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关于”朋友间的友谊“的英语作文模板3篇,作文题目:Friendship between friends。以下是关于朋友间的友谊的高考英语模板,每篇作文均为满分模板带翻译。

高分英语作文1:Friendship between friends

Friendship is a kind of relationship between people. It is the instinct to establish friendship between people. When we encounter difficulties, we need help, support and encouragement from our friends to achieve success.

We also need friends to share our happiness. Friendship is also one of the greatest pleasures we can enjoy. It means loyalty, sincerity, compassion, affection and preparation.

In order to help anyone make the most of his life, if he knows how valuable friendship is, we should be very careful when making friends. Real friends are those who are good-natured, capable and kind-hearted. Real friends can share all our sorrows.

When making friends, we should pay attention to selecting those who have such excellent qualities. Then we should treat our friends politely. We should not interfere with them unreasonably or laugh at their behavior.

We should forgive their failure, And try our best to help them. When we establish a friendship, we should cherish and cherish it. Only in this way can we develop true friendship and make the sacred lamp of friendship light up all our life.

Making friends is a skill. Like many other skills, it is improved through practice. If you want to know people and make friends, you must be willing to take some actions.

You must first go to places where you can't make friends, stay at home alone, join a club or a group, and be with people who like to do the same thing with you. It's easy or take part in some activities Many people feel nervous when they talk to strangers, because meeting strangers means facing the unknown and its human nature. Most of our fear of dealing with strangers comes from our doubts about ourselves.

We think that others are judging us, that we are too tall or too short, too this or that.





Friends are very important to us. Everyone has their own friends. We share sadness and happiness with our friends.

From time to time, we make new friends, but it is difficult to find talented friends. Trust between friends is difficult to establish. If trust exists, friends can talk about anything.

They are willing to show who they are in front of friends. If trust does not exist, friendship is not true When they encounter difficulties, people will ask you that your true friendship is based on trust. My best friend will never let me do anything.

On the contrary, she cares about me and comforts me when I am sad. That is a true friend.




The friendship between two dogs Brownie and spotty are neighbors' dogs. They play together every day, just like a pair of dogs that can be found in any neighbor's house. The two dogs love each other and often play together, so that one night, they cross the grass between their respective houses.

Brownie's family notices that they haven't come home yet, so they go to him, but No success. The next day, Brownie didn't show up. Despite their efforts to find him, he still disappeared curiously the next week.

Spotty appeared alone in Brownie's house, barking and wailing, usually pestering Brownie's human family. They were busy with their own lives, and they just ignored the nervous little neighbor. Finally, one morning, spotty refused to accept the "no" answer.

Brownie's owner was constantly harassed by the angry and stubborn dog. Spotty followed Ted all the time, barking, and then galloping to the nearby open space and back again, as if to say, "come with me, something urgent." finally, Ted followed, and the mad woman across the open space stopped and went crazy Barking, cheering. The dog led the man under a tree, through a clump of trees, to a desolate place half a mile from the house.

Ted found that his beloved Brownie was still alive, and one of his hind legs was clamped by an iron leg fixed with a chain. Ted now hoped that he would take spotty's earlier appeal seriously. Then Ted noticed that Spotty had done a great thing Not only did he take Brownie's owner to his trapped friend and walk around the injured dog, Ted found a pile of dog food and leftovers on the table that were later identified as the remains of every meal Spotty had eaten that week.

Spotty often visited brownie, intending to save his friend's life by sacrificing his own comfort. Obviously, spotty stayed with Brownie to protect him from predators. He nestled with him at night to keep warm and touch him with his nose to refresh him.

A veterinarian treated Brownie's leg, and he recovered for many years as the two families watched their faithful friends play and chase on the worn-out path between their houses.





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