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关于”常用语句“的英语句子4个,句子主体:Common statements。以下是关于常用语句的考研英语句子。

英文句子模板1:Common statements

1、The pragmatic value of Ba-sentences is different from that of common SVO sentences. “把”字句与一般的SVO句语用价值不同。

2、The sentential meaning is the result of interaction of lexical meaning and grammatical meaning. 句子意义则是由词汇意义和语法意义共同作用的结果。

3、This should be the new language between us, be more shameful , it is spoken out by me, and then it becomes out common language. 这一句算是我们之间的新类语言,臭美一点,这句是我创的,然后就这么成为了我们的共同语言。

4、And one of the puzzles of syntactic rules, or one of the issues of them, is that different rules can conspire to create the same sentence. 语法规则的一个谜团或问题是,不同规则可以共同作用来产生同一个句子

5、Different languages tend to arrange the order of adverbial clauses in different ways. 不同的语言倾向于使用不同语序来组织状语从句。

6、ESP, different from EGP, has its own unique features on lexicon and syntax. 专门用途英语不同于普通日常英语,具有其独特的词汇,句法等语言特征。

7、Part two concentrates on the similarities in word order in English, French and German declarative sentences and expounds the profound reasons from the angles of word order typology and cognition. 第二部分着重地指出了英语、法语和德语的陈述句语序之间的共同之处并着重从语序类型学和认知角度阐明其深层原因。

8、This embodies the common rule of syntax structure and shows the pragmatic differences in different groups. 这既有句法结构的共同规律,也有不同组时表现出的语用差异。

9、Language teaching in clrooms usually includes phonetics, vocabulary, grammar, culture and pragmatics. 课堂语言教学通常包括语音、词汇、语法及句法、文化及语用的教与学。

10、That is, all the statements in an SQL script must use the same statement terminator. 即,一个 SQL 脚本的所有语句都必须使用相同的语句结束符。

11、The end of a line serves to delimit declarations and statements. Colons can be used in most versions of BASIC to separate statements on the same line. 行结束符是用来给说明及语句定界的,大多数BASIC的版本中, 冒号被用来将同一行的语句分开。

12、Korean "za" inducement sentences and Chinese Imperative sentences as the communicative style are frequently used in daily life. 韩国语“(?)”类共动句和汉语请求句作为交际语体,在人们的日常生活中使用得非常频繁。

13、Master 489 spoken words and 58 spoken sentence patterns accurately in appropriate contexts. 掌握489个口语常用词汇,及58个口语常用句式,能够准确识读,并在恰当的语境中准确运用。

14、The shared language of music excited Hunter Coultarp, who sings with the Capital Pride of Leesville Road High School in North Carolina. 亨特・库尔塔是北卡罗来纳州一个高中合唱团里低声部的团员。他非常激动能够用音乐这种共同语言来和别人交流。

15、After the component includes and the variable declaration, the round_rect function is defined as borrowed verbatim from the Ghosd examples/animation.c file. 在 include 语句和变量声明后,round_rect 函数被定义为从 Ghosd examples/animation.c 文件中借用 verbatim。

16、This article is to study the Korean "za" inducement sentences and Chinese Imperative sentences mainly studying of the similarities and differences between the two. 本文把韩国语“(?)”类共动句和汉语请求句作为研究对象,主要研究了两者之间的相同点和不同点。

17、Declaring the statement as a string variable when you develop your application makes it easier to convert to a production application. 开发应用程序时将语句声明为字符串变量使得将应用程序转换成生产应用程序更加容易。

18、Characterized as a tonal language, Chinese is noted to be greatly different from English in acoustics and phonetics. 汉语属于声调语言,英语属于重音语言,它们在声学和语音学层次上有着明显的不同。

19、The imperative category is the common grammatical category. 祈使是俄汉语共同使用的语法范畴。

20、In a statement expression, any temporaries created within a statement are destroyed at that statement's end. 在一个声明中表达,在语句中创建的任何临时变量在声明的最后被销毁。

21、In terms of grammar, distinguishing Para synonyms are stressed, as well as explanation of commonly used sentences or words. 在语法的诠释上,本教材重在近义词的辨析,同时也有常用句式或难用词语的解释。

22、Using public databases of DNA sequences, they found that people who speak non-tonal languages commonly have mutated versions of two different genes. 利用DNA 序列的公共数据库,他们发现说非声调语言的人通常有两种不同基因的突变形式。

23、Selective complex sentences and hypothesis complex sentences are used very often in Chinese, and their difference is obvious. 选择复句和假设复句是汉语中常用的两种复句,它们之间的区别较为明显。

24、Jumping into a statement expression with goto or using a switch statement outside the statement expression with a case or default label inside the statement expression is not permitted. 不允许使用switch语句或是goto跳 入到声明表达式中。

25、After the module includes and the initial variable declarations, the main control loop is entered. 在模块 include 语句和初始变量声明之后,进入主控制循环。


26、Begin by adding some library includes and variable declarations starting at line 284. 首先在第 284 行开始添加一些库包含(include)语句和变量声明。

27、A semantic and pragmatic research into the vehicle reveals that the similarity of human notions and aesthetic orientation derives from the similarity of human nature, characteristics and knowledge. 对喻体所作的语义学和语用学研究表明:人类的共同本性、特征和知识决定了人们在使用喻体时具有共同理念和审美取向。

28、Before she could move , she heard a great noise, which grew to a terrible roar. 她还没来得及跑,就听到一个巨大的声音逐渐变成可怕的轰鸣声。 before引导的状语从句常常意为“在……之前”或“还没来得及”。

29、His response was to change it from an ironic statement to a statement about irony itself: "Don't Take the Hint." 他的反应是将这语带讥讽的语句改为对反讽本身的声明:“不许联想”。

30、Here, you care only about method declarations with a single statement. 此处,您只关心那些只有一条语句的方法声明。

31、This thesis investigates the intonation of the interrogative sentence in Mandarin Chinese from acoustic and perceptive perspectives. 本文从声学特征和感知特征两个不同的角度研究了汉语普通话疑问语句的语调。

32、Therefore, iconicity of order and information focus work together to affect the syntactic structure of double predicate. 因此,顺序象似性和句末信息焦点原则共同作用,影响着双重谓语的句式结构。

33、Some Japanese adverbial modifiers syntactically modify verbs or adjectives, but semantically specify the meanings of nominals. 一般而言,日语连用修饰语句法上连接修饰用言,语义上也说明用言。

34、In oral Chinese, often the Complement free to the place of the subject or the Adverbial. 在口语中,补语常常游离到句首主语或句中状语的位置。

35、The fact that he has already died is quite clear. (同位语从句) 他已经去世了,这个事实很明了。

36、Sentence group is a linguistic unit which several studies concern. 句群是多学科共同感兴趣的语言单位。

37、Rewrite the inverted sentences using normal word order. 用正常语序改写下列倒装句。

38、As the English attributive clauses may perform different functions and the concepts they express vary with contexts, the translator usually restructures the Chinese version accordi… 由于英语定语从句在不同的语境中可表达不同的概念,起着不同的功用,译者常须根据句间句群间的逻辑语义关系与汉语规范重构汉语译文。

39、Multi-language dialogue provides commonly used dialogues. It contains 709 sentences which are clified into 46 sub-categories of the 10 main categories, with human voice unciation. 多国会话提供多国语言的常用对话内容,共有10个主分类,46个子分类,每种语言提供共709个句子,以及真人发音内容。

40、In fact, the only difference is the prinl statement, which states that only subjects (users) that have the specified prinl and prinl name are granted the specified permissions. 实际上,唯一的不同是主体语句,该语句声明只有拥有指定主体和主体名字的 subject(用户)被授予指定的许可权。

41、Unlike C90, C99 allows declarations to be intermixed with executable statements. 与C90不同,C99允许声明混合在可执行语句中。

42、Initials are many languages Qingzhuo confrontation, and there is a common trend. 许多语言的声母有清浊对立,并存在共同的发展趋势。

43、As a sort of method to express the question, interrogative sentences marked only by the usage of unciation do not indicate the doubts that have been asked. 在表达疑问的手段方面,古塘方言中单纯使用语音手段的疑问句不用于表示有疑而问的形式;表疑问的常用语气词、语气副词和疑问代词与共同语不相同。

44、The statement import com.ibm.xj.samples.totals.salesschema.* indicates that any reference to salesdata refers to the global element declaration in the schema above. 语句 import com.ibm.xj.samples.totals.salesschema.* 表示,任何对 salesdata 的引用都引用上述模式中的全局元素声明。

45、,that they tend to annoy or threaten those… 是同位语从句,说明先行词one thing的具体内容,其中those带有一个修饰它的定语从句who regard themselves as more enlightened。

46、A short pitch saying in common and recognized use, a concise sentence, often metaphorical or alliterative in form, which is held to express some truth ascertained by experience and familiar to all. 谚语是“人们经常使用的语言,亦即常采用隐喻或双声的形式,用以表达人们体验和不雅察看所得的真理,并为群众所熟悉的简练语句。”

47、To use a properly declared C variable in an SQL statement, write :varname where an expression is expected. 要在 SQL 语句中使用经过合适声明过的 C 变量,要在表达式出现的地方 写 :变量名。

48、These high level statements must be then formalized into if-then statements to make them precise and clear. 这些高级声明必须正式应用于一些 “如果-那么” 语句中,使它们变得精确和清晰。

49、He got good grades, he always talked about learning with me. … 他成果很好,他常常战自己一同会商进修。那句话用英语怎样道。

50、The part of the brain that’s used to decode a sentence depends on the grammatical structure of the language it’s communicated in, a new study suggests. 最近的一项研究表明,语言中不同语法结构的句子所使用的大脑区域也是不同的。


51、Sunny, songs, laughter, heaven auspicious, in this beautiful day, in this good time today, immeasurably vast difference dance beautiful costume. 阳光明媚,歌声飞扬,欢声笑语,天降吉祥,在这美好的日子里,在这大好时光的今天,天上人间共同舞起了美丽的霓裳。

52、These sentences express the general method of using of in common use phrase, the editors still notice an in common use phrase not and usually method of using in the meantime. 这些句子表明常用词的一般用法,同时编者们还注意常用词的不寻常用法。

53、The joint declaration complements previous accords in education and vocational training (2007), culture (2007) and multilingualism (2009). 这项共同声明补全了之前的协定:教育和职业(2007),文化(2007)和多语言(2009)。


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