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关于”班的单词“的英语作文模板2篇,作文题目:Class words。以下是关于班的单词的六级英语模板,每篇作文均为高分模板带翻译。

高分英语作文1:Class words

My opinion on school uniform is that we wear school uniform every day. The problem is that all my classmates think the uniform is ugly. We think young people should look smart, so we are willing to wear our own clothes.

Our teachers think that if we do, we will focus more on clothes than on our students. We don't agree that we should feel more comfortable, which is beneficial. If we can't do this, we should be allowed to design our own school uniforms.

We also think that everyone should be different, which is a good way to make teachers and students happy.





2:,"Mouse" I moaned, "is he here?" I stare in disgust at my stepbrother Benny, who is sitting in the back seat of dad's car. Benny was eight years old, short and thin, with Beaded eyes and big ears. Now that mom and dad are divorced, I only see dad every other weekend, and Benny is always shouting when he's destroying everything.

When we went hiking, he set up a bubble zoo and made him sneeze at a baseball game. He had peanuts in his nose. If dad was going to remarry, I don't know why he chose Benny's mother.

I mean, she's OK. Benny was included in the deal. It's a pity that dad and I went fishing in the deep sea for the first time today, and now it's spoiled, "Joe," Dad said patiently, "Benny "It's your brother"; "some brother"; "we'll have a good time," Dad promised, "it's best to bring a jacket." "I've got a glimpse of the Florida sky." "it's hot today." "the fishing boat is an old scabby bathtub, but when you pay only three hours of fishing dollars per person, you won't get Queen Elizabeth II on board, sitting on both sides of the deck On the bench, there were several people in the cabin; the captain's mate gave each of us a fishing rod and a bucket of bait before we set out "we'll give a big prize to whoever we catch the biggest fish," said the mate, "if you want to participate, you'll spend a dollar each"; dad gave him three yuan, I think it's a waste of money to pay Benny, he may not even hook; I Yes, the boy looked at the bucket suspiciously and made a face.

"What's the smell of this thing"; "dead fish," I told him, "do I have to touch it?" "if you want to hook your hook, you do." "come on, Benny," Dad said, "take the bait from my hook, and I'll use your rod in the water." "OK," Benny said, holding on to the handle of the rod as if his life were on it ; a breeze blows, the waves are rough, some clouds slide over the sun, and no one catches anything; and then Benny says, "something's cramping my line, what should I do?" "hit back" I told him I reached for his fishing rod. "I'll get it for you." "let him come, Joe," Dad said, "pull, Benny, hold on." "don't you know that, Benny caught the first bone. Did he act like a prize Marlin.


















3:班的单词,Dear Tom: how are you these days? I miss you very much. I really want to see you soon. I am in Cambridge University.

We only have four classes a day and don't have a lot of homework to do. The study here is not very hard, but we need to take part in a lot of activities. We have one afternoon without class, so we can go out and have friends.

The teachers here are very good and eat meat friendly. My new friends here are really good. After class, we always have a good time together.

On weekends, I go camping. Sometimes I go swimming or play tennis with my friends, Come here to spend Christmas with me. I'm looking forward to your letter, Li Hua.




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