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My name is XX. I come from XX. My major is accounting.

I have obtained my bachelor's degree in XX University on July X. Generally speaking, I am an extroverted girl / boy with a strong thirst for knowledge and vitality for action. In the four years of college, I have cultivated a really vigorous spirit of life.

I can be proud to admit that I have a good understanding of my professional field, and there are many extended courses in my major. I am confident that I can be in this field, and some certificates may be Help to prove that, for example, tem-cet, as for my social skills, I have no less confidence in myself in this field, and I don't feel lack of confidence. As for myself, I worked as a tutor, part-time editor, translator and translator in college, and my social and interpersonal skills have been greatly improved.

If I am lucky to be selected, I believe there will be no regret between us. I believe I will never let you down. Thank you.




2:自我介绍,Hello everyone, I come from XX school. I have been learning English since I was a child. Besides, I passed the det exam with high marks last year.

I have also participated in volunteer activities for the Beijing Olympic Games. During this period, I have provided warm service for many foreigners. I will not doubt my oral English ability.

Moreover, I still keep the habit of reading English newspapers every day. Without China Daily, I will get sick. I like to write English articles in my spare time.

My compositions are taken away by century magazine and our school newspaper I am optimistic about my English study. I will continue my study in this field. thank you.





3:自我介绍,Hello everyone, my name is XXX, which is my English name and my idol's name. I am a student recommended by CCFLs. I have studied there for six years.

I have learned a lot from my teachers. I must thank them for being in another school in my life. My family witnessed that I was born in a happy family, the apple of my family's eye.

Since childhood, I have been sincere, persistent, and persistent Conscience and thirst for knowledge are the personality given to me by my family. Without their support, I would not have been such a confident person. Thanks to my family, I love them.

I am an optimistic, energetic, outgoing, active and humorous girl. I have any hobbies, such as listening to music and writing blogs. What is worth introducing is my blog on Sina.

Although there are not too many flashy decorations, many articles are worth reading. The website here is your preparatory course and guidance. Unlike other girls, I am good at swimming.

Skating, basketball, volleyball, badminton, table tennis and so on are my hobbies. Although I am very tall, I have good jumping ability, so I am the leader of the women's basketball team and the main member of the women's volleyball team in our school. In addition, I also like playing snowball very much.

I won the silver medal when I was a child. I am a versatile girl. Clarinet is my strong point.

I am a good organizer and leader in school activities. I organized many English speech contests and participated in the competitions and ranked first. In particular, I directed an English drama named "the sound of music" It was a great success, so every audience spoke highly of it.

I'm very proud of it. In the end, I'm sure I won't let you down. I hope you can give me a chance to study in Xiamen University.

Xiamen University is the Holy Land in my mind. I will give you many honors in return. Thank you for your attention.

Hi, my name is, I come from the beautiful ancient city of Kaifeng. As you can see, I am a very casual girl. Like many people here, I love guitar very much, I love singing and dancing, I like English very much.

I like watching prison break. I like actor Mitchell's wit. I like making friends.

I hope you can become good friends with me. I think I will. Get along well with you.






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