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关于”音乐的短句“的英语句子2个,句子主体:Short sentences of music。以下是关于音乐的短句的八级英语句子。

英文句子模板1:Short sentences of music

1、Play this phrase staccato. 这一乐句要奏成断音。

2、A short piece of music, often improvised on a solo instrument, played as an introduction to a larger work. 即兴曲一段短音乐,常为乐器即兴独奏,作为大型作品的序曲。

3、Her struggles ended when Lao Luo and his music entered her life. 直到有一天老锣和他的音乐走进了她的生活,也为她的苦苦挣扎画上句号。

4、Online Music from CVC, experience streaming media reachable also by shortwave radio. 在线收听CVC的音乐节目,体验短波收音机也可以收听的互联网音乐。

5、Haiku is a form of structured poetry that originated in Japan and has become widespread. The poems are incredibly short, with typical haiku consisting of just 17 syllables. 徘句是起源于日本的一种诗歌结构形式,它现在已经广为流传,徘句式的诗歌非常简短,典型的徘句是由17个音节组成的,第一行有5个音节,第二行有7个音节,第三行有5个音节,这就是徘句了。

6、The first line introduced the song, and set the tune and the basic mood; so it was particularly important. 首句是全体的陈述句,具有开启并确定音乐的基本情绪、形象的作用,所以特别重要;

7、History of Japanese Rap Music: Street Dance, Club Music, Pop Market. " In Global Noise." 日本的饶舌音乐史:街舞、乐部音乐、行音乐〉摘自《全球靡音》。

8、Is my sentence structure varied, or do I use all long or short sentences? 句子结构多样化吗?抑或只是单一的长句或短句?。

9、Simultaneously folds the character through the utilization, to fold the sentence, the parallel phrases to create the harmonious and gentle circulation music US. 同时又通过运用叠字、叠句、排句来创造出谐婉流转的音乐美。

10、Think about it. Short sentences, repetition, clear unciation, high-pitched exaggerated expression. 想想这些特点:短句,重复,清楚的发音,高调的夸张表达。

11、In music appreciation teaching, teachers should pay attention to the music, enjoy music in teaching music and learn music in appreciation. 在音乐教学中教师应关注音乐欣赏,使音乐欣赏课在音乐中欣赏音乐、在欣赏中学习音乐。

12、Music Reduced to its Single Tone-On the Creative Space of Musical Sound; 一个乐音和距其六个乐音远的乐音之间的音程。

13、Think of one line. Think of a group of lines Here's one sound. 想想一行乐句是什么样的,一组呢,这是一个音

14、During these years, the Ensemble held many joint concerts with over 20 music organizations from different places including Singapore, Wuhan, Guangzhou, Zhuhai and Zhongshan. 短短成立几年来, 本团先后应邀赴新加坡、武汉、广州、珠海和中山等地与超过廿个音乐团体一起举办大型交流音乐会。

15、He is renowned as a prolific explorer of various styles of music. From Jazz to Clical, Rock to Pop Music, he also involves in recording and producing many film soundtracks. 作为音乐的多面手,他经常穿梭于各种音乐种类之间,包括古典音乐与爵士音乐的音乐会、流行音乐的演唱会及录音制作工作,以及电影音乐作品。

16、Monosyllabic words are best. 句子要短,短小的词比长词好,单音节的词是最佳选择。

17、Four, short, short, short, long. 短音 短音 短音 长音

18、But maybe even before we can recognize the syntax of music, we have to figure out what a phrase is. 但是也许在我们认识音乐的句法之前,我们需要先弄清这些乐句是什么

19、Music ringing, when I heard him sing a mouth haven't play the first sentence. 音乐响起,当我听到他一张口还没唱玩第一句的时候。

20、Finish the following sentence with an adverbial clause of time or concession. 让步状语,由短语和从句表示,常置于句末和句首。

21、I love all kinds of music like: Blues, Jazz, Country music, pop music, folk music, hip-hop, clical music… 我喜欢各种各样的音乐例如:蓝调音乐、爵士乐、乡村音乐、流行音乐、民乐、街舞、古典音乐…

22、Therefore, the beginning of vocalization, requires that each singer the interval, scales, vocal training period also sings sweet, sweet. 因此练声一开始,要求每个歌唱者把音程、音阶、练声乐句也唱得悦耳、动听。

23、Music may calm the sae beast or, at least, make the workday seem shorter. 音乐可以让凶猛的野兽平静,或者音乐至少可以让工作时间变短些。

24、Say an in the mind words, the tone construction of this folk song affects to me very big, once appear in several music's work. 说句心里话,这首民谣的音调结构对我影响很大,曾在多首音乐作品中出现。

25、Sentences can be broken up into clauses, and clauses into phrases. 句子可以分成分句, 分句能分成短语。


26、A short-term Woodstock in the Yard 一个短期的校园内的伍德斯托克音乐节

27、Conjunctions are an important grammatical means used to combine words, phrases, and sentences. 连词是连接词与词、短语与短语、分句与分句的重要语法手段。

28、Both of them belong to musical literature and feature clical poetic pattern and rhyme, so the two things are frequently mixed up in style. 二者同属于音乐文学,亦同为古典格律诗体的长短句形式,因而词与曲自元代以来在文体上出现混淆的现象。

29、Objective: To discuss Xray manifestation and "pseudoglottis" of patient's phonation with electrolarynx after total laryngectomy. 目的:讨论喉全切除术后患者应用电子喉发音的X线表现, 医学考试网,并探讨用电子喉发音的“假声门”。短句来源。

30、Celebrities from around the region and the world took part nightly in a spectacular concert, music video broadcast and fashion show. 活动举行期间,每晚均有来自区内和世界各地的名人参加精彩的音乐会、音乐短片放映会和时装表演。

31、Sentences can be broken up into clauses, and clauses into phrases. 句子可以分成分句,分句可以分成短语。

32、Music was the negation of sentences, music was the anti-word! 音乐是对句子的否定,是一种反词语!

33、The melodic characteristics lie in the identical rhythm and different tunes and falls of notes. 其旋法特点是节奏基本相同,而各乐句的旋律音调、落音不同。

34、The musicians of whom the band was formed played jokes on each other as well as played music. (定语从句) 组成乐队的音乐人除了演奏音 乐曲目,还经常彼此打趣逗笑。

35、Traditional Chinese Music Instruments Concert, one of the concert series of the Sixth Music Festival of CCOM, was held tonight at our Concert Hall. 昨晚“第六届音乐节开幕式音乐会”的乐音才止,今晚,我院民乐系专场—中国青年民族乐团音乐会又在学院音乐厅奏响民族音乐的绚丽乐章。

36、A long sled made of two shorter sleds joined in tandem. 两个或四个小节长的短的音乐片断。

37、I know that she is happy. 主句从句(名词从句)我知道她快乐。

38、A group of students from the Art and Music Faculty are producing a short film. 音乐艺术系的一群学生正在拍一个相关的短片。

39、A half to two-year-old three-year-old baby, you can choose short, with clear-cut image of music to listen to the music so that they develop their musical understanding and imagination. xx岁半至xx岁的宝宝,可以选择短小、具有鲜明音乐形象的音乐让他们倾听,发展他们的音乐理解力和想像力。

40、I love all kinds of music like: Blues, Jazz, Country music, pop music, folk music, hip-hop, clical music? 我喜欢各种各样的音乐例如:蓝调音乐、爵士乐、乡村音乐、流行音乐、民乐、街舞、古典音乐?。

41、A symphony concert will debut in the Water Cube during the National Day holiday. 例句十一时期,水立方将举行交响音乐会的首演。

42、By borrowing Yue Fu old titles and stressing the explanation of poems by music, they created many Yue Fu poems that turned to be Yue Fu que at that period. 他们套用乐府旧题,重视音乐对词句的阐发作用,他们的很多乐府诗成为那个时代的乐府曲词。

43、Locutionary act: A locutionary act is the act of uttering words, phrases, clauses. It is the act of conveying literal meaning by means of syntax, lexicon and phonology. 言内行为是说出词、短语、分句的行为,是通过句法、词汇和音位等手段表达字面意义行为。

44、Ethnomusicology; Chinese Music; Chinese Ritual Music; Music of China's Ethnic Minority; Narrative Music. 民族音乐学; 中国音乐; 中国仪式音乐; 中国少数民族音乐; 说唱音乐。

45、Free streaming appears to be tapping it. Free streaming appears to be tapping it.(以下这句翻译有待商榷)免费的流媒体音乐就是利用了这一点。

46、Thy world is weaving words in my mind and thy joy is adding music to them. 你的世界在我的心灵里织上字句,你的快乐又给它们加上音乐。

47、The second part. The feature and style of e'erduosi music form. 第二章:鄂尔多斯短调民歌的音乐形态特点及音乐风格。

48、Generally his ideas were expressed in brief sententious phrase, spoken in low voice. 他发表意见总是用柔和的声音,简短的句子。

49、This sound, like all music, pierced my heart like a dagger. 这种声音像所有的音乐一样,如短剑般直刺我心。

50、Human being's music practice activity mainly consists of music composition, music performance and music appreciation. 人的音乐实践活动主要包括音乐创作、音乐表演、音乐欣赏三个环节。


51、" and he added: "I leave you the musician, but I want the clarionet." 他还加上一句,“我把这音乐家留给你们,但是我要那单簧管。”

52、Key concepts : rise of piano , standardisation of the orchestra , sonata form , chamber music , symphony , balance , enlightenment , absolute music , concerto , phonic. 主要音乐概念:钢琴地位的提升,管弦乐队的标准编制,奏鸣曲式,室内乐,交响乐,音乐平衡感,音乐教化作用,纯音乐,协奏曲,主调音乐。

53、The brand name Coca-Cola ( KO - news - people ) in China was first translated as a phrase ounced Ke-kou-ke-la. 品牌名称“Coca-Cola”在中国首先被翻译为一句发音为“科-扣-科-拉”的短语。

54、Thirdly, lots of pop music are made in short time. They aren't as valuable as clical music. 第三,很多流行音乐是短时间制作的,它们不像古典音乐那样有价值。

55、A History of Japanese Rap Music: Street Dance, Club Music, Pop Market. " In Global Noise." 〈日本的饶舌音乐史:街舞、乐部音乐、行音乐〉摘自《全球靡音》。

56、At night, let the quiet of the ear of music and noise lonely. 清晨宁静白句夜、让耳边白句音乐清静寂寞白句身口。

57、The unit of complete translation includes the word, phrase, clause, multiple sentence and sentence group. 全译单位有词、短语、小句、复句和句群。

58、The Country Music Association of Australia already runs short intensive courses to help young up-and-coming musicians progress in their music careers. 澳大利亚乡村音乐协会已经开设了短期的强化课程来帮助那些有前途的青年音乐家拓展他们的音乐事业。

59、It is important to recognize the prosodic phrase breaks in text-to-speech. 句子的韵律短语识别是语音合成的重要研究内容。

60、The noise of the moment scoffs at the music of the eternal. 短暂的噪音总是讥笑那永恒的音乐。

61、There are many things we can do to prevent traffic accidents. There is no use holding back the wheel of history. 从以上例句还可看出,句中的主语后面可接多种修饰语,如介词短语、不定式短语、定语从句、分词短语等等。

62、Phrase in order to deal with more than "double sentence" there. 乐句处理多以“句句双”出现。

63、A Haiku is a structured short Japanese poem with 17 syllables. 俳句是以十七个音为一首的一种日本短诗。

64、Extras: Audio Commentary, Documentary, Featurettes, Music Video, Theatrical Trailer. 演员:音频评论,短片,纪录片,音乐录像,电影预告片。

65、Cope and Emily Howell engage in a musical conversation involving certain compositions or statements, where Cope will label certain musical statements "yes" or "no." 柯普和埃米利 豪厄尔之间会有一个音乐性质的人机对话,内容包括特定的函数和语句,然后柯普会给这些特定的音乐语句标上“对”或“错”。

66、Much of the music today involves church music, also referred to as spirituals or gospel music. 今天他们的音乐掺入了许多教堂音乐,教堂音乐也被称作心灵音乐或福音音乐。 。

67、I wonder if their verse and music, like the music of crickets, are in some way voices of the moon. 于是,我便怀疑起他们的诗句、乐曲、还有蟋蟀的音乐,是否都能算是月的声音。

68、It begin with three short note and one long one. 这乐曲以三个短音符和一人长音符开始。

69、Not only is he interested in science, but also he is very interested in music. 他不仅对科学感兴趣,而且对音乐也颇有兴趣(倒装句)。

70、The truth in it is similar to the imitation of musical phrases, such as the sounds of water, wind and bird in the natural sounds. 这其中的道理有些类似于音乐中某些模仿自然声音的乐句,比如流水声,风声,鸟儿的叫声。

71、HITS OF THE 1950s, Vol. 1 (1950): Music! Music! Music! xx年的热门乐曲:音乐!音乐!音乐!

72、Use short sentences and short paragraphs. 使用短小的句子和短小的段落。

73、This concert contains language that is not suitable for all audiences. 这场音乐会中所使用的一些语句并不适合所有乐迷。

74、It's rhymed iambic tetrameter, four beats per line, with some variations. 这是首押韵的短长体四音部句,一行四音,也有些变化。

75、At the end of this phrase, the music modulates from C to G. 这个乐句结束时,音乐从C调转为G调。

英文句子模板76:Short sentences of music

76、A Traditional Chinese Music Instruments Concert, one of the concert series of the Sixth Music Festival of CCOM, was held tonight at our Concert Hall. 昨晚“第六届音乐节开幕式音乐会”的乐音才止,今晚,我院民乐系专场— 中国青年民族乐团音乐会又在学院音乐厅奏响民族音乐的绚丽乐章。

77、Not only did they present a musical performance, but they also gave a brief introduction to the history of Western br instruments. 他们不但做了音乐表演,而且简短地介绍了西方铜管乐器的历史。


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