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关于”写一篇动手做“的英语作文模板2篇,作文题目:Write a do it yourself essay。以下是关于写一篇动手做的xx年级英语模板,每篇作文均为真题模板带翻译。

高分英语作文1:Write a do it yourself essay

Let the kite material: thin bamboo strip, gauze, spicy, these four square kites are widely used now. Most of the kite skeletons use two separate composition procedures. Although the program is very simple, the shape changes a lot.

In addition, you can do a lot of things in your spare time. First, immerse the thin bamboo strip to make it soft, then break the thin bamboo strip into three thick pieces with a knife, and then fill in the half shape Because we must stick thin bamboo strips in the future.




2:写一篇自己动手的文章,When I was a little boy, there were several gardens around our old house, the largest of which was used to grow potatoes. I still remember the days when my father and his family helped to grow potatoes. My mother, my brothers, I went to work.

My job was to plant rows of small potatoes on the ground. My mother threw a large amount of fertilizer on the side. My brothers covered them for a few months.

When I was playing outside, I would glance at the garden and want to know what the underground hair was when I harvested What was born? I was surprised to find that the potatoes my father took out of the soil were so big. These seedlings had grown into several bushels of sweet food. They would turn into baked potatoes, mashed potatoes and fried potatoes one after another.

My personal favorite is: slow stewed pasta with potatoes, which can make the whole family eat enough all the year round. It's a miracle to think back on those special days. I want to know how many seeds I have planted in my life that can't be seen in other people's hearts.

Is there any God who has cultivated beautiful things with some small things I have said or done? How many times has heaven used these seedlings to provide sweet sustenance for another person's soul? I hope you will always take good care of the garden around you. I hope you will meet you To everyone's life, only plant kindness, peace and compion. I hope every day you help miracle grow.




3:写一篇动手做,Xiao Hong is going to learn to ride a bicycle. She was riding a bicycle ready to ride, when her father, mother and grandmother came to help her father hold one of the handles of the bicycle, her mother took the other, with a first-aid kit on her shoulder, and her grandmother held the back seat tightly. They were all soaked in sweat, but the bicycle was moving, not Xiaohong herself, but her parents and grandmother, "let me do it myself, OK?" Xiaohong told them from this photo that in my opinion, parents care about their children.

It is right that parents should take care of their children. But as children, we need to have the opportunity to learn and practice some skills we need. In order to grow up independently, let's do it by ourselves in a sunny day.

Xiaohong is learning to ride a bicycle. Her parents and Grandma came to help her with the handlebars. On the back seat and the mother carrying the first-aid kit on her shoulder, they looked worried and sweating all over.

But the bicycle moved forward, which was not the driving force of Xiaohong, but her parents and grandmother "let me do it myself, would you like it?" Xiaohong told them that in fact, parents love their children very much, and I agree that parents should take good care of their children, But parents shouldn't help them do anything. After all, children need practice and independence. They need to grow up on their own.

Parents should stand by and let them do it if they can.




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