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Yes = no, no, no = yes, maybe = no, I'm sorry = you'll be sorry. We need = I want this to be your decision = the right decision should be obvious now. Do what you want to do = you'll pay for it later.

We need to talk = I need to complain, of course, continue = I don't want you to be angry, I'm not angry = I'm certainly annoying you, idiot, you're manly = you need to shave and sweat You must have been very attentive tonight = sex is all you want romantic turn off the lights = my thighs are slack this kitchen is too inconvenient = I want a new house I want new curtains = carpets, furniture and wallpaper hanging there = no, I mean hanging there I heard the noise = I noticed you were almost asleep do you love me = I'm going to buy expensive things how much do you love me = I did something today you really do Don't like it. I'll be ready soon = take off my shoes and find a great game on TV. It's my butt fat = tell me I'm beautiful.

You have to learn to communicate = agree with me. Are you listening to me = it's too late. You're dead.

That's the baby = why don't you get out of bed and walk with him until he's asleep? I didn't yell = yes, I'm yelling because I think it's important, the same old thing = No What = everything = my PMS doesn't show anything, really = it's just that you're such a jerk.




Nowadays, many female college graduates find it difficult to find a satisfactory position because of the additional requirements of their employers: carefully study the pictures below and write an article in which you should describe the pictures, discuss the causes of this phenomenon, and find solutions. You should write the words neatly on the answer sheet what I see in this picture makes me deeply shocked. As shown in the picture, employers have high requirements for female job seekers.

They require young and beautiful female job seekers. However, ironically, they only provide low paid jobs without pension, benefits, weekends ‰ what this picture reveals is a common phenomenon in contemporary society, some employers are against female employees They should not only have educational qualifications, but also have excellent personal images. It is not surprising to hear that female graduates of famous universities can not find jobs due to the prejudice and high standards of their employers.

What can we do to solve this problem? I think one of the solutions is that the society should establish a positive attitude towards female job seekers On the other hand, female employers should have confidence and firm belief. If they do, they will certainly find a satisfactory job despite all kinds of prejudices.


如今,许多女大学毕业生发现很难找到一个令人满意的职位,因为雇主对她们提出了额外的要求:仔细研究下面的图画,写一篇文章,在这篇文章中,你应该描述图片,讨论这种现象的原因,找到解决办法,你应该把文字写得工整在答题纸上) 我在这张图中看到的情况让我深感震惊,如图所示,雇主对女性求职者的要求很高,他们对女性求职者的要求是年轻漂亮的,但具有讽刺意味的是,他们只提供没有退休金的低薪职位,福利,周末‰这张照片所揭示的是当代社会的一个普遍现象,一些雇主对女雇员的要求很高,她们不仅要有教育方面的资格,而且要有优秀的个人形象,听说名牌大学的女毕业生由于雇主的偏见和高标准而找不到工作并不奇怪,那么我们能做些什么来解决这个问题,我认为其中一个解决办法是,社会应该对女性求职者树立积极的态度,女性在细心、耐心、细腻等方面都可以超越男性;另一方面,女性雇主也应该有信心,有坚定的信念,如果她们真的是这样的话,尽管有种种偏见,他们肯定能找到一份满意的工作。


Barack Obama is the first black president. His story inspires so many young people to pursue their dreams. As a saying goes, every successful man has a woman who supports him, and this woman is his wife Michelle.

As the first lady, Michelle helped Obama so much during the campaign, and she made an inspiring performance People know what they should vote for Michelle. She was born in a poor family, but her mother attached great importance to education. Michelle has always been a top student.

She went to a top university. Later, she got her doctorate and worked in a good law office. She was an excellent lawyer, and her work experience made her an excellent speaker, Michelle She set a good example for women.

She shows women that the power of women is enormous and that they can do whatever they want.




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