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关于”几年一代沟“的英语作文范文5篇,作文题目:A generation gap in a few years。以下是关于几年一代沟的专八英语范文,每篇作文均为真题范文带翻译。

高分英语作文1:A generation gap in a few years

(generation gap) today's ager is a young . He is more mature and responsible than those of previous generations. He is troubled by the test of people's habits in this age group.

This is a disturbing period of self doubt and other periods of self satisfaction. His personality and personality are being shaped. This is a stage in which he is not sure he wants to be independent, He hates his parents' too much pressure.

This attitude and feeling is called generation gap or communication gap. However, this attitude and feeling will follow as he learns how to get along with the world, especially with his parents, siblings and teachers. I remember when I was a ager, I used to refuse to obey what my parents told me about "to do" and "not to do".

For example, when I continued to play jazz records on the stereo, my father would denounce the music as pure noise and replace it with CDs of clical music. When I insisted on sleeping with my pet dog, I always thought it was very dry Dryness, they immediately said, "impossible," because they think I will be bitten by fleas. This is just a few examples of my parents' unreasonable today.

However, I am the father of a big boy, and I find that I am also exerting pressure on my son with many rules and regulations to make it difficult for him to "swallow". It is not uncommon to yell at him the other day, "why didn't yoeview your lessons all night How do you do it? It's still wet behind your ears. "I noticed that my son was wearing big underpants that no one could wear, because they were indecent and unseemly.

I immediately ordered him to take it off, and he was very obedient, but this time he put his foot on "what's wrong with the big pants my clmates are wearing. I don't think you have the right to order me to drive them away even if you are my father." When I was a kid, he said, if I was so rude to my elders, I would be beaten up, but I suddenly realized that we are now living in a more free society, and my son's insistence on wearing big underpants is just an example of the generation gap between us, so I gave in, and now he's still wearing huge pants, which is just one example of the generation gap between us 。 So I gave in, and now he's still wearing giant pants.





2:几年后的代沟,Nowadays, the generation gap problem is more and more serious, and the phenomenon of r relationship between parents and children is very common. Are these problems caused by busy parents or because the strict family rules first affect the relationship between parents and children. In most families in China, both parents have to work outside to earn more money and provide a better environment for their lovely children.

Unfortunately, this leads to little communication between them and the stolen children. As these parents always rest in their spare time, their parents and children do not know each other very well, and friction will also occur. Parents who require their children to be absolutely obedient are also an important reason for their generation gap.

They do not try to communicate with their children equally. Therefore, it is easy to misunderstand them To solve these problems, busy parents should sacrifice their spare time to communicate with their children and actively improve their relationship. At the same time, they can also observe children's behavior and understand their children's character, which can reduce their quarrels.

Parents should give up their absolute power in the family and let their children chat with them freely Generation gap refers to the distance and contradiction between the elderly and the young, which is a universal phenomenon in the world. Generally speaking, it affects the elderly and young people. Generation gap leads to different understanding and understanding of the changing world, different reactions to new things, and different attitudes towards traditional principles and beliefs.

Therefore, we can say that where there are old people and young people, there will be a generation gap. The generation gap is natural. But if we can not properly handle it, the gap will become larger and larger, which will affect the work and the relationship between the old and the young.




3:几年一代沟,My name is Mike. I am a one year old boy. I come from Zhangzhou, Fujian Province.

I was born in Shanghai. What about my hobby? I like reading English articles and English newspapers. I like watching American comedies.

I like Chinese and English best. I hate geophysics because they are boring and difficult to learn. I also like playing badminton.

My favorite food is beef, milk and cocoa. This is me. what about you? What's your name?.






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