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关于”沟通的重要性的金句“的英语句子2个,句子主体:The importance of communication。以下是关于沟通的重要性的金句的小学英语句子。

英文句子模板1:The importance of communication

1、Value face-to-face communications over email. 比起电子邮件更重视面对面的沟通。

2、It is critical for relationship-building to have effective, open, and honest communication. 所以对建立关系而言,最重要的则是有效,开放而坦诚的沟通了。

3、The digital media have become important tools of communication not just to but within unfree societies. 数字媒体早已成为非自由社会的重要沟通工具。

4、Study English. It is the single most important tool to communicate with the rest of the world. 要学英语,因为它是与世界相互沟通地最重要地工具。

5、When I am working well, I hold dear the importance of communicating with other people, removing excess complexity from my code, and keeping my options open. 当我工作状态尚佳的时候,我珍视与其他人沟通的重要性,去除我的代码中多余的复杂性,并保持开放的心态。

6、Results Effective lingual techniques included the direction, affection, accuracy and art of the language. 结果有效的语言性沟通要注意语言的针对性、情感性、准确性和艺术性;

7、As a follower of Su Shi and Xin Qiji whose Ci were powerful and free in style, he exercised great influence on the development of Ci in Yuan Dynasty. 在沟通宋、金词以及在金、元词的延续上,遗山词有着相当重要的作用。

8、Formulate recommendations to address usability issues and communicate ideas to team. 就可用性方面的问题提供简要的建议,并与团队沟通意见。

9、Office Communications focuses on improving intra-office communication skills with your superiors, colleagues, and subordinates. 办公室沟通重点在改进办公室内部沟通技巧,包括与你的上级,同事和下级。

10、090 Who do you think you are? 你以为你是谁啊?

11、Sections include information on working with an in-house safety committee, crisis communications, and the importance of safety equipment to loss-prevention management. 同时书中包含内部安全委员会资料、危机沟通、安全设备的重要性及损失预防管理。

12、Having sufficient playtime and being able to relate to clmates is very important for children. 拥有足够的玩耍时间以及能够与同学沟通对儿童很重要。

13、Demonstrate your personality, your charm, and your ability to communicate by speaking face-to-face. 通过面对面的沟通,展示你的个性,你的魅力,还有你的沟通能力。

14、Non-verbal communication is one of the most important channels for human communication. 非言语交际是人们沟通思想、传递信息的重要方式之一。

15、Communication without language plays a key role in the communication between the doctors and patients. 而非语言性沟通在医患沟通中发挥着非常重要的作用。

16、Good team player and communication skill. 良好的协作性和沟通技巧。

17、The Northwest was the border region of the dynasty in ancient times, communicated East and West, guarded inland, and its importance was self-evident. 西北地区自古代就处于王朝的边陲地带,沟通中西,捍卫内地,其重要性不言而喻。

18、The performance of soil Lateral throwing of the rotary-cultivated ditcher is a target for judging the working quality of a ditcher. 旋耕开沟机开沟作业的横向抛土性能是衡量开沟机作业质量的重要指标。

19、Another is the idea of communication. 另一个重点就是沟通交流。

20、It is important to foster optimal project-wide communication. 鼓励最佳的项目范围间的沟通非常重要。

21、It is important to learn to communicate. 学会沟通思想很重。

22、Focus on emotional intimacy in all three stages of love. 多注重情感上的沟通,每一阶段都要如此。

23、Communication is important because front end engineers are at the vertex of communication from these four groups. 由于前端工程师处于与这四类人沟通的交汇点上,因此其沟通能力的重要性不言而喻。

24、Today, the main obstacle to cross-gender friendships is often jealousy from a romantic partner. To overcome this, communication is essential. 现如今,这种跨越性别的友谊所面临的主要障碍往往是另一半的嫉妒。想要克服这点,沟通交流尤为重要。

25、Collaboration and communication are your buzzwords. 合作和沟通是最重要的。


26、Conclusion The demand of ER patients to the nurse-patient communication is relatively high, and nurses should select different style of communication based on different patients. 结论急诊患者对于护患沟通的需求性较高,在沟通过程当中注重隐私,应根据不同患者的特点选择不同的沟通方式。

27、The general means of communication constitutes such ways as in language, sub-language, non-language and visual aids, etc. 最常见的就有语言沟通、副语言沟通、非语言沟通、道具沟通等等。

28、In other words, anxiety introduces us with the accent of maximal communicability to the function of lack, in so far as it is radical for our field. 换句话说,焦虑介绍我们,强调最大量的可沟通性,跟这个欠缺的部份。这对于我们的领域是很重要的。

29、Others have suggested that FIT should be used almost exclusively for cross-functional tests where communicating with the business, or with a customer, is of paramount importance. 一些人指出FIT只能用于进行业务沟通或者客户沟通的交叉功能测试(cross- functional test),而且这一点是相当重要的。

30、don‘t waste your time on a man/woman, who isn‘t willing to waste their time on you. 不要为那些不愿在你身上花费时间的人而浪费你的时间。

31、In the eyes of experts, this 23)disconnectedness says, "I'm more important than you." 在专家们的眼里,这种“沟通断链”意味着“我比你更重要。”

32、don‘t cry because it is over, smile because it happened. 不要因为结束而哭泣,微笑吧,为你的曾经拥有。

33、Strategic communication plays an important role in the implementation of its corporate strategy. 战略沟通在提升企业战略执行力中具有重要作用。

34、Miscommunications time for the main, the main road! 沟通的主要时间,主要道路!

35、Social competency has a big impact on communication and is essential for post-school outcomes. 社交技巧对沟通有很大的影响,是毕业后的重要表现。

36、This week we will consider the importance of technical communication for innovation, including the consequences of insufficient communication in a medical instrument corporation. 本周我们关注科技交流沟通在创新中的重要性,包括一家医疗器械企业中的不充分沟通的后果。

37、Westerners and Chinese have very different ideas how to communicate, build relationships, solve problems, motivate and manage staff. 学习中西方文化的差异,以及文化的重要性。暸解为何人们用不同的方式沟通。

38、This October the YEDS programme offers BBA students a chance to understand why good communications so essential and important; 今年xx月,YEDS为商管生提供一个了解良好沟通技巧的必要性及重要性;

39、'Reinforcing Clarity' restates the importance of tireless and repetitive internal communications, in an effort to institutionalize the organization's culture without bureaucratizing it. “强化透明度”重申了坚持不懈地进行内部沟通的重要性,旨在实现企业文化的制度化,去除官僚主义。

40、The Tibet Route was an important channel of the economic and cultural exchange between Inland China and India. 而吐蕃道是沟通中国内地与印度之间经济文化交流的重要通道。

41、This article introduce some methods useful to the communication between nurses and patients, and expound the significance of non-language communication in the use of mechanical ventilation. 本文就此问题介绍护患交流的几种可行方式,阐述了非语言交流在与机械通气患者沟通中的重要性。

42、don‘t try so hard, the best things come when you least expect them to. 不要着急,最好的总会在最不经意的时候出现。

43、Constructiveness emphasizes the aim of communication. 是对沟通的目的性的强调。

44、Soil permeation characteristics is one of the important parameters determining the watering performance of furrow irrigation. 土壤入渗特性是决定沟灌灌水性能的重要参数之一。

45、For designers, it is a very strong communications lesson, and if it is weak in terms of quality, this is a celebrity-driven moment. 对于设计师而言,沟通是一门重要的学问,如果沟通不足会削弱产品质量的话,这便是值得庆幸的时刻了。

46、The armor and war horse became has communicated the person and the god important means. 甲马成为了沟通人和神界的重要手段。

47、These guides point out the importance of maintaining open channels of communication about the complaints, about IAQ, and about the investigation. 这些指南指出,保持开放的渠道的重要性 关于有关室内空气质素的投诉,沟通,以及有关调查。

48、The reason this is a communications seminar is because I believe that communication is the key to your life. 之所以说这是一次沟通讨论会,是因为我相信沟通对我们每一个人都非常重要。

49、The scientists said their finding points to the importance of considering changes in metabolism while evaluating cell-to-cell communication. 科学家们说,他们的发现表明考虑新陈代谢的变化同时评价细胞间的沟通的重要性。

50、Describe the importance of cross-functional team communication. 跨功能小组合作沟通的重要性。


51、no man or woman is worth your tears, and the one who is, won‘t make you cry. 没有人值得你流泪,值得让你这么做的人不会让你哭泣。

52、On the scale of importance, "ustructed communication" in teaching effect and "to rise working skills" in learning effect were the top two; 在重要性之观感上,课程成效之「沟通管道的畅通」、学习成效构面之「提升工作技巧」二项最受赛会志工之重视;

53、Finally, this might be the end of internal obstructionists that question the importance of online communication and giving. 最后,这可能是质疑在线沟通及捐赠重要性的内部阻挠者的终结。

54、Relations between management and communication Though there are many differences of them , there are many superpositions . 管理与沟通的内在联系 管理和沟通当然是有区别,但管理和沟通也有数不尽的重合部分。

55、Since communication is imperative with us human beings, therefore it is important that we practice the art of positive communication in our daily life. 因为沟通对我们人类来说是必要的,因此,我们在生活中练习积极沟通的艺术就很重要。

56、My first hand experience in dealing with problematic children has re-enforced the importance of effective communication. 在对待问题孩子的时候,我的亲身体会是反复强调有效沟通的重要性。

57、Great communication skills—The ability to communicate effectively with both business and IT personnel is critical to the success of the rules architect. 强大的沟通能力——与业务和 IT 人员有效沟通的能力对于业务架构师的成功至关重要。

58、the worst way to miss someone is to be sitting right beside them knowing you can‘t have them. 失去某人,最糟糕的莫过于,他近在身旁,却犹如远在天边。

59、Communicate clearly – Avoid miscommunications. 清晰的沟通 ---避免发生沟通错误(劣质通信)。

60、The direction of communication can be upward, downward or horizontal. 沟通的方向可分为下行沟通、上行沟通和平行沟通三大流向。

61、Above all, the interactive nature of Maple allows you to com- pute results and answer questions during presentations. 最重要的是,互动性枫叶让您沟通普特的成果,并回答问题时发言。

62、What this boils down to is creating a organizational change management plan with a communication strategy being the most critical component. 这可以归结为创建一个组织性的变更管理计划,其中的沟通策略是最重要的组成。

63、This collaboration and communication is what has enabled me to achieve success in my department. 这种精确化和沟通是让我在部门实现成功的重要因素。

64、This chapter emphasizes the importance of maintaining open communication through the official visit, the monthly letter, and the Internet. 本章是强调利用公式访问、总监月报及网际网路来维持沟通管道开放的重要性。

65、Style is tautological; it communicates stylishness. 风格意味着重复,它是关于「风格感」的 沟通。

66、you need to communicate with others since you are alive! 人是群体生活,所以你必须与人沟通,而这些沟通的对象,就是你的朋友,沟通更需要朋友!

67、You need to communicate with others since you are alive! 人是群体生活,所以你必须与人沟通,而这些沟通的对象,就是你的朋友,沟通更需要朋友!

68、The framework also explicitly emphasises the importance of trust, openness and communication in partnerships. 该框架也明确强调了伙伴关系的信任、开放性和沟通的重要性。

69、Lower richness than the verbal forms, but still is directed at a given person. 信息的丰富性次于语言性沟通,但仍就是当时人之间的直接沟通。


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