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关于”鼓励学的唯美“的英语句子34个,句子主体:the aestheticism of encouraging learning。以下是关于鼓励学的唯美的xx年级英语句子。

英文句子模板1:the aestheticism of encouraging learning


1、It should be encouraged to publish scientific and technological reviews with distinct viewpoint so as to create strong academic atmosphere and relax circumstances.


2、For them, sustainability is the greatest virtue and is best achieved by encouraging small farms and organic practices.

Sherman Lin's ink paintings have won affirmation and approval from the experts.感觉敏锐、真诚投入、诗性境界、秀逸明朗……林学明的水墨作品获得了专家们的肯定和鼓励。

3、Sensitive, devoted, poetic, elegant and bright…


4、All UNA-USA committees have Best Position Paper Awards (one for each committee) to reward delegates who are outstanding in Conference preparations.


5、I remember last year, I read the most books in the whole school. So my fourth grade teacher gave me a gift-card of

15 dollars! It wasn't much, but it really encouraged me!

xx年一中学的美术老师大卫 沃尔瓦克就因为鼓吹纯素食主义而被解雇。

6、Middle school art teacher Dave Warwak was fired in 2007 for preaching veganism.


7、Across the country, extremism is surging, inflamed by conservative talkshow hosts, encouraged by Republican leaders and propagating a series of wild conspiracy theories.


8、My company, Ballet Beautiful, is built around celebrating the strength and femininity of the female body -- for me pregnancy has just been an extension of that.


9、Picture shows Mr. Benoit Amado (left three), General Manager of Grand Mercure Hongqiao Shanghai, is encouraging the disabled staffs to continue their hard work and takes photos with them.



10、By faith I mean a vision of good one cherishes and the enthusiasm that pushes one to seek its fulfillment regardless of obstacles.


11、The question is that both tendencies are at work within philosophy and how do we encourage one side but not the other.


12、The Planet Jupiter encourages you to achieve your goals. Go back to school if you've been wanting to, or self-educate.


13、Despite the strength of the economic logic urging spending during a downturn, powerful psychological forces push in the opposite direction.


14、The Arya Samaj did much to encourage Hindu nationalism, but it did not disparage the knowledge of the West, and it established many schools and colleges.

藉着我的同学鼓励了,我拾起喇叭筒并且唱了被给“ 我相信我能飞” 权力的一首英文歌。

15、Encouraged by my classmates, I picked up the microphone and sang an English song entitled "I believe I can fly".

其中一个小组的研究对象可以拿到总计750美元的现金; 这笔钱分步发放,以鼓励研究对象更长期的远离烟瘾。

16、Members of one group also got as much as $750 in cash, with the payments spread out over time to encourage longer-term abstinence.


17、You want to bathe in their glory, their funniness or cleverness—‘You’re really good, you cheer me up’—and the picture is just an excuse to justify an encounter.


18、No one is perfect, and while we are not advocating for settling for less than you desire, the notion of “perfection” is a self-sabotaging principal.


19、You want to bathe in their glory, their funniness or cleverness—‘You're really good, you cheer me up’—and the picture is just an excuse to justify an encounter.


20、Set up a China-Africa development fund which will reach US$5 billion to encourage Chinese companies to invest in Africa and provide support to them.

21、He credits his grandmother for both encouraging him and for providing him with artists’ materiel during tough times when such things were considered luxuries.他感激他的祖母鼓励他并为他提供学艺用品,这在当时的困难时期可是奢侈之举。

22、Far from encouraging other ambitious women, psychologists at the University of Cincinnati found female bosses are more inclined to obstruct them.而辛辛那提大学的心理学家们发现,女老板们才不会鼓励那些野心勃勃的女下属,反而更倾向于打压她们。

23、Beijing has been encouraging Chinese companies to go abroad to help diversify the country's $2.85 trillion foreign-exchange reserves and reduce its reliance on the U.S. dollar.北京方面一直在鼓励中国公司走出去,以推动中国


24、To encourage banks to lend the money, the Fed can lower the rate if it wants, though not by much.为鼓励银行贷出这些资金,美联储要是愿意的话可以降低这个利率,不过下调幅度不会很大。

25、All good things come to an end. Therefore, cherish the time we spend together in the burning sun, fighting and encouraging with each other.天下无不散的宴席,因此珍惜和同学们一起在炎日的太阳下,一起拼搏,互相鼓励的时刻。

英文句子26:,26、If work dries up the outsourcing companies encourage their H1B workers to take classes in local colleges to avoid being deported.如果工作机会枯竭,外包公司就鼓励他们的H1B工人在当地高校上学,以避免被驱逐出境。

27、It will be supported by the rational allocation of public resources, restructured scientific research and institutional reforms that advocate free academic debate.该计划将得到合理资源调配、科研重组和机构改革的支持,后者将鼓励自由的学术争论。

28、More than 150,000 girls enrolled in grades six to eight in the poorer districts of Punjab are now receiving a stipend, an as encouragement to stay in school.在最贫困的旁遮普地区,目前在六至xx年级就读的15万多名女童正在接受旨在鼓励她们继续就学的助学金。

29、Qin Wenjun " Initiation stories " aesthetic implication on the one hand makes the work fun and encouraging positive means, but also that works superficial.秦文君“成长小说”的审美意蕴一方面使得作品充满了乐趣和正面的鼓励性意味,但同时也令作品流于表面。

30、As economist Douglas Holtz-Eakin points out, the tax code is rife with provisions that encourage leverage and discourage investment.正如经济学家道格拉斯·霍尔茨-伊肯所指出,税法充满了鼓励借贷和抑制投资的条款。

31、In fact, the crawling peg encourages some kinds of capitaloutflows, such as carry trade unwinding, the dollarization of household accounts, and withdrawal by portfolio investors.实际上,爬行钉住汇率制鼓励某些资本的外流,比如套利交易平仓,家庭账户的美元化,以及投资组合的撤离。

32、If I were the president, I will treat each students, found their advantages and disadvantages, and to encourage to correct. I still have many good …我就会 认真对待每一个同学,发现他们身上的优缺点,鼓励并以予纠正 …

33、Besides the above said ways, the State encourages those having studied abroad to create more ways through the practice of services to render their services to the motherland.除上述方式外,鼓励留学人员在服务实践中创造更多的方式为国服务。

34、Women tended to make encouraging, praising comments, while men jeered. The most aggressive were young men, he told the British Medical Journal.女性倾向发表鼓励、赞美的评论,男性通常会嘲笑。最具侵略性的是年轻男性,他告诉英国医学期刊。

35、Above ground, stone walking paths will encourage pedestrians to meander and marvel between what the Lunar Cubit proposal refers to as “beacons of science.”在地面上,石头铺成的行走小路将鼓励行人漫步并感受月光肘尺建议称作“科学的指引"的奇迹。

36、They hope the move will encourage scientific risk taking — essential to innovation — and curb the misconduct that has plagued the country in recent years.他们希望这一举措将鼓励科学家勇于冒险(这对创新是至关重要的),并遏制近年来中国层出不穷的学术不端行为。

37、The dollar has come under heavy pressure this month as growing optimism about a global economic recovery encouraged investors to move out of safe havens into riskier investments.本月对全球经济复苏的乐观情绪鼓励投资人转投较高风险资产,美元卖压沉重.

38、Yet railroads continue to borrow billions to acquire one another,with Wall Street cheering them on.然而铁路公司仍然继续贷款数十亿美元来进行相互兼并,而华尔街也鼓励它们这样做。

39、The State encourages those having studied abroad to accept the scientific research projects entrusted by domestic research entities or organizations to carry out research and development abroad;鼓励海外留学人员接受国内委托的科研项目,在国外开展研究、开发活动;

40、Innovation strategy includes more bottom-up efforts to encourage technological entrepreneurship through university-industry collaboration and small start-ups.创新战略更多的是通过自下而上的方式,利用大学-公司合作的模式和小型创业公司来鼓励技术创新。

41、It encourages chemists to choose easy research topics that can be written up quickly, or to split a project into smaller parts for publications.它鼓励化学家选择轻松的研究题目,可以迅速写论文,或者拆分成更小的部分供发表。

42、Discussion and full participation are encouraged; teaching sessions will be a mixture of formal lectures, seminars and a range of other activities deemed appropriate to the subject concerned.我们鼓励讨论与全面参与。 教学内容包括正式的授课,研讨和大量其它与课程相关的学术活动。

43、His aptitude caught the attention of the director of the experimental garden Hugo de Vries who became his mentor and encouraged him to take some university courses on botany.他的性向瞩目主任实验园雨果德弗里斯谁成了他的导师,并鼓励他采取一些大学课程,植物学。

44、Classmate specially have played at home with Chinese characteristics, ethnic instruments and recording into a DVD console them, give them encouraged.还有同学还特地在家演奏了具有中国特色的民族乐器,并录制成DVD安慰他们,给他们鼓励。

45、In order to pursue showing the culture industry that is felt with the atmosphere of true, love and beauty, which we would mutual trust and encourage at work.我们互相真诚、互相信任,互相鼓励,力求展现华世伟业的文化之真、文化之情、文化之美。

46、Nicknamed the Stevie? for the Greek word "crowned, " the International Business Awards are the only global, all-encompassing business awards program honoring great performances in business.在希腊语中,Stevie?是“加冕”的意思。该奖项是唯一具有全球性、包罗万象的国际企业大奖,用于鼓励有突出贡献的企业。

47、Recipients of the Coming Up Taller Awards, the nation’s honor for after-school arts and humanities programs for underserved children, receive $10,000 each.每个获奖项目均将获得1万美元的奖金。 这一全国性奖项的宗旨是鼓励为条件困难的学生提供课外人文艺术活动项目。

48、That's what I learnt on the tree planting day! I appreciate GLV gave me this chance and my friend's encouragement a lot!以上是我从植树的一天所学到与感受到的! 我非常感谢珠海平和英语学校给我这次难得的交流机会以及我好朋友对我的鼓励!

49、What is perhaps a more certain result of Hawking's time in Canada is that scientists there – particularly young ones – will be inspired by his presence.霍金在加拿大的时候,比较明确的结果也许在于那里的科学家——特别是年轻的科学家——会因他的到来而受到鼓励。

50、With the theme ‘Better city, better life’ Expo organisers have challenged participants to generate ideas for liveable cities in the 21st century.因此,围绕“城市,让生活更美好”的主题,世博会主办方鼓励各参展国为适合21世纪居住的城市作大胆构想。

经典英文句子51:鼓励学的唯美,51、O'Connell: And we're also doing things beyond the customer base of the traditional businesses to encourage leadership within universities, too, with things like the Jazz faculty grants.O'Connell:此外,我们所做的事情已经超出了传统业务的客户基础,来鼓励大学内部的领到能力。

52、Yadin Dudai, of Israel's institute of Science says, " We contribute a little, we incite debates, we experiment to refute or resolve the issues, We go on."以色列科学学会的Yadin Dudai说:“我们贡献地很小,我们鼓励争论,我们经历过驳斥和重新解决问题。 我们还在继续。

53、The principal was able to change the minds of Askin’s parents by offering an incentive – a monthly child support allowance of $10 a month if they left their daughter in school.Senvic校长通过一项鼓励措施改变了Askin的父母主意,即如果他们让女儿继续上学的话,就每月支付他们一笔10美元的儿童助学金。

54、Drums are great, they're the only thing in the song that's right.鼓是伟大的,他们是这首歌里唯一正确的。

55、“I go to a dog-friendly bank, where they encourage you to bring your dog inside and give out gourmet dog biscuits, ” she said.“我去到一家允许带狗的银行,他们鼓励你带狗狗入内,还分发美味的狗食饼干” ,她说。


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