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In China, people admit that public schools have advantages over private schools because the government gives them a lot of money. However, the situation in the United States is quite different. In addition to public schools and private schools, there are generally four types of schools, including religious schools and boarding schools.

Public schools are free, religious schools are cheaper than private schools, and boarding schools are many of the most expensive boarding schools Celebrities study in boarding schools. If parents have money, the school buildings and facilities are so attractive and comfortable. They send their children to good schools at all costs.

If families can't afford the tuition fees, no matter what school we are in, we should cherish the opportunity of learning.




2:,In my opinion, I can make you smarter in mathematics, and I can make you smarter in mathematics. Naturally, some people say that mathematics is the mother of all disciplines. In the development of science and technology, mathematics has developed rapidly, and problems are constantly emerging.

Only with the help of mathematics can we solve them, which in turn makes mathematics develop faster The synchronous development of technology and science. From this point of view, we can say for sure that mathematics will develop faster, because science and technology will continue to advance. However, mathematics is not easy to master.

It requires a high degree of intelligence. You can see that some children often fail math exams, but others are easy to deal with this difference. Obviously, this difference comes from the difference of intelligence level, but the most important thing to master mathematics is one Personal efforts, although a person is not so smart, he can master mathematics through diligence.

Mathematics is a challenge, which is why I like iteda5eaaaf,.




3:课的类型,Dear XXX: good day, I'm glad to hear that you won the scholarship. In my opinion, scholarship is the best reward for your hard work and enterprising spirit. You always get high marks in exams.

Of course, when we were in the same class, we got a lot of comments from the teachers. Moreover, when I came, you helped me a lot. For some problems, no matter what, you will try your best to help me.

I am very grateful. Up to now, you are my example and the direction of progress. XX, my sincere friend, wish you enjoy your award.

This is your honor. I also hope you can achieve greater success in the future. Sincerely you, XXX ladies and gentlemen, morning Well, I'm very happy to stand here and tell you that life is a process of growth.

In fact, I stand here to be a growth. If a person's life must be composed of various choices, then I will grow up with these choices. Once I hoped to go to university in the future, but that has passed.

You know, I came here, and now I want to know my future When I came to this school, I said to myself: This is my near future, everything from here, I want to learn to become a man, a complete person, he has a good body, can undertake important tasks, have independent thinking, open mind, in-depth thinking, have the ability to judge right and wrong, once had a perfect job, my old man The teacher said: you are not sewing, you are a stylist. Never forget that what you should show people is your thoughts, not your crafts. I will put my personality and my interests and abilities into my study.

In this process, I will combine learning with doing. If I can realize this future, I think I really grow up, and I deeply believe in family, friendship and love How to say the future is perfect and happy? Maybe it is a beautiful wish. Let's make up our minds and stick to it.

We will enjoy our life. Thanks to Liu Xiang for winning the championship, history has become history. This one-year-old young man won the men's high jump gold medal with amazing results in the Olympic Stadium of the 10th Olympic Games in Athens last Friday The world record set by British player Colin Jackson in.





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