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关于”赞美身材“的英语作文模板4篇,作文题目:Praise the figure。以下是关于赞美身材的专业英语模板,每篇作文均为满分模板带翻译。

高分英语作文1:Praise the figure

If you look great today, you do a good job, we're proud of you, we're all proud of you. I'm happy with your work. This is really a great place.

You look beautiful. He's smart. You look like a million dollar, million dollar baby.

You always know that you look good in that color. You make great food. Everything's delicious.

Your son/ My daughter is so lovely and lovely. He is so lovely. You have a great personality.

You have a good sense of humor. Your Chinese is really amazing. Your Chinese is really amazing.

Your English is incredible. You are very professional. Your conversation is very charming.




2:赞美这个数字,Doctor is a noble profession. It is the duty of doctors to treat and save people. From outpatient service to surgery, doctors save people.

This is related to people's lives. Therefore, they are always so dedicated and dare not have the slightest carelessness. They know that a small mistake will lead to disaster.

When the doctor cured a critical patient, my heart is envious and admirable. I am an advanced person fighting against SARS In order to consult patients, Zhong Nanshan moved me. He didn't close his eyes for several hours.

He was tired and had a high fever. He even ran home to be a hospital bed when he was sick. He couldn't spare time.

He moved his office to his home and studied SARS when he was ill. His spirit deeply moved me and strengthened my determination to be a doctor. Doctor is a sacred and glorious word, and also a word of honor Hard pronoun, take good care of patients every day, sometimes stay up late to see the night shift.

Although it is very difficult to be a doctor, it is an indispensable occupation in society. However, in many places in China, doctors lack doctors. Doctors play a very important role.

Doctors need not only love, but also excellent skills and solid foundation. I want to lay a good foundation in primary school, study hard and take care of patients in work Always think of them, do everything possible to alleviate their pain and treat all patients equally. Be strict with yourself and strive for self-improvement.

As the saying goes, there is no ideal for me, and there is no ideal for my life.




3:赞美身材,English is the most widely spread language in the world, second only to Putonghua in the number of people who speak English. In any part of the world, English can be used as a language, although people's accents may be different, and the language can be understood. There are various examples to prove the importance of English.

For example, in travel, when a person goes to another part of the world on business or travel, the language may be different under these conditions, and English has become a help for people to deal with this With more and more people studying abroad, the importance of English as a common language has been strengthened, and the role of English has also been strengthened.




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