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关于”教育的句子“的英语句子4个,句子主体:Educational sentences。以下是关于教育的句子的小学英语句子。

英文句子模板1:Educational sentences

1、Foreigne educations focus on improving children's innovation, but chinese educations just focus on teaching children the knowledges on books. 国外教育着重于孩子创造性的开发,而中国的教育着重于教授我们那些书本上的知识。

2、Adler is correct in this declar that educ does not end with grpublishingu. 阿得勒这句话很无误,教育不能随着毕业而终了。

3、The most important feature in primary school is that it respects the personal development of each child for happy education. 小学部教育的最大特点是尊重每一个孩子个性发展的快乐教育。

4、The openness of Confucius tutoring manifested itself in the following aspects: the focus of schooling shifted from the God or emperor to the people; 孔子教育的开放性内涵主要体现在,使神本或君本教育转换为人本教育;

5、The unique feature of Mo-tse's education thoughts covers the aspects of moral education, practical education, formal logic and scientific technology, etc. 墨子教育思想的独特性涉及道德教育、实践教育、形式逻辑和科学技术等方面。

6、There is a troop of monkeys in the woods. 林子中有一群猴子。学习新视野教育上机教材。

7、Further, in the scope of humankind as a whole, the effectiveness of education…… 对有效的教育进行拔高,抬到全人类的范围(这一段的句子我总觉自己写得怪怪的)

8、The humanism education, educational humanization, educational humanities meaning and value are becoming the main current of our education theories research and the education reform experiment. 人文教育、教育的人性化、教育的人文意义与价值正在成为我国教育理论研究和教育改革实验的主流。

9、"Yes! Mom" shares the news of early childhood development and education, including parent-child activities, child care programs, school programs, organic food, etc. All for your lovely child. 幼儿教育分享天地提供幼儿成长及教育心得,包括亲子活动, 幼儿课程, 幼儿教育, 热门话题。 幼儿发展。 有机食品等,为教育一个好孩子而努力!

10、Based on the previous discussion, part four studies the similarities and distinctions of the three aspects mentioned above. 第四部分是比较分析国共两党女子教育观、教育体制、教育内容的异同。

11、For the school education, Liang Qichao persisted in basic education of teachers, girls and children. 在学校教育方面,其主张重视基础教育、师范教育、女子教育、儿童教育等。

12、Comparisons with "Schooled" Peers 接受非学校教育的孩子与接受学校教育孩子的比较

13、Children of educated mothers are more likely to attend school themselves. 受过教育的母亲的孩子更有可能上学接受教育。

14、Adler is correct in his assertion that education does not end with graduation. 阿得勒的这句话很正确,教育不能随着毕业而结束。

15、Chai said the teacher, then every word in my mother's heart, teaching children is the cause of our life, family education is a science, it is an art. 柴老师的话句句都说在了我这个做母亲的心里,教育孩子是我们一生的事业,家庭教育是一门科学,更是一门艺术。

16、Madame de Stael says that only the people who can play with children are able to educate them. 有位教育家说,只有能与孩子在一块儿玩耍的人才能教育孩子。

17、Clearly emotional education and education the main reason for education, education is the core of emotional love, education, rational and intellectual core. 明确了教育情感和教育理性的主体为教育者,教育情感的核心在于爱,教育理性的核心在于智。

18、High quality education is the education of taking root that provides the opportunity of suitability development for the children. 是一种扎根的教育,是提供孩子适性发展、发挥潜能的教育。

19、Promote the unification of dominant education and recessive education. 促进显性教育与隐性教育的统一;

20、The education of humanism is the education of respecting man, which includes the humanization of educational idea and the individualization of educational environment. 以人为本的教育是尊重人的教育,它包括教育理念的人性化和教育环境的个性化。

21、All the saving truths and healing graces that distinguish a good education from a bad one, or full education from a half-empty one are contained in that word. 所有用来区分优秀教育和不良教育,完整教育和半调子教育的真理和方法都蕴含在这二字之中。

22、Preschool was available to children between the ages of three and six; it was obligatory from age five. 三至xx岁之间的孩子需接受学前教育。 从xx岁开始教育是强制性的。

23、The infiltration of developmental psychological education into different subject-based teaching is an important path to promote total employee involvement in women's college. 发展性心理健康教育在女子高校学科学科教学中渗透,是促进女子高校全员参与、多方协作开展发展性心理健康教育的重要途径。

24、Educational Technology is a new applied subject of the education science. 教育技术学是教育科学中一门新兴的应用性子学科;

25、As the inherent attribute of teacher education, teacher-training is the essential characteristic to distinguish between teacher education and other professional educations. 师范性作为教师教育的内在属性,是教师教育区别于其他专业教育的本质属性和特殊性所在。


26、Costs have a significant impact on whether and which children are educated. Costs can include: tuition fees, PTA fees, uniforms, textbooks, teachers' fees, school construction and transportation. 费用对孩子是否受教育或哪个孩子受教育有重大影响。教育经费包括:学费,家庭教师协会的费用,校服,课本,教师工资,学校建设和交通费用等。

27、Parents-children education is a newly sprung up education mode in the China. 亲子教育是我国新兴的一种早的教育模式。

28、Challenger quoted a sentence he said he came across in a geology textbook. 张廉吉教授引述一句他在地质学教科书偶然看到的句子。

29、And innovation education theory is based on the subject educationtheory , all-round development education theory and personality educationtheory . 主体教育理论、全面发展教育理论、个性教育理论构成了创新教育的理论基础。

30、The new-type family education takes personality development more seriously and orients at quality education but not knowledge education only, which will help shape a scientific family education. 新型的家庭教育应尊重孩子人格的发展,在价值取向上从知识型教育转向素质教育,使家庭教育逐步走向科学化。

31、Poem education and music education have irreplaceable advantages over other education methods in Confucian education thought. 在孔子的教育思想中,诗教和乐教具有其他教育方式所没有的优越性。

32、Their children are educated in local primary schools, but secondary education is in the home. 他们的孩子在当地的小学受教育,但中等教育却在家里教授。

33、Change the home education idea, strengthen the child-parent education, separate the education of taking the place of well, build good home environment for the growth of the rural child; 要转变家庭教育理念,加强亲子教育,搞好隔代教育,为农村孩子的成长营造良好的家庭环境;

34、You know an ancient Chinese educationist and the father of Chinese education Confucius once said 'How happy we are, to meet friends from afar! ' 我们中国古代的教育学家、中国的教育之父孔子有句名言“有朋自远方来,不亦乐乎”。

35、As nationwide education, quality education is creative and pluralistic. 素质教育是全民性教育,也是创造性和多元化的教育。

36、The unique feature of Mo-tse educational thoughts concerns with practical education, formal logic and technology etc. 墨子教育思想的独特性涉及到实践教育、形式逻辑和科学技术等方面。

37、Supporting compensatory preschool and in-school programs 支持补充性的学前教育和在校教育;

38、The well-educated mother brought up her children to be considerate of others. 这位受过良好教育的母亲教育她的孩子要替别人着想。

39、This article studies Confucius educational teaching ideology and introduces its essence to enrich our educational teaching theory. 本文研究了孔子的教育教学观,取其精华,以丰富我们的教育教学理论。

40、With the nine-year compulsory education program, all children have the chance to be educated. 推行xx年制义务教育,每个孩子有受教育的机会。

41、The educational thoughts of Han Feizi's claim that the principle of education is changing along with the time, taking the government official as teacher. 韩非子的教育思想值得关注:在教育原则上强调因时而变,在教育形式上强调“以吏为师”,在教育内容上强调“以法为教”,在教育方法上强调“参验审问”。

42、The solving of these problems should rely on the supports from outside and reforms within school as well. As a social problem, the education of migrants' children needs great supp… 作为一类社会性教育问题,流动人口子女教育在最大程度上依赖于教育外部力量的支持,但与任何教育问题一样,其深度解决的关键依然在于学校教育内部各环节的改革。

43、The methods of citizen education include: education by schools and society, edifying and typical examples, self- education and internalized morality. 公民教育的途径和方法包括:学校教育与社会教育、渗透教育与情境陶冶、重点教育与典型示范、自我教育与德性内化等。

44、The Educational category groups the educational and pedagogic characteristics of the learning object. 教育(Educational)范畴包括学习对象的教育性和教育学特征。

45、It is so important to develope quality education of physical training at junior college. 专科体育素质教育在学校教育中的重要性,根据专科生的特点进行素质体育教育。

46、What's the difference between following and teaching a child according to traditional methods? There will be a Q&A period. 与传统教育方法相比,遵循孩子天性的蒙氏教育有什么区别?

47、With education informationalized development, the educational E-government becomes the important means to realize educational modernization of management. 随着教育信息化的发展,教育电子政务已经成为实现教育管理现代化的重要手段。

48、Analyzes the situation of moral education , discusses the necessity of strengthening the practical results of morality lessons, and expounds how to realize it. 分析德育教育面临的形势,论述了增强德育课教育实效性的必要性,阐述了增强德育课教育实效性的途径和方法。

49、Teacher love is a teacher's action with educational intention Teacher love is the foundation of other cognitive action. 师爱应是教师的教育意向性行为,是一种基于教师对教育意义的根本理解,并自觉的实现充满教育意义的教育性行为。

50、Fosters education is the quality education ture connotation, its objective is to raise the child perfect personality, teach the child the academic society behaves as one should. 养成教育就是按照素质教育的要求,培养孩子健全的人格,教孩子学会做人。


51、Individualization education is in fact related with creation education and quality-oriented education and should be promoted in China by developing research-oriented education. 个性化教育、 创新教育和素质教育三者是统一的,我国应该通过发展研究型教育推进个性教育的发展。

52、Remember words: child is out of Kwame, you have the issue of educational methods. 记住一句话:好孩子是夸出来的,你的教育方法有问题。

53、Confucius was also a great educator. In his time, only children from aristocratic families could receive education. 孔子又是个大教育家,在那个时代,只有贵族子弟才能够受教育。

54、silly child is soon taught. 要想孩子好,教育要趁早。

55、Owing to the inefficacy of rule education, moral education should turn to virtue education. 规则教育的乏力呼唤道德教育应走向德性教育之路。

56、Offspring of the unprivileged ought to have equal rights to receive education. 高度重视弱势群体子女的教育,构建公平均等的教育体制;

57、Education of Gaogouli reflected educational condition of our country's ancient northeast area which was developmental miniature of the feudal education in our country northeast area. 以儒家为本位的高句丽教育反映着我国古代东北地区的教育状况,是汉唐之际封建教育在我国东北地区发展的缩影。

58、Adler is correct in this assertion that education does not end with graduation。 阿得勒这句话很正确,教育不能随着毕业而结束。

59、Just as the famous educator Confucius said, there is no class discrimination in education. 正如著名的教育家孔子所说的,教育是不分阶层的。

60、Thirdly, the environment of this group is the most healthy and their achievement is the highest. 最后论证宦门女子是当时教育环境最为健康,教育成就最高的女性阶层。

61、Priority will be given to preschool education, privately-run school and community education. Effort also will be make to special education and the school of new citizens of Jiaxing. 重视学前教育、民办教育和社区教育,做好特殊教育和新居民子女教育。

62、The publication of the Japanese educationist Jinzo Naruse's On Women's Education at the turn of the 20th century touched off a reform movement for the higher education of Japanese women. 二十世纪之交,日本教育家成濑仁藏完成并出版《女子教育论》,掀起了日本女子高等教育的革新运动。不久,该书被中国学人译成中文,推动了中国女子教育近代化的起步。

63、The ability of self-education is not inborn to the children. The ability is growing up. It is a conscious state, that is, self-education-oriented. 孩子的自我教育能力并非与生俱来,家庭德育中未成年人自我教育是未成年人自我教育能力逐渐形成的过程,是接受教育的自觉状态,即导向式自我教育。

64、The higher vocational education possesses the sociality and edutainment. 高职教育具有社会性和教育性。

65、The educator, Neil Postman once said, " "The kids enter schools as question marks and they leave as periods." 教育家Neil,Postman曾经说过,“孩子进校时像问号而毕业时像句号“


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