四种功能。

10、You cannot define a foreign key constraint in a CREATE TABLE statement that contains an AS subquery clause. 你不能在CREATE TABLE语句中包含AS子查询子句定义一个外键约束。

11、By the survey, we found that accident-class textual connective occur in the sentence-initial position connected with clauses, sentences, sentence groups. 通过分析可知,意外类篇章连接成分在篇章中主要是位于句首连接分句、句子、句群。

12、In the first part, the framework of lian can be a sentence, be components or be a small sentence. 前者指出“连”字结构可以单独成句、充当句子成分及作分句;

13、These are the sentences (which, that) I like. ( 指多个句子)

14、Most sentences contain a subject and a verb. "(Collins Cobuild) ?" 大多数句子有主语和谓语。

15、All subordinate clause are trees leafage . 所有从句都是树的叶子。

16、A sentence of two or more coordinate independent clauses, often joined by a conjunction or conjunctions, as. 包括两个或多个并列句的句子,通常是由一个或几个连词连接,例如。

17、Use printf tokens for dynamic content in a full sentence rather than breaking up the sentence into multiple strings. 在完整的句子中使用 printf 标记来标记动态内容而不要将句子分割为多个字符串。

18、In one sentence, at most one prepositional phrase is allowed. 在一个句子里,最多只能有一个介词短语。

19、s) le sont en raison du prix )qu'(ils y mettent) 主句是 c'est tout (au plus个人感觉是连词) 然后有许多从句(la subordonné)

20、Put each of the following two sentences together by using relative clauses. 1. This is the most magnificent building in Shanghai where Some … 把两个句子合并成一个带有定语从句的复合句…考试题…感…

21、If you are learning English grammar you should take several different sentences and sort them. 学语法的时候,你要找几个难句,分析句子成分。 。

22、According to the number of the passive marks, they are divided into three sentence patterns: bimarked passive sentence, trimarked passive sentence and quadrimarked passive sentence. 按句中含语标多少 ,可将多标被动句分为三种类型 ,即双标被动句、三标被动句及四标被动句。

23、It is such a long time since we graduated from the high school. 可以跟你分析一下,句子结构为 it is +一段时间+since引导的过去式句子,表示自从。

24、Each copy contained only every second sentence of the original letter. So the copy for one daughter had only the even sentences, and the other daughter's copy contained only the odd sentences. 她将原信每间隔一句抄下来,因此,其中一份只含有原信里的偶数句子,另一份则只有奇数句子;

25、You may also use a semicolon to connect two otherwise complete sentences even if they are connected by a conjunction, if the first sentence already has one or more commas in it. 即使分句之间已经用了连词来连接,只要第一个子句里已经有了一个或多个逗号,也可以使用分号来连接两个中间已经加了连词的两个完整子句。


26、The article makes the contrasts between predicate and pivotal sentences, Which are grammar research key points. 连谓句和兼语句的区分是语法研究的一个重点,是对一些特定形式句子的归属问题。

27、While she was waiting for a taxi outside the studio, she met Sam Parish. 此处while是并列连词,连接两个同一时刻发生的动作的句子,while从句中的谓语动词应为延续性动词,可以置于句首或句末。

28、Mr. White has three sons,and all of them are doctors. 这句话和上面是一个意思,只是上面那句用的是定语从句,下面这句是一般句

29、No single phrase of his reverberates or penetrates as so many of La Bruyere's do. 他没有一个句子能象拉布吕耶尔的许多句子那样余音回荡, 入木三分。

30、Negation expressed without any negative words is called indirect negation or implied negation. 英语中不含否定词但表达否定意义的句子,叫间接否定句或含蓄否定句。

31、From distribution, Chinese and Korean rhetorical mood adverbs are mainly used in rhetorical sentence but they can also be used in interrogative sentence and indicative sentence. 从句中的位置分布上,汉韩反诘语气副词的位置比较灵活,多数成员可以位于句首和句中,有的还可以位于句末或独用。

32、There can be multiple files specified in this clause. 在该子句中可以指定多个文件。

33、Would anybody volunteer to say a sentence, non obscene, non derogatory, that has never been spoken before on earth, ever? 有没有人自愿说个句子,不能是下流的,不敬的,得是世上从未有人说过的句子

34、With over 200 situations and 18-20 useful sentences and phrases to go along with each situation, students can achieve a level of competence they didn't have before. 全书包含200则以上的状况情境,每个状况都有18-20句实用句子。透过练习这些句子,读者的英文水平将能迅速提升。

35、Phrase in order to deal with more than "double sentence" there. 乐句处理多以“句句双”出现。

36、The room (in which/where my friend and I often have lessons) is this。 这两句意思差不多,这个句子中括号里的从句是room的定语。

37、the song brought me back to my childhood. 句子确实多…

38、Learn to build a sentence one step at a time. 看看何从简单开始,造成一句复杂句子。

39、When you have multiple statements in an SQL script, each statement must be separated from the one that follows by a statement terminator. 如果 SQL 脚本中有多个语句,那么每一个语句都必须用一个语句结束符与前一个语句隔开。

40、One or more descriptor handles can be explicitly allocated by calling the SQLAllocHandle() function with the SQL_HANDLE_DESC option and a valid connection and statement handle. 在指定了 SQL_HANDLE_DESC 选项的情况下,通过调用 SQLAllocHandle() 函数可以显式地分配一个或多个描述符句柄,以及一个有效的连接句柄和语句句柄。

41、Sort out the following messages that are mixed up to make complete sentences containing attributive clauses. 整理下面的短文,把它们结合在一起就能组成含有定语从句的完整的句子。

42、Why should we start from the sentence constituent? 为什么要从句子成分学起?

43、Multiple sentences describe two or more links of the action - effect chain, and can be further divided into complex sentences, compound sentences and mixed sentences. 繁复句则是描述了作用效应链两个或者多个环节,可以分为复合句、并列句和混合句。

44、In a multiple-use the subjunctive sentence. 在多用虚拟语气的句子。

45、If the tradition of ambition is to have vitality, it must be widely shared; and it especially must be highly regarded by people who are themselves admired, the educated not least among them。 本句是并列句,前一个分句中,“if”引导条件状语从句,主句主语“it”指代“the tradition of ambition”。 后一个分句中“who”引导一个定语从句修饰“people”,“the educated not least among them”是“people”的补语。

46、From the semantic aspect, in the internally casual type the relation between the subjects of two clauses (NP_1, NP_2)is whole-part. 在语义上,内部事因小句补语句中两个小句的主语(NP_1、NP_2)多具有整体与部分的关系;

47、In this task, test takers repeat sentences verbatim. 在这个部分,考生将逐词逐句地复述句子。

48、For example, if the judge says adjective clause, groups have five minutes to compose as many sentences as they can that include dependent adjective clauses. 比如,如果法官说的是形容词从句,那么其他学生就要在5分钟的时间内造尽可能多的包含形容词从句的句子。

49、Each time you get to the end of the sentence you start a new one and although the next sentence is related to the last it is not affected by it. 每次你念到一个句子的末尾,你就会开始一个新的句子。 尽管下一句和上一句有关联,但并不受它的影响。

50、The prince was the person in whose honor the ball was given. 一般情况下,定语从句紧接先行词,但是有时为了保持句子的平衡,定语从句可以后置。


51、Directions:Select thetwoanswer choices that, when used to complete the sentence, fit the meaning of the sentence as a wholeandproduce completed sentences that are alike in meaning. 说明:从选项当膺选两个答案,用来完成句子。找到符合的选项使句子含义完整并且选项含义匹配。

52、I know that she is happy. 主句从句(名词从句)我知道她快乐。

53、Business rule statements often contain multiple discrete instructions that are closely related, and it is often non-trivial to break business rule statements into atomic business rules. 业务规则语句通常包含多个紧密关联的不同的指令,将业务规则语句分解成原子业务规则是很必要的。

54、With the sentence syntactic diverse, multi-use certain words and so on. 句法具有句式变化多样、多用肯定句等特点。

55、Text Completion questions include a passage composed of one to five sentences with one to three blanks. 段落完型部分包括一个段落含有1至5个句子,每个句子有1至3个空格。

56、The first clause, ls -A, is a verb and enumerates the contents of the current directory; the second clause, wc -l, is another verb to count lines. 它包含两个句子。 第一个句子 ls -A 是动词结构,列举当前目录下的内容,第二个句子 wc -l 是另一个动词结构,用于计算行数。

57、Sometimes, there may also contain clauses clauses. 有时候,分句里面有可能还包含分句。

58、Two or more coordinated independent clauses with at least one complex clause make a compound-complex sentence . 一个并列句,如果包含一个或一个以上的复杂句作为并列成分,这便是并列复杂句。

59、Thee complex sentence is a complex sentence, it is composed of more than two sentences. 主从复合句即是复杂句,它也是由两个以上的句子构成。


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