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关于”用表白“的英语句子48个,句子主体:Use confession。以下是关于用表白的xx年级英语句子。

英文句子模板1:Use confession

1、You think only of yourself. 你 只 想 到 你 自 己 。


2、Conclusion The result of present study proved that both transducin and gustducin were taste G-protein and gustducin was high expressed. Both of them might be involved in taste signal transduction.


3、The results of fluorescence measurements show that there is a strong interaction between Py-Phe-DA and BSA .


4、Well, it turns out that proteins are essential in driving this process too.


5、The dual whitening efficacies caused by the content of vitamin C and whitening factors can release the whitening energy to conceal the flaws and renew the evenly white and stainless complexion.


6、The E protein is the key immunogenic protein of PRRSV with an epitope relative to virus neutralization, which plays a key role in immune response.

Your smiling eyes are just like the sparkling stars hanging on the curtain of my heart.你知道么,有个人时时想念着你,惦记你,你含笑的眼睛,象星光闪闪,缀在我的心幕上,夜夜亮晶晶。

7、Do you know there is someone thinking of you and caring you all the time ?

CD6 8蛋白表达水平检测采用免疫组织化学染色法;

8、Expression of CD68 protein were detected by immunohistochemical method;


9、The migration inhibition effect of thalidomide is independent of CXCR4 protein expression.


10、Eliminate skin filth, no tight feeling after using, skin and muscle limpidly delicate white.


11、You can save printer ink by using the "Star Chart" color scheme, which uses a white background.

12、You're the most beautiful woman I've ever seen. 你是我见到过的最美的女人。


13、He will light the cauldron with the torch and release white doves which symbolize peace.


14、The expression of fibronectin(FN) in cytoplasm was detected by Immunohistochemistry.

15、i am sorry but you are late, i have got some one in my heart~~ let's be friends. 仅代表个人观点,不喜勿喷,谢谢。


16、Expression of S100, GFAP and muscle actin (MA) in adenoid cystic carcinoma were examined by immunoelectron microscope.


17、The low expression of Fibronectin and Laminin plays an important role in the pathogenesis of the abnormal sinusoid wall in OCH.

采用免疫组织化学SP法检测SV40 LT蛋白表达情况。

18、The expression of SV40 LT was examined by SP immunohistochemistry.


19、It is universally acknowledged that you are indispensible to me。


20、The preliminary experiment showed that YPD natural medium promoted the growth of yeast cell and exogenous protein expression to a certain extent.

21、The character which when preceded by an escape character represents any space character.前跟转义字符用于表示任意空白字符的字符。

22、Objective To find differential expression protein by proteomic technology in non-Hodgkin lymphoma(NHL) and healthy controls.目的:应用蛋白质组学技术寻找非霍奇金淋巴瘤与健康对照组血清中差异表达的蛋白。

23、The serum of immunized rabbits could suppress the hemolytic activity of TDH.用表达蛋白免疫兔产生的相应抗体,在体外具有抑制TDH溶血活性的作用。

24、Histone lysine methylation plays a key role in epigenetic regulation.组蛋白赖氨酸的甲基化在表观遗传调控中起着关键作用。

25、Such co-ordinated patterns suggest that a type of protein called a transcription factor is involved.试验表明,共用调控模式与名为转录因子的蛋白。

英文句子26:,26、A typical evening was re-watching a "Poirot" DVD.一个有代表性的就是晚上用DVD重复观看《大侦探白罗》。

27、A library containing the genes that could be expressed as proteins would be referred to as a cDNA expression library, which could be screened for a protein that binds a particular antibody.一个包含可表达为蛋白质的基因的文库称为cDNA表达文库,它可以用来筛选结合特定抗体的蛋白。

28、The character which when preceded by an escape character represents any non-space character.前跟转义字符用于表示任意非空白字符的字符。

29、我 从 未 想 过 要 marry you. Our last conversation 嫁 给 你 。

30、For example Al, Zn or thin wall prts and so on, inhere the obvious white effect.应用于铝、锌或薄壁工件的表面喷抛处理,对工件表面具有显著的增白效果。

31、I'm not sure why it's not S for save but it's write out and that means save.我也不明白为什么不用S代表“保存“而是用“写出“,“写出“也就是“保存“啦。

32、Objective To express severe acute respiratory syndrome(SARS) virus S2 protein in Pichia pastoris.目的研究用毕赤酵母菌表达SARS病毒S2蛋白亚单位。

33、It's a pity that those working on appearances often fail to understand this philosophy.可惜,在表相上用功的人往往不明白这个道理。

34、The expression of porin protein was detected by SDS-PAGE.利用SDS-PAGE法测定淋球菌外膜孔蛋白的表达;

35、The results showed that leukocyte in every group appear the procoagulant activity, specially the APL leukemic cell has the strongest activity.结果表明:各组白细胞均显示有一定的促凝血作用,而APL白血病细胞的这一作用最强。

36、Albuminuria is the best available surrogate parameter in the treatment of diabetic nephropathy.蛋白尿是糖尿病肾病治疗最好用的代表参数。

37、The experiments showed that there is strong interaction between ENX and BSA, and the main dominant sorts of binding forces are hydrogen bond and Van der Waals′interaction.实验表明,依诺沙星与牛血清白蛋白分子间有较强的结合作用,且结合作用力主要是氢键和范德华作用力。

38、The quality of DDGs when adding acid protease was also studied and found out that the protein content of the DDGS was not reduced but increased.同时也考察了添加酸性蛋白酶对D DGS品质的影响,结果表明酸性蛋白酶的使用并不减少DDGS的蛋白含量,而且增加蛋白质含量。

39、Because he has a boyfriend 我想如果你要表白根本不需要英语就用中文 一针见血,多好!

40、The piece consists of white brushstrokes as abstract representations of snowflakes.在这幅画作中,画家用白色的笔触抽象地表现雪花。

41、Markovitz says researchers investigated the banana protein for a very special use.马科维茨表示,研究人员研究这种香蕉蛋白质是用于一种特殊用途。

42、Select a user from the list and enter the new password into the blanks.在列表中选择一个用户,然后在空白处输入新密码。

43、Methods: Immunohistochemistry(SP method) was adopted to detect PTEN and PI3K protein expression levels.方法:采用免疫组织化学SP法检测PTEN与PI3K的蛋白表达。

44、"The long-term story for precious metals is still very firmly intact," said Oliver, who took advantage of the slump this week to buy Canadian silver mining shares on the cheap."白银的长期走势仍未动摇,"Oliver表示,他已利用近期白银大跌之机,逢低买入加拿大白银矿商的股票.

45、Proteomics is a new field to research protein expression profiling and the protein-protein interaction. It must depend on high flux and high roboticized techniques.蛋白质组学是旨在研究蛋白质表达谱和蛋白质与蛋白质之间相互作用的新领域,其研究必须依赖高通量、高自动化的技术。

46、Line-drawings acquire high presentation skills: forceful, smooth and changeable.白描在表现的技巧上要求很高,在用笔上要求有力、畅、化。

47、The results showed 76.2% reduction of urinary albumin, indicating that Apocynum extracts play a significant protection of renal function.实验结果显示尿微量白蛋白降低76.2%,表明罗布麻提取物起到显著的保护肾功能作用。

48、It is a pity that those working on appearances often do not understand this reason.可惜,在表相上用功的人往往不明白这个道理。

49、GH protein level in hypophysis were measured by immunohistochemistry and computer image processsing.采用免疫组织化学技术检测腺垂体GH的蛋白表达水平。

50、Make eye contact to indicate your willingness; your tablemates will understand.用眼神表示你愿意回答这个问题,面试官会明白的。

经典英文句子51:用表白,51、As a foundation: sponge on dry, over daytime moisturizer, for a soft matte effect.用干海绵涂抹,白天保湿,表现为软磨砂效果。

52、The light version uses a standard white background on the app list with black text. The dark version uses a darker version that incorporates the color of the theme with white text.Light 版在应用列表上使用标准的白色背景和黑色文字,Dark 版使用一个颜色更深的版本和白色字体来表现主题的颜色。

53、I'm not attracted to you. 你不吸引我。

54、Consists of printed manila-colored cards, predominantly sulphite or sulphate, which have been manufactured for use in tabulating.主要用亚硫酸盐浆或硫酸盐浆制成的白表格卡纸,供表格编制机使用。

55、His friend advised him to take hallucinogens so he could be brave and courageous.他的朋友们怂恿他服用迷幻剂去鼓起勇气表白。


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