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关于”简单句的五种基本句型“的英语句子34个,句子主体:Five Basic Sentence Patterns of Simple Sentences。以下是关于简单句的五种基本句型的高中英语句子。

英文句子模板1:Five Basic Sentence Patterns of Simple Sentences

简洁 是界面设计的一条基本准则。

1、Simplicity is a basic principle of UI design.

看刚才最后一句话:“精简有力的文章确实能够提高表达能力(Indeed, tighter, punchier prose will improve the quality of your exposition)”。

2、Consider that last sentence: “Indeed, tighter, punchier prose will improve the quality of your exposition.”


3、The fifth part will advance that Auto partially played limit role by comparing the western society with the Mordern China.


4、A method for separation and determination of monomer hydrocarbon composition of alkylate was introduced.


5、In other words, the Changi Airport flight services per week, five times in each trip provided by the low-cost aviation.

OAT 有两种菜单链接:基于管理的菜单链接和基于用户的菜单链接。

6、OAT has two menu links: admin-based menu links and user-based menu links.


7、Or, in other words, a weakness is any activity that depletes you.


8、The basic model in the streaming environment is composed of two basic facies units:one is the main flow phase and the other is subordinate flow phase.

在 基本概念和术语一节 中,您学习到 Rational 架构管理软件提供两种方式划分 UML 模型的物理持续性:模型/逻辑单元和片断。

9、In the Basic concepts and terminology section, you learned that Rational architecture management software offers two ways to partition the physical persistence of UML models: model/LUs and Fragments.

本文介绍一种简单的方法来管理任何MSI 程序包之前,期间和之后微星处理。

10、This article presents an easy way to manage any MSI package before, during and after MSI processing.


11、A new approach based on rough sets, that we call it the improved quick reduction(IQR) algorithm, was proposed.


12、Aimed to implement total order multicast properly in the overlapped groups, a novel total order multicast protocol is presented.

第二,选择使用 Web 框架 —— 特别是那些包含 Ajax 的框架 —— 可以使这种类型的工作相当简单。

13、Second, that choice of Web frameworks -- in particular, those that embrace Ajax -- makes this type of work a breeze.


14、Cost management in large-scale power plant is very complicated because its product design and production are made to order and therefore, need various methods of cost management.


15、So, for the sake of simplification, when it says "Engi. or Engies", it refers to all those three base capturing units.


16、Conventionally, drivers assign their device objects a name by concatenating a string naming their device type ("Simple" in this code fragment) with a 0-based integer denoting an instance of that type.


17、We proposed an improved 3D caricaturing method based on Sparse Morphable Model. It is much faster and only requires a single image.


18、Some historical figures' image is almost entirely monochromatic, black and white, in other words.

以4,4' - 二羟基联苯为基础合成了一种新型介晶单体

19、A kind of novel mesomorphic monomer

4 - benzyloxyl biphenyl methacrylate and its homopolymer were synthesized with

4 - hydroxy - 4' - benzyloxyl biphenyl as reactant.

4 - 甲基丙烯酸- 4' - 苄氧基联苯酯及它的均聚物。


20、Meanwhile, the fin model is simplified, and a robotic fish fin driven by shape memory alloy (SMA) is de; eloped .

21、This book contains 本书含《四书五经》,包括繁体中文和简体中文版。

9 books in Traditional and Simplified Chinese.

22、The Basic Law Unit of the Legal Policy Division is responsible for the editorial work of the Bulletin.法律政策科基本法组负责《 基本法简讯》的编纂校订工作。

23、Only one cloudy sky photo have been taken as I didn't have time taking photos.今天未有时间影相,单是粗略地观赏展品已花了三句半小时。

24、The race was at the 比赛在单圈一点五哩的肯塔基椭圆形赛道举行。

1.5 miler Kentucky Speedway oval.

25、Three-terminal spintronic devices, i. e. , spin transistors, are also reviewed with the focus on the basic physical principles for these pure research devices at present.自旋晶体管作为未来磁电子学或自旋电子学时代的基本元素,目前大都还处在概念型阶段,本文也将对几种自旋晶体管的大致原理作简要介绍。

英文句子26:,26、A framework to estimate the effective static wind load distribution for the single-layer reticulated shells based on wind tunnel tests is introduced.首先简单回顾了目前单层网壳抗风分析的方法,并介绍了一种基于风洞试验的有效风荷载分布估计方案。

27、There are up-to-date production of a variety of new English Gomi Guangdong, where a brief introduction of several new dishes, like family and friends to share.还有最新出品的各种五味俱佳的新粤菜,这里简单介绍几款新菜,与爱吃一族的朋友分享。

28、The article introduces method to simplify Simulink model combining with a simulation model of base-wave through long-transmit lines.结合基波信号通过远距离传输线路的仿真模型,介绍了一种利用文件和封装模块简化仿真模型的方法。

29、The aim of this article is to give a brief introduction of SFBT including its background, its basic assumption, its application and limitation.主要从焦点解决短期治疗的产生背景、基本理念、应用价值及其局限性这三个方面对这种新兴的心理治疗模式作出简单的述评。

30、Bottom line : Despite a positive step in its stalled Shaanxi mega-plant, BYD needs to focus on basics to restart its growth trajectory.一句话: 尽管西安新厂被放行,但比亚迪需要在基本面上下更多苦功夫才能回归高增长轨道。

31、Habitat simplification, species loss and species succession often enhance communities vulnerabilities as a function of environmental receptivity to ill health.人居环境类型简单化,物种丧失和物种演替往往加剧了社区在环境受纳能力方面对健康不良的脆弱性。

32、In other words, it's a very natural urge; of course, so is burping, but most men are able to restrain their sonorous belches around the ladies.换句话说,这其实是一种自然本能。 当然,就像大部分男人都会在周围有女性时憋住打嗝一样,他们也会抑制这种本能。

33、The article introduces the exploitation of the antistatic fabric used in light conveyer and the problems must be noticed in twisting and weaving.本文简单介绍了抗静电轻型帆布的开发,以及在捻线、织布过程应注意的问题。

34、There is no easy way to test your metamodels, so the best option is trial and error until the model (based on the metamodel you have built) closely matches what you envisioned.不存在用于测试元模型的简单方法,因此最好的选项是反复试验,直到该模型(基于已构建的元模型)与预想的结果密切匹配。

35、In this article, the mechanism, technological characteristics and engineering application of the three granulating technology are presented briefly.本文对这三种造粒技术的机理、工艺特点及工程应用情况进行了简单介绍。

36、To speak the truth, I myself was a non-believer at one time.说句实话,我也在一段时间不相信这种禅法。

37、A possible compromise may be to take advantage of kludges such as the DATA pseudo-file handle to tuck data at the end of a script.一种折衷的方法是利用诸如 DATA 伪文件句柄之类的不完善系统在脚本的末尾保存数据。

38、Based on that, a new type structure with the cascaded variable delay interval OFDL unit is brought up.在此基础上,提出了一种级联非等延迟单元的新型结构形式。

39、He's claiming only that it is available and can be adduced from what we call "evidence" in the same way that the symbolic interpretation, based on the rhetorical question, is available and can be adduced from evidence -and that these two viewpoints are irreducible.他只是声称这是一种可能,而且可以从,我们所说的“证据“之中引证得到,同样的,基于修辞型问句之上的象征性诠释,也是一种可能,也能够引证,而且,这两种观点是不可削减的。

40、Three types of gas distributor were used in this study.本研究使用单孔板、多孔板、烧结金属板三种气体分布器类型。

41、Basic formulae of measuring antenna gain by using the sun source are described simply.简述了利用太阳源测量天线增益的基本公式,讨论了各种修正因子的计算方法。

42、The way to turn the optical path of a small stereomicroscope (XTX) and the technology to duplicate the angle-mirror are briefly related.本文简单地叙述了小型体视显徽镜(XTX)光路转折的方法和角镜复制的工艺。

43、For single-phase circuit, three directive-current detecting methods are presented in this thesis.本文研究了一种基于单电流检测的改进的控制方法。

44、A new gravity-flow meter under controlling of a single chip computer is introduced.本文介绍了单片机控制下的一种新型重量式流量计。

45、The utility model relates to a single air chamber double loop pressure braking device.本实用新型为一种单气室双回路气压制动装置。

46、Tags essentially consist of a plain antenna bonded to a silicon chip and encapsulated inside a glass or plastic module.标签基本上是在一块矽晶片上加装简单的天线,然后以玻璃或塑胶组件封装。

47、Evidencing the relative courier receipt, the copy of fax or email, and Beneficiary's statement to this effect must accompany the documents presented for negotiation.我对这句话的理解是:证明相关快递收据、邮件或传真副本以及受益人的声明必须随同提交的议付单据一起发送。

48、I literally have a physical reaction when people tell me this.每当有人对我说这句话,我都会产生某种生理反应。

49、We can adjust the levelness of the machine by means of shim and screw jack.工程建设现场英语五百句我们可以利用垫铁和螺丝千斤顶来调整机器的水平度。

50、A method to derive unit hydrographs for sub-areas of distributed model based on area-time relation was proposed.为了分析分布或半分布式水文模型计算单元的单位线,提出了一种基于面积-时间关系的单位线分析方法。

经典英文句子51:简单句的五种基本句型,51、Three rules are put forward for simplifying the DCPM problem based on the first decision network, and a new integer programming model is developed for solving the problem.对以第一种网络为基础的DCPM问题,本文首先介绍了三条简化法则,然后建立了一个求最优解的新整数规划模型;

52、And there are actually multiple versions of some of The plays. And perhaps the most famous of all lines From one of the plays is from Hamlet.实际上他的一些剧有多种版本,所有台词中最著名的也许是,哈姆雷特中的那一句。

53、Based on the work of monolingual chunk, we proposed two models to extract bilingual chunk: Statistically-based model and Word Alignment-based model.在单语组块获取工作的基础上,提出了基于统计和基于词对齐的两种双语组块获取模型。

54、The basic unit of heredity;是构成遗传的基本单位;

55、In a short version, the big difference between those two versions is that they exhibits different translation feature: Ku's version is comparatively easy to understand, while Legge's scholarly.简单说来,两译本的差别在于其不同的译本特色:辜译相对而言较容易理解,而Legge译则为学者型。

56、From the cantilever bimorph mechanical model, basic theories of piezoelectricity and mechanics were used to establish an electromechanical coupling model for piezoelectric vibration generators.压电振动发电机是一种能量密度大、无污染、结构简单的新型供电装置。

57、California Natural Chicken & Brown Rice Dry Cat and Kitten Food is made with only five Pure & Simple ingredients to meet the needs of your special cat.加州天然鸡肉&糙米干燥猫粮只选用了五种纯正与简单的原料生产,满足你的猫的营养需求。

58、This article proposes a quick sort method based on the machine code of floating point numbers, which can sort the floating point numbers distributed at random.本文提出一种可对任意分布的浮点数进行排序的快速排序方法,它基于浮点数的机内编码,具有速度快、实现简单、实用的特点。

59、This article provides two methods of doing so: a plain way with PHP, and a more elaborate way, using appropriate modules, with Python.本文提供两种方法:一种方法是使用 PHP,这种方法比较简单;另一种更详尽的方法是使用 Python,这种方法使用适当的模块。

60、The rosin-based polyglucoside is one kind of alkyl polyglucoside(APG).松香基葡萄糖苷为烷基糖苷(简称APG)的一种。

61、The complexity and difficulty in proving equation or inequation are reduced effectively through establishing suitable probability models.通过构造适当的概率模型使得一些原本很难证明的等式或不等式的证明变得简单而容易。

62、The basic unit of organization was the individual trooper.冲锋队建制的基本单位是单个士兵。

63、During the process of transmission, this statement of Jesus has been differently applied.在新约流传的过程中,对这句话出现了数种不同的应用。

64、The annual and biennial herbs and xerophytes were dominant in every degraded stage of grassland, and played important roles in maintaining stability and ecological function of the community.草地退化过程中物种、功能群组成的变化,基本反映草地生态系统退化、群落结构简单化和环境基质稳定性减弱等一系列植被与生境系统变化的趋向。

65、With microwave technology, microelement amino acid chelates can be rapidly synthesized, which has no pollution and low cost.而利用微波技术,可以快速合成微量元素氨基酸螯合物,工艺简单、无污染、成本低。

66、A hybrid model of HMM and RBF neural network is presented to reconstruct the ionic single channel current under white background noise.本文提出了一种隐马尔可夫模型(HMM)和径向基函数(RBF)神经网络相结合的混合模型,用于白噪声背景下细胞膜离子单通道电流的统计重构。

67、SUS2 and SUS3 are not redundant genes since single knockouts show a phenotype in developing seeds.单一基因敲除植株的种子表型分析结果显示,SUS2与SUS3是非冗余的。

68、This is more like a “Maybe” than a straight out “No”.这句话更像是表示一种可能,而非直截了当地说“不”。


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